Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 42

Chapter 42 medical smell

“Some people just don’t have a long memory, and they just want to touch things they shouldn’t touch.”

Knock the old shredded tobacco in the cigarette holder When he came out, he opened the cigarette bag and put on fresh shredded tobacco. After lighting it, he took a deep breath. Manager Cao squinted his eyes and swallowed.

His eyes were cold, and fell on Zhou Jia through the smoke, with a faint smile:

“You said yes, Brother Zhou?”

“Yes. “

The other party’s eyes were weird, and he had the prestige after the murder, Zhou Jia subconsciously lowered his head, his mind was racing, and he confirmed that he should never have offended this person.


It doesn’t seem like it.

Zhou Jia’s honest attitude made Cao Guanshi’s complexion a little slower, he waved someone to clean up the corpse on the ground, and looked towards the old man in charge of the record:

“How much did you collect today?”

“Go back to the steward.” The old man’s voice trembled, as if he was afraid:

“At present, 874 catties of black jade mines have been credited, and the total credit may exceed 3,000 catties. One…two pieces of black mysterious jade.”

“Not bad, not bad.” Cao Guanshi raised his eyebrows and took a deep breath:

“I heard about the new guard He is a lucky star, it seems to be the case, when the construction started in previous years, there was not so much output.”

“Brother Zhou.”

He turned around and said with a smile:

“It seems that I’m afraid I can’t miss you in the future.”

“The manager is joking.” Zhou Jia shook his head repeatedly:

” I’m not a lucky star, it all depends on your good management.”

“don’t say this.” Manager Cao shook his head:

“Mining is all about luck, Bad luck is not unheard of when a day is less than a thousand catties, this kind of thing is uncertain.”

“When Brother Zhou was still a rookie, he could kill a high-quality monster and be promoted to Grade 5 early. , how can’t be considered a lucky star?”

After these words fell, everyone in the field couldn’t help but cast a surprised look at Zhou Jia.

Especially Lushan.

It’s even more enchanting and envious.

More than Grade 4, even if it is a small expert in the outer city, most of the middle tier of the Ichthyosaur Club is Grade 5.

As the manager of the mine, Mr. Cao is only Grade 5. After years of hard work, he barely broke through the year before.

“Haha…” Zhou Jia laughed dryly:

“I’m really lucky, but unfortunately it’s Grade 5, but it’s an empty shelf. I’ll have to give more advice to the manager in the future.”


“en.” Manager Cao nodded, indifferent expression:

“Let’s do it!”

“Continue to collect mines, the tricks will be brighter, if the market is The words of Hei Xuanyu that were not released from our side appeared.”


The cold murderous intention made everyone present tensed.




The cold moon just passed and the snow melted.

The dripping water droplets fell from the treetops, making the road muddy, but also bringing moisture to the grass and trees that have survived the cold winter.

The second floor of the pub.

It’s still early for lunch, and there are few drinkers.

By the window, the small red clay stove was emitting white smoke.

While the wine was still warm, Fatty Han lifted the jug and filled each of them with a bowl.


Squinting eyes, a cozy face, a Fatty Han soundtrack:

β€œThis wine tastes best when it’s warm, I was slightly drunk, so I fell back to sleep when I went back, and I was full of energy on the second day.”

“It’s really good.” Zhou Jia took a sip:

“But I can’t do it there. , if you fall asleep at night, you may not be able to wake up again.”

“You are too careful.” Fatty Han shook his head:

“The door is planted with bloodthirsty vines, There are traps at the door of the house and traps inside. If possible, I think you would have to wedge a row of horse-rejecting stakes.”

“If anyone breaks into your tree house very late at night, That’s courting death!”

“The Western Region is no better than the Eastern Region.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“It’s much more dangerous.”

“Then come here too. , stay with us, the dormitory of the Fish and Dragon Society is always safe.” Fatty Han said, then chuckled again:

“I knew you wouldn’t come.”

Zhou Jia has a lot of secrets, and he has to practice every day, and it is impossible to live with other people.

“What the hell is going on?”

He put down his wine bowl, frowned:

“I’ve been going to the mine for a week, and the surnamed Cao only sees I started mystifying, and other people rejected me too.”

“I’ve looked down on others this week.”

“It’s my fault.” Fatty Han smiled wryly :

“Lu deacon has always been in charge of the mine. He has never dealt with Boss Wei, but you were arranged by Boss Wei, and surnamed Cao will definitely target you.”

“en?” Zhou Jia’s face sank, and he couldn’t help but say angrily:

“You guys are playing with me!”

He knew the problem wasn’t his own, But didn’t expect this to be the case.

Huo Family Fort is not a society ruled by law, fish and dragons will be even worse, and even if it is a society ruled by law, undercover agents have to come secretly, how could it be so just and honourable.

The entire mine belongs to the other party, just like a wolf entering a pack of tigers, in case…

He might not even know how he died!

No, not just in case, the past few days in the mine, he could always vaguely feel a chill behind his back, thinking about it now, I am afraid that someone has already had a killing intent on him!

Knowing this, he wouldn’t agree to this errand if he was killed.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.” Seeing his excited expression, Fatty Han pressed his hands down and explained in a low voice:

“That kid Zhao Gang doesn’t know anything, Boss Wei just mentioned that, he thought it was a beautiful businessman and told you in a hurry.”


“I didn’t know about it at first, if I knew If you do, I will definitely not introduce you to it, Boss Wei did not do it properly without telling me.”

β€œhmph!” Zhou Jia coldly snorted:

β€œWhat now? What? I’m leaving?”

“Don’t rush.” Fatty Han shook his head:

“Because everyone knows you’re Boss Wei’s person, so surnamed Cao’s will not If you do something to you, you will be safe in a short time.”

“You also said that it is a short time.” Zhou Jia frowned.

He doesn’t believe that there are nails placed by others in his field. Cao Guanshi can bear it, and a brain collapse is inevitable.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been paying attention here.” Fatty Han said:

“There is a stall that will be short of people immediately, when the time comes, call it over, but this paragraph Did you find anything in the mine?”

“I’ve only been there for a week, and they are all guarding me like a thief, what can you find?” Zhou Jia was speechless .

“Yes.” Fatty Han laughed dryly, he didn’t have any hope for this, he just asked casually.

“But…” Zhou Jia touched his chin, his face thoughtful:

“There is something, I don’t know if it counts as a gain?”

“What’s the matter?” Fatty Han’s eyes lit up:

“Tell me!”

“Mr. Cao is very rich.” Zhou Jia said.

“It’s normal.” Fatty Han shrugged with regret:

“There are always some oversights in the mine, plus Lu deacon’s care, he seems to have a relative with him. Second Elder has some relationship, and it is inevitable to have Originium in his hand.”

“A little bit of deduction will not be held in the meeting.”

“No.” Zhou Jia shook his head:


“I mean, he’s wealthy!”

“Very?” Fatty Han noticed Zhou Jia’s adjective and regained his strength:

“What? A ‘very’ method?”

“I’ve been to the Sanbao Medicine Hall in the inner city, where they mainly sell precious medicines that increase the source power cultivation base, and the pharmacists inside have a medicinal smell.” Zhou Jia said He took a sip from the bowl and continued:

“Surnamed Cao also has this smell.”

“medicinal smell?” Fatty Han frowned, his eyes brooding:


“You mean, because the pharmacist stayed with the precious medicine for a long time, he would have a medicinal smell on his body, and the cold moon of surnamed Cao has not gone out, so this medicinal smell…”

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia nods:

“He probably takes the precious medicine a lot, and the cheapest one is three Origin Stones, which is not low. “

At least, it’s not something a trifling mine supervisor can come up with.

Fatty Han’s eyes brightened, until ecstasy:

“Is this true?”

“pretty close.” Zhou Jia shrugged .

It was a coincidence that he had a sensitive nose. Coupled with the fact that Manager Cao didn’t go out during the cold moon, the medical smell on his body was hard to disappear for a while.

Otherwise, he would not have been discovered.

“Wait for me!”

Fatty Han left a sentence and got up in a hurry to leave.

“Don’t forget to leave me out.” Zhou Jia hurriedly explained.

“Never Forget!”

(end of this chapter)

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