Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Wei Zhixing

With Lu Shan’s shot, and the assistance of others, several people who tried to escape failed and were intercepted one after another.

A fierce resistance followed.



Lu Shan attacked very ruthless, and he shot ruthlessly, and he was injured if he was caught.

He knew very well that Manager Cao was definitely over, and now the most important thing was to protect himself and completely draw a line from surnamed Cao.

So, these people must stay!

None can escape!

Otherwise the trouble will most likely fall on him.

“Sure enough, there is you.” Zhou Jia also stopped one person, it was the mine head Fugu, he moved towards the other party and shook his head gently:

“The incident has already happened, Mr. Cao, Your Excellency does not need Final Struggle, obediently and honestly, if you explain it obediently and honestly, depending on the past relationship, maybe you can save your life.”

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way!” Fu Gu was flustered, and he held an iron pickaxe in his hand. Waving:

“Get out of the way!”

It can be seen that he also has a martial skill. Tie Gong seems to be waving randomly, but in fact, the angle is tricky, making Zhou Jia unable to Don’t step back.

However, there is only the strength of Grade 3, and the gap is too large.

Zhou Jia swung an axe at will, knocking the weapon in Fu Gu’s hand into the air, and as soon as the shield hit, the opponent collapsed to the ground screaming.

“All tied up!” Lu Shan shouted, calling for everyone to find ropes to tie them up.

The other side.

People from Punishment Hall also returned one after another.

Cheng Shaowen’s face was gloomy, and his eyes were filled with anger.

“Cheng… Master Cheng Young.” Lu Shan hurriedly approached and asked in a low voice:

“Cao Guan… Cao Honglai, what happened to that person?”


“He escaped.” Cheng Shaowen glanced at him, coldly snorted and said:

“But he was also slashed by me, and I think he can’t escape far, the biggest possibility is to hide Where did he recover from his injuries, these are all his accomplices?”

The last sentence, however, pointed to all the bound people in the field.

“Yes.” Lu Shan nodded:

“These guys wanted to escape just now, but the villain has already taken them all down. Well, thanks to Zhou Guard, otherwise I’d be afraid It’s hard to do everything.”

This time, he didn’t get rid of Zhou Jia.

“Anyone dead?” Cheng Shaowen frowned.

“Yes, yes.” Lu Shan looked a little embarrassed:

“Some people want to escape into the mine, the passages are complicated, like a labyrinth, escape and think about it It’s hard to find, the villain was impatient and lost his sense.”

“You…” Cheng Shaowen glared at him and said angrily:

“You are a pig’s brain. Can’t it?”

“Ah?” Lu Shan was stunned, but did not respond.

Cheng Shaowen didn’t mean to explain. Send some more people here!”

“Why did it come to this?” Lu Shan turned pale.

“Don’t worry.” Cheng Shaowen’s tone softened a little after the command:

“Cheng Mou is just in case, the whereabouts of surnamed Cao are likely to fall in these places. On the human body, I will trouble you for two days.”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare.” Lu Shan bowed his head:

“It’s what Master Cheng Young ordered.”


Not long.

Ichthyosaurs will come again.

In addition to the Punishment Hall people, there are several Zhou Jia acquaintances.

In the room, the mine head Fugu was pale and kneeling on the ground with his hands tied. Wei Deacon looked at him from time to time with a volume of files in his hand.

Wei Zhixing has decent features and had a dignified appearance, but it’s hard to hide the sublime air on his body.

He came to this world when he was young more than ten years ago, and joined the Fish and Dragon Society by chance. He has been married and has children since then.

Earth was only a vague memory for him.

If Fatty Han hadn’t come to the door, he’d probably have forgotten about that place.

In addition to Fatty Han, Zhao Gang, and Zhou Jia in the room, the presence of Zhou Jia also showed Wei Zhixing’s intention to take him into his confidant.

After all, they are all from Earth, and have a relationship with a fellow.

“I checked the black mysterious jade that has been circulating in the market for the past two years.”

Wei Zhixing pulled over the chair and sat down, saying slowly:

“Although Inaccurate, but about twice as much as the mine’s output, such a big hole, a trifling Cao Honglai, can’t eat it.”

“Apart from him, who else?”

His voice was not loud, and his speech rate was even more slow, but he had a shocking power that made Fu Gu pale and sweat on his forehead.

“The villain…the villain doesn’t know.”

“I don’t know.” Wei Zhixing smiled lightly and continued to ask:

“With such a large output, It’s impossible to keep secrets just by a few miners, how do you all bring things out?”


β€œI remember your child You have just turned six years old, and your mother-in-law looks pretty good. They should all be waiting for you at home, as usual.” Wei Zhixing picked up the tea cup on the table and took a sip, indifferently said: “You are the best Think about it, think about it, and then answer.”

“…” Fu Gu’s body trembled, slowly looking up:

“Wei deacon, if I’m telling the truth Can I go back?”

“It depends on how far the truth is.” Wei Zhixing’s mouth curled slightly:

“If it can satisfy Old Wei and me, this It’s not impossible for you to get through this time safely.”

“Really…really?” Fu Gu’s eyes lit up.

He’s not stupid, he naturally knows that this kind of probability is not big, but now, he doesn’t want to miss any chance if there is a chance.

“This Wei has some credibility.” Wei Zhixing was impatient:


“Yes, yes.” Fu Gu nodded, thought about it, and said:

“Actually, the villain is only responsible for collecting the ore that Cao…surnamed Cao needs in the mine. How to transport it is another person’s responsibility.”

“That person is Cao Honglai’s confidant. They always avoid me when they do things, and the villain doesn’t dare to inquire, so I don’t know.”

“But the villain guesses that there is a high probability of Inside the mine, there is a path leading to the outside.”

“Oh!” Wei Zhixing’s body was slightly upright, with a solemn face:

“Who is that person and where is he now? ?”

“He… is dead.” Fu Gu raised his head cautiously and said:

“He was beaten to death by guard Lu.”

Zhou Jia rubbed rubbed the temple.

At that time, there were indeed a few people who wanted to flee to the mine, and he wondered if fleeing to the mine was bringing about one’s own destruction, after all, it was went but never returned.

Now it seems, that is their only way to survive.

How about…

No wonder Cheng Shaowen yelled at Lu Shan for being stupid.

“Lushan?” Wei Zhixing browses tightly knit.

“Boss.” Fatty Han approached and whispered:

“I checked, Lushan is another security guard at the mine, and it should not be with Cao Honglai. Yes.”

“Takes part or not, what you said doesn’t count.” Wei Zhixing shook his head, looking towards Fu Gu again:

“You really want to live?”

“Of course!” Fu Gu’s eyes widened, and he repeatedly kowtowed:

“I beg Wei deacon to give me a chance, if the villain can escape this disaster, he will work extremely hard in his life. Repay your kindness.”

“Okay.” Wei Zhixing leaned forward and said in a low voice:

“Wait for someone from Punishment Hall to come and ask questions, you are so… so …Say, after this is done, I will keep you alive.”


“You don’t have to believe it.” Wei Zhixing got up, ignored him, walked towards Zhou Jia, patted Zhou Jia’s shoulder with a big hand, said with a smile:

“Brother Zhou, you are really a lucky star, you solved a major calamity in the meeting as soon as you came!”

“We all come from the same place, and the family doesn’t say anything. It’s definitely not short for you to drink.”

“It’s all up to Boss Wei to take care of him in the future.” Fatty Han stepped forward, pulled Zhou Jia’s sleeve, and gestured with his eyes.

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nods:

“We hope Wei Zhiacon will take care of me in the future.”

“It’s easy to say, easy to say.” show.

On the second day, the people from Punishment Hall pushed Fu Gu and the others away, and the others regained their freedom. Zhou Jia was then dragged by Wei Zhixing, who was in high spirits, to drink.

It wasn’t until evening that I drove back drunk.


After burping, Zhou Jia rubbed his eyes and walked forward.


His body stiffened, he slowly took off the shield and axe behind him, and moved towards the side to look.

“Bah… dah…”

A familiar voice came from over there.

This is…

The sound of the mouthpiece!

(End of this chapter)

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