Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Brain Crash


According to the formula of the three-element Dharma, the source power is transported in the body in an orderly manner, and the chest and abdomen rise and fall in an orderly manner. , countless strands of force flow along the muscles.


Drinking low, Zhou Jia’s body tightened.

The strength scattered between the muscles is condensed together, like thousands of steel wires condensed into one, along the fascia, rushing towards the arm.

Shield Bash!


The shield buckled on the arm dashed forward, the place about one chi changed from static to rapid, and even afterimages appeared, hitting the wall heavily .


The visible air wave from the naked eye came out from the contact point between the shield and the wall, sweeping around, and the pots and pans crash-bang for a while.

The huge force also makes the wood thorns and unevenness on the wall smooth and flat.

Zhou Jia moved his position, bowed again, shrank his back, burst out with energy, and kept striking the wall with his shield as a heavy hammer.

The walls are bound to be uneven after the knife is sharpened.

This kind of shield strike is just ramming the wall.

In the tree house, the sound of the crash continued, and the giant force also caused the giant plane tree to tremble, and a lot of snow fell from the treetops, like rain.

I don’t know how long it took.


Zhou Jia’s eyes moved, looked thoughtful, his arm suddenly flipped, and the shield hit his side.


This time, his movements seemed quite relaxed, but the walls were silently dented, and there was no violent collision.

Sure enough!

Proficient in shield strike (1/120)

“Finally…” Zhou Jia vomited one mouthful of impure air, invigorated:

“Shield strike I have finally reached the proficiency level.”

And the martial skill shield counter, a few days ago, also broke through the proficiency and reached the proficiency level, and it can be used flexibly and freely, do as one pleases.

The promotion of these two martial skills also gave him a certain sense of security.

“Brother Zhou!”

Outside the house, Zhao Gang’s voice came:

“Are you at home?”

“Yes! “Zhou Jia mentioned in his voice, put on a leather jacket and a cotton hat to keep out the cold, and pushed open the door:

“Why are you here?”

Although the cold moon is about to pass, but now When it was still snowing, the Huo Family Fort was not affected except for the inner city, and people from the outer city hardly went out.

One by one is like an animal that spends the winter, relying on the materials stored in advance to make a living.

β€œcreak ……creak ……”

Zhao Gang was wearing thick leather boots, walking step by step in the snow:

β€œThere is an errand, Wei deacon I specifically asked me to ask, would you like to go?”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia let the door open and let him in:

“What errand?”


“Less things, more money and more close to home.” Zhao Gang shook the snow off his body in front of the door, said with a smile:

“Isn’t this what Brother Zhou always wanted? “

“Really?” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.

In order to store enough food and cultivation for Hanyue, he has run out of savings and really needs emergency errands.

Originally, there was a desire, but I wanted to join Liuren Hall.

The relationship between Liuren Hall and the Fish and Dragon Society has always been at odds. Finally, Fatty Han spoke out to retain him and promised to introduce an errand before giving up.

And this wait, it’s now.

“Really.” Zhao Gang entered the room and first drank a bowl of hot water to warm his body before saying:

“Brother Zhou also knows that our fish and dragon clubs mainly do… That’s a convenient business, but there are other businesses involved.”

“This time, there is a lack of a guard at the Black Jade Mine, and two Originium Stones per month.”

“Guard?” Zhou Jia took out the jug:

“Let’s hear it.”

“Everyday all there are people in the mine to mine ore. For the convenience of management, There is a supervisor and two guards in charge.” Zhao Gang said:

“A few days ago, someone found that a guard died in his tree house. I don’t know who was offended and killed, and now the mine is now open. “


“Wei deacon asked me to come over and ask you.”

The Wei deacon Zhou Jia in his mouth had seen, ten People who came from Earth a few years ago, at the same time as Situ Lei, Fatty Han and Zhao Gang followed his path.

Zhou Jia squinted and thought about it heavily:

“I do!”

If possible, he would rather stay in the room for cultivation all the time, Until the next time a newcomer from Earth appears, I can’t help myself.

No one else!


The mine is not big, covering an area of only 1,000 square meters. Several wood houses stand under the trees, and a flat area where ore is placed is all.

Of course.

Mainly mines.

The dark hole penetrates deep into the mountain, and the black jade ore produced in it is a rare bonded mineral, which is necessary for forging many weapons.

There is also a kind of black mysterious jade, which is very valuable.

“Brother Zhou, what we have to do every day is to see if there are monsters intruding around, and by the way, check whether the absentee has hidden it.”

“Other registration, delivery There are special people to do it.”

The person who spoke was simple and honest, with five short stature, and the wide leather jacket was very incongruous, and was introducing the mine with a smile:

“This place is not big, and it is close to the station, so there are not many people, except for you and me, which is Director Cao, and usually rests.”

“Now that the cold moon has not passed, the construction has just started, and there are more things to do. Less.”

This person is surnamed Lu Mingshan, cultivation base Grade 5, and is another guard.

“Steward Cao.” Zhou Jia lowered his voice:

“Don’t you come out very often?”

A supervisor and two guards at the mine , There are more than a dozen people doing errands, the most is absenteeism, there are as many as two-three hundred.

As a guard, Zhou Jia’s status is not low.

But this is the one who came, and the manager didn’t even show up, so casual?

“This…” Lu Shan opened his mouth with a strange expression:

“Steward Cao likes to be quiet, so he doesn’t come out very often.”

” Of course, you and I are subordinates, just do what you are supposed to do, and it’s not our turn to talk about what to do in charge.”

He seemed to mean something, more like in What is the warning, to make Zhou Jia more and more confused, he will not be tricked by Zhao Gang.

“That’s right.” After thinking about it, Lu Shan continued:

“Manager Cao likes to knock people’s heads, especially if someone has done something wrong or offended him, usually They will all be knocked out.”

“Uh…” Zhou Jia laughed dryly:

“This hobby is quite unique.”

“Really? ?” Lu Shan’s eyes sank:

“It’s better not to try.”

While speaking, it’s time to get off work, and the absenteeism from the mine in black Out of the hole, each carrying a cloth bag.

Self-checking and registration by someone.

“Beat, 13 pounds!”

“Old Yang’s head, 9 pounds, a little less today!”

“Fugu, two Eleven catties.”


Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, and the man named Fu Gu was paused. Twenty-one pounds, nearly double the amount.

“He’s a mine head, and the inside of the mine is very chaotic. With him, it can save a lot of trouble. This is also tacitly approved by Manager Cao.” Seeing his different expression, Lu Shan introduced in a low voice. .

“en. ”

Zhou Jia nods, he is new here, just curious and doesn’t think much about it.

“Wait a minute!”

At this moment, a hoarse voice sounded from behind the two of them:

“That youngster just now, come here.”

The two turned around and looked over, and saw a thin middle-age person dressed in a similar Confucian shirt and holding a long cigarette holder in his hand.

Lu Shan bowed and hurriedly greeted the past:


“en.” Manager Cao was nodded, ignoring Zhou who greeted him. Jia, stood in front of the tensed young Minkage.


The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he patted the youngster with one hand.


A piece of ore with shiny black hair fell out of the youngster’s crotch.

“Black Mysterious Jade!”Lushan complexion greatly changed:

“So brave!”

“Forgive your life! Forgive your life!” Young absenteeism is even more With a pale face, he knelt down on his knees and moved towards Guanshi Cao desperately kowtowed, his forehead bruised:

“The young sister of the villain was caught cold in the cold moon and urgently needs money to buy medicine to save her life, the villain… The villain really has no choice, Cao Guanshi spare your life, spare your life!”

“Don’t be nervous.” Cao Guanshi chuckled:

“It won’t hurt anymore.”

Saying that, he tapped the youngster’s head with the cigarette stick.


A depression appears in the middle of the forehead.

youngster’s body froze, his eyes lost all wisdom, and his lifeless body fell to the ground.


Zhou Jia’s heart sank, just in time to see Cao Guanshi look gloomy.

(End of this chapter)

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