Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Incidents

As Lu Shan said, there are not many incidents in the mine.

Zhou Jia’s daily task is to take two deputies around the mine to make sure that there are no monsters, even if it is over.

The whole process takes less than two hours.

The two deputies beside me said they were assisting, but they were actually stalking.

As for the affairs of the mine, he has never had the opportunity to intervene. In the words of Director Cao, his status is ‘noble’, and he should not do this kind of work.

Zhou Jia is so happy.

After the daily patrol, he would find a spare place to rest, silently cultivate the three-element Dharma, and watch the progress on the experience bar slowly increase.

It’s a pretty good day if it’s not for the feeling of being stared at with gloomy eyes from time to time.

Less things, more money and more close to home.

It’s true.

This situation, until it is broken by a group of people.


Wei deacon is obviously not a reckless person. After half a month, only a group of people dressed up appeared in the mine.

“Where is Cao Honglai?”

The man in front of him had a gloomy expression, a long knife hanging from his waist, and a long gown with black texture embroidered with a mysterious chill, and his icy gaze was even more serious. Make people dare not look at each other.

He glanced at everyone in the mine, and said coldly:

“Let him come out to see me!”

This group of people uniformly dressed and hung wast tokens. Identity can be described as famous in Fish Dragon Club, known to everyone, known to everyone.

“People from Punishment Hall, what are they doing here?”

“Mr. Cao did something wrong?”

“It won’t involve us…”

As the Ichthyosaur Society, it deals with people who violate the internal rules. Punishment Hall is no exception, and it often brings a foul wind and bloody rain.

For a time, everyone kept quiet out of fear.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, not saying a word, but just as curious as everyone else, as if guessing what the Punishment Hall people were here for.

“Isn’t this Master Cheng Young?” Lu Shan hurriedly approached, with a flattering face, hunched over:

“Why do you have time to come here?”

“There’s a lot of dust in the mine, a few people come in, I’ll ask someone to pour tea…”

“No need.” Cheng Shaowen waved his hand coldly:

“At the order of Master Hall, I took Cao Honglai, the manager of the mine, to Punishment Hall. I have something to ask. Why, Cao Honglai is not here today?”

“As the manager of the mine, I leave without permission. If you do your duty, then your sins will be added.”

“This…” Lu Shan’s face turned pale.

“What’s going on?” At this time, Manager Cao, who had been resting in the room, finally noticed the abnormality outside, and Shi Shiran pushed open the door and walked out.

When he saw the entire group in Punishment Hall, his complexion also changed.

“Cao Hong come!” Cheng Shaowen’s eyes narrowed when he saw someone appearing, he stepped closer, and at the same time held down the hilt at his waist with one hand:

“Someone reported you for engulfing Heixuan Jade, who sold mines privately, used power for personal gain for many years in office, and came back to Punishment Hall with me.”

“Who said that?” Manager Cao panicked and shouted anxiously:

“There is no such thing, this is slander!”

While shouting angrily, he subconsciously looked towards Zhou Jia.

Not only Director Cao, but since the people from Punishment Hall appeared in the mine, many eyes moved towards Zhou Jia secretly, with different expressions.

Zhou Jia looked blank and seemed to be ignorant.

This scene made the others a little confused. If anyone told the whistleblower, Zhou Jia would definitely be the most suspect among the people present, but how long has he been in the mine?

And I have been stared at by people all the time. I don’t even know how much I earn every day. How to inform?

β€œtakes part or not, we’ll talk at Punishment Hall.” Cheng Shaowen was expressionless:

β€œIf you are really innocent, Master Hall will never wrong an innocent person, but If it’s true, then don’t blame it for being ruthless!”

“Yes, yes.” Cao Guanshi’s eyes flashed and he took a step back:

“I’ll pack up. “

“No need.” Cheng Shaowen waved his hand, and as soon as he did it, his men immediately surrounded him:

“There is everything in Punishment Hall, so you don’t need to clean it up. Manager Cao is still with me.” Let’s go together, Hall Master is waiting for you.”

“This…” Manager Cao ugly complexion, gritted his teeth:

“I still have Hei Xuanyu to ask for. To register and enter the account, you need to report to Lu deacon and Second Elder, what if someone leaves suddenly and someone changes the account without authorization?”

“en?” Cheng Shaowen frowned.

He’s not afraid of Lu deacon, but Second Elder does need to be careful.

“Brother Cheng, don’t worry.” Cao Guanshi stooped to his hands again, and pleaded in a low voice:

“I don’t have much, I’ll be fine soon.”

“Quick Click!” Cheng Shaowen waved his hand with a worried face:

“Go to two people to watch him.”


One person walked out, clenched his sword and surrounded him.

Steward Cao opened his mouth, his face seemed a little resentful, but he was finally nodded, adjusted his clothes and turned into the wood house.

The door opened, and he entered the inner room, followed by two people from Punishment Hall.

In a few moments.

“Don’t worry, the two of you, you will be fine right away.”

Cao Steward’s voice came out, mixed with a low hum.

This voice made Cheng Shaowen frowned, his head turned slightly to the side, then his complexion suddenly changed greatly, as if he had found something, he opened his mouth and roared:

“surnamed Cao’s!”

“you dare!”

When he roared, he was already like a tiger rushing towards the wood house, and the long knife around his waist didn’t know when to unsheath, and the dazzling blade light violently slashed the wall of the house.


The iron wood used to build the wood house is unable to withstand a single blow under the blade light, and explodes in an instant. retreat.

It’s Director Cao!

And the two Punishment Hall law enforcement officers have already fallen to the ground, their foreheads sunken, and they have no breath. The dead can’t die any longer.

He even secretly solved the person who was watching him, trying to escape secretly!


In an instant, the people from Punishment Hall roared and rushed towards Director Cao.

Cheng Shaowen walked with the knife, only to see the blade light missing the silhouette, chasing after the silhouette in front, rushing out more than several feet in one breath, fighting more than ten moves.


“Grade 6!”

Cheng Shaowen glared at Manager Cao, eyes wide open, with a faint disbelief:

“You turned out to be Grade 6!”

This side of the mine is just a place to raise idlers. The Fish and Dragon Society has not paid much attention to it, and the supervisor even went through the back door of Second Elder. It is clearly written on the file. is Grade 5.

Grade 6, enough to go to better places!

Not only did surnamed Cao not leave, but he also concealed his true strength, which must be because he could get more benefits here.

“Not bad.” Manager Cao coldly snorted and retreated in the form of a shadow:

“Brother Cheng, farewell!”

“Want to leave? “Cheng Shaowen is coldly snorted, chasing after him:

“Leave me!”

He is also a Grade 6 slasher, and as the adopted son of Punishment Hall Hall Master, he The inheritance is better, and the strength is stronger than Cao Guanshi.

The two rushed into the jungle one after the other, leaving behind a crowd who didn’t know what to do.

“What’s the matter?”

“Steward Cao is actually Grade 6?”

“Even people from Punishment Hall dare to kill, it seems that steward Cao It’s definitely not clean.”


Zhou Jia was also secretly frightened, and even more fortunate:

‘Fortunately, thanks to my own paragraph The time was honest enough to not attract the attention of surnamed Cao, otherwise it would ‘disappear’ on the road one day. ‘

He has his trump card, but looking at Cao Guanshi and Cheng Shaowen’s actions just now, he might not be their opponent because of violence.


The surnamed Cao wants to secretly engulf the mines, and he can’t do it alone.

Thinking turned, Zhou Jia looked towards the crowd.

In the crowd, there were indeed a few people with different expressions. Seeing his gaze, they suddenly turned around and ran towards the jungle.

“What are you doing?”

Lu Shan shouted:

“Stop them!”

(End of this chapter)

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