Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Living Alone

Since that day, Dai Lei seemed to have figured out something, stopped guarding the tree house, and began to go out frequently to find a livelihood.

The attitude towards Zhou Jia has also become less enthusiastic.

Or remove the camouflage.

“Xiaoyu has found a job.” At the dinner table, Dai Lei said:

“I make desserts at a place called Lingyin Pavilion. Her parents are in the pastry business, so There is such a craft.”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up:

“How about the wages?”

“It’s all about food and lodging, ten days a day. Eight sources of money.” Dai Lei also looked envious:

“This store not only greets people from the outer city, but also often sends snacks to the wealthy people in the inner city, so the treatment is good.”


“Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability.”

“It’s hard to find a job.” Zhou Jia said:

“I also asked a few companies to recruit people. Yes, either not too busy, or the wages are too low, and the price is too dangerous.”

“What did Fatty Han say?” Dai Lei said:

“You Didn’t you find him?”

“He said let me wait for a while.” Zhou Jia stopped his chopsticks:

“It seems that the suitable job will not be found in a while, this Let’s exercise more for a while, I heard that Hanyue is coming soon.”

Hanyue is a special product of Huo Family Fort.

According to the Earth calendar, there is a month of severe cold here every year, when thousands of miles of ice are frozen, the snow is constantly heavy, and the night is white and windy, and survival is even more difficult.

The key is.

He’s in no hurry.

“en.” Dai Lei poked the rice in the bowl and whispered:

“He found me.”

“Really? ?” Zhou Jia is not surprised:

“But the job introduction?”

“Yes.” Dai Lei nodded:

“Let me give it to the Yulong Club People do laundry, but also take care of food and lodging, and the wages are two more than Xiaoyu’s, what do you think?”

“Yulong Club…” Zhou Jia thought for a while and said:


“It should be alright, it’s not like a prostitute, it’s the facade of the Ichthyosaur Association. As long as you are careful, no one will deliberately target it.”

hearing this, Dai Lei’s face darkened.

Although it is for people to wash clothes, the reputation of working in that kind of place is not good after all. As long as you have a heart for yourself, you will definitely not agree.

And Zhou Jia…

It seems that the other party never wanted to go further with him.

Although she had guessed it for a long time, she was still a little uncomfortable. After all, she lived under the same roof for a month or two.

Why is this person’s heart so cold?

“Then I’ll move out in two days.” Taking a deep breath, Dai Lei said in a muffled voice:

“I’ll pay you back the meal money during this time.”

“No, no.” Zhou Jia waved his hand:

“You also helped me keep watch, and you only eat japonica rice, which doesn’t cost much, but you should eat better in the future. , exercise more, in this place it is more important to have strength than anything else.”

If he can leave a private space for himself, he is already satisfied.

“Okay!” Dai Lei didn’t force it:

“Right, Fatty Han let me tell you, everyone in the vicinity knows that you used the money for your money. After buying the Origin Technique and Martial Skill, there are not many Originium stones left on my body, so it shouldn’t be anyone who thinks about you in the future.”

“Really?” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“That’s good news.”


There are seven types of cloak axe.

Tiger tail scissors!


Lightning rod empowerment!

The autumn wind sweeps the leaves!

Fly across the river!

Mustang split temples!

The old horse goes to the trough!

Because it is transformed from the cloak Blade Technique, the details will be slightly different. After all, the blade and the axe determine the difference in attack methods.

To be proficient, you must practice hard.



Zhou Jia chopped back and forth against the tree house wall, the giant axe flipped flexibly in his hand, and the axe was light. In the twinkling, the wood chips fell one after another.

He plans to open a small inner room on the basis of the original tree house.

The two rooms inside and outside are connected by an ‘L’-shaped passage, and a wooden door is set at the corner, which usually hides the interior.

On the one hand, there is a private space, and on the other hand, the inner room can also open a door on the opposite side, so that even if it is blocked by people, you can leave from the other side.

At the same time, you can also practice axe, why not do it?

Half an hour later.

Zhou Jia stopped his movements, wiped the sweat from his face, glanced at the light curtain in his mind, and shook his head gently.

Without the guidance of famous teachers, the increase of martial skill experience is slow and outrageous.

Think back then.

In Master He, just a few words can add a lot of experience. Today, a day’s hard work can’t compare to a word from the other party.

More than just martial skills!

The same is true for Origin.

It’s no wonder that everyone wants to learn from a teacher and join Great Influence, the benefits are indeed much more than loose cultivator.


With a sigh, Zhou Jia wiped the sweat off his body, and Zhou Jia stepped out the door. After a few turns outside, he returned with the package.

These things have been in my possession for a while, but it has been inconvenient to take them out, and I have no time to count them until now.

Closing the door, making sure that Dai Lei won’t come back, he opened the package and dumped the things on the table.


A pile of debris came into view.

First of all, there are two money bags, from the fat and thin duo and the monkey, the contents of which have been seen before, sixteen Originium and some Origin money.

It is precisely because of this money that Zhou Jia is in no hurry to go out and find a job.

A set of iron claws, from a thin man named Huang.

It is said that his claw skills are very good, but unfortunately he did not see the use of the weapons, but the weapons remained.

The other person’s weapon is a short stick. There is a mechanism on the stick. The short stick can be turned into a long spear when it is lightly rotated.

These two weapons are of good quality. The blade has a cold light and is extremely sharp. If there is a way, you can also exchange some Originium.

But at the moment, I don’t dare to make a move.

“Hidden Arrow?”

The sleeve arrow on hand is finely crafted, with countless small twists inside, not like an ancient product, I am afraid it is difficult to build even with modern technology, it should be from Feimu world.

This world with ‘magic’ has its own unique forging technology.

“ka-cha cha…”

When it is placed on the arm, the sound of the gear turning sounds, it fits the arm in the blink of an eye, and the movement is not affected at all.

Flick the mechanism.


With a muffled sound, seven black shadows sank straight into the wall not far away.


Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank and he couldn’t help sucked in a breath of cold air.

With such strength and speed, within ten feet, I am afraid that he will not have time to dodge. If he resists hard, even if he can save his life, he will definitely be seriously injured.

“Sure enough, the lion fights the rabbit with all his strength. There are dangers everywhere in this world. There are too many things that can kill the enemy.”

“In the future, we must be more careful. That’s it!”

In addition to these, the others are all junk, which can’t be exchanged for much money.



At the market, Zhou Jia said in a voice:

β€œWhy is the price going up? So many?”

“It’s going to be a cold moon soon, and the price of food and things to keep warm will go up. This is the rule.” The stall owner shrugged:

“It’s just the beginning, and it will be in the future. It will become more and more expensive. In previous years, 30 yuan of refined meat can be sold for up to 70 yuan.”

“Do you want to buy it?”

“Buy it!” Zhou Jia Gritting his teeth:

“Give me more.”

“Okay.” The stall owner was shocked.

After trying these days, Zhou Jia has figured out a recipe that is most efficient at the most reasonable price.

The three meals are mainly lean meat, with mushrooms, japonica rice, etc…

With cultivation, you can get three points of energy a day.

The price, which used to be about one hundred dollars a day, is now almost one hundred and fifty, which is crazy!

Soon, the cold moon will come.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 5 Yi Jin (1257/4000)

Origin Star: Earth Star (Trait: Violent)

cultivation technique: Introduction to the Three-Yuan Zhengfa (72/300)

martial skill: Shield Counter-Proficient (56/70), Introduction to Shield Strike (11/20), Cloak Axe Getting Started (63/100)

(end of this chapter)

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