Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Assault

“Blah… blah…”


White smoke spewed out of the shadow’s mouth, as if A sharp arrow shot out several meters away, and then dissipated.

Zhou Jia’s face was pale, his whole body was tense, his drunkenness was gone, his hands clenched his axe and shield and moved towards the silhouette in the forest:

“Cao… Manager Cao ?”

“It’s me.” Cao Guanshi was smoking a cigarette stick and walked slowly out of the dark place, with a faint smile:

“Brother Zhou, we meet again.”


Seeing who was coming, Zhou Jia turned and ran away without a word.

This place is not far from the market, and before the time of gathering, there are patrols there, and no one dares to use force casually.

As for head-on confrontation…

Why risk it if it’s not necessary?

The other party is a Grade 6 expert!


As if the breeze was rippling, a dark shadow fluttered over a few big trees and landed in front to block the way.

So fast!

Zhou Jia’s heart sank.

Didn’t Cheng Shaowen say he slashed the other side?

How could this movement method, this rosy complexion, belong to the injured person? His already worried heart became more and more gloomy.

Cao Guanshi held a cigarette stick in his hand, changed into a black suit, and had a cloth pocket hanging around his waist. His usual expression was a little grim:

“Brother Zhou, see you. What are you running for?”

“is it possible that…”

“What did I do wrong?”

“No, no.” Zhou Jia face revealed a bitter smile and said:

“Steward Cao, I’m just a mess here, I’m already satisfied if I have an errand, I really don’t know about you.”

“Fucking?” Cao Guanshi was smoking a dry cigarette and said slowly:

“Well said, in today’s unknown world, being able to stand up and mess around is already Suffered untold hardships.”

“It’s even harder than heavenly ascension to get ahead!”

“Yes, yes.” Zhou Jia answered again and again.

“But.” Cao Guanshi exhaled a breath of smoke and said:

“If someone can be a pedal, it is possible to go up, for example, Cao blocked it. Your way forward.”

“No, no.” Zhou Jia hurriedly shook his head:

“Mr. Cao misunderstood, and it’s just a few days after coming to the mine, and everything is fine. I don’t know, how could it possibly hurt you?”

“You mean…” Manager Cao looked up:

“Is it Lu Shan?”

“Indeed, this kid Lu Shan is very self-motivated, but he doesn’t follow me. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t know how many catties and how many taels he has.”

“I didn’t say that. Yes.” Zhou Jia quickly denied.

“Really?” Cao Guanshi hummed lightly, took off the cloth pocket around his waist, and threw it over:

“It doesn’t matter who did it now. “

“pa ta…”

The cloth bag fell to the ground, and a head with round eyes and a dead head rolled out of it.


Lu Shan’s forehead was sunken, and his neck was cut off by something unknown.

Zhou Jia felt a chill in his heart.

Indeed, it doesn’t matter who did it, he was planning to kill all the suspects!

This lunatic!

“Phew…” Breathing out another breath of smoke, Manager Cao lifted the cigarette stick lightly:

“Brother Zhou, do you want to settle it yourself or let me do it.”


“Why did it come to this?” By now, Zhou Jia has no fear in his heart, with the shield in front of him, his eyes fixed on each other:

“Huo Family Fort has been accommodated. Lu deacon can’t protect you without Cao Guanshi. Your Excellency’s continued stay here is just bringing about one’s own destruction.”

“Maybe.” Cao Guanshi shrugged:

” However, it’s okay to knock a few heads off.”

Zhou Jia’s body tightened, and he subconsciously swung his shield to the side to block. Collide.


An awl-like force came from the shield, strong and firm, making him groaned and staggered backwards.

“Shield axe?” Cao Guanshi’s silhouette appeared in front of him, coldly smiled:

“Except for Shengtang and Huo’s house soldiers, it is rare to see people outside using this. This is a cumbersome weapon, Brother Zhou chose the wrong path.”

The shield is heavy and inconvenient to carry and move, especially not suitable for running and escaping in the wild.

The temple has a special shield technique.

While speaking, Cao Guanshi’s body shape is constantly changing, the cigarette rod in his hand is like a crane’s beak, and he moves from all directions towards the shield and keeps pecking.



Every collision caused Zhou Jia’s arm to shake violently, and his bones and muscles to go numb and soft.


Taking advantage of a successful block, Zhou Jia loudly shouted, giant axe swept across, autumn wind swept leaves, and tiger sheared the tail.

“The moves are lax, and the strength is not enough.”

Cao Guanshi sneered, facing the attacking axe without dodging or evading, stepping on a chain, flipping lightly with one hand, The cigarette rod is knocked out.

His knock didn’t seem to be too hard, but it was just right, instantly raising the axe blade, revealing the weak spot in the middle door, and rushing straight with one palm.

Zhou Jia shrank his eyes and hurriedly waved his shield to block.


It was like a bison collision, and a huge force rushed forward.

Grade 6!

The martial skill is pure!

How powerful is it?

In the eyes of the other party, all of your moves are probably weak spots.


Zhou Jia forced the pain on his body to stand up, his body retreated violently, and his mouth was shouted.

“Shut up!” Cao Guanshi shouted in a low voice, his body shot like a sharp arrow, and the cigarette stick in his hand was like a cone or a cannon, stabbing at Zhou Jia’s heart.

This place is not far from the market, and it will be troublesome if patrols are attracted.

He wanted to kill people, but he never thought of putting himself in it.

The cigarette stick in his hand is turned into a sharp sword, and the White Ape stabbing technique learned from Second Elder, the upper, middle and lower routes are all wrapped by the cigarette stick.

The gray shadows are heavy and fall rapidly.

Zhou Jia has martial arts all over his body, which means he has reached the mastery stage of anti-cultivation. Fortunately, there is this move, otherwise he might not be able to last.


With another muffled sound, Zhou Jia corner of the mouth flow blood backed up.


“Stupid!” Cao Guanshi’s eyes narrowed, coldly snorted.

At a time like this, instead of concentrating one’s mind to resist, instead, you want to shout for help, even if someone comes, can you still escape?

Although he thought so in his heart, he would definitely not let Zhou Jia shout out, urge the movement method, and quickly approach the other party, trying to interrupt the call for help.

As the two approached, a pair of cold eyes came into view.

Zhou Jia, who fell into the downwind, did not panic at all.


Steward Cao’s heart jumped subconsciously, and he saw Zhou Jia growling suddenly, the flesh all over his body suddenly tightened, and a terrifying power burst out from his body.


Shield Bash!

The shield and the cigarette rod collided again, and both sides spared no effort at the same time.

But this time, the tide turned.

The terrifying giant force defeated Cao Manager Grade 6 with the momentum of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and even fell on him along the tobacco rod, directly crushing his arm .

Grade 7 Peak Unbridled release.


A silhouette spit out blood and flew out diagonally.

“You’re kidding me!” Cao Guanshi roared, but involuntarily fell to the ground.


Zhou Jia drank lowly, his eyes were red, and the whole person was like a hungry old horse who saw the trough full of food and ran desperately.

The old horse goes to the trough!

In a frenzy, the power of the whole body is gathered, and the axe is slashing randomly.

At the end, the blade of the axe suddenly froze.

Lightning rod empowerment!

These two cloak axe methods, one can stimulate potential, the other is precise, and with one axe, the vain attempt to block Cao Guanshi is once again smashed out.

Zhou Jia raised his hand as the opponent was in midair.


Seven Hidden Swords, piercing directly at Manager Cao.

“Pu pass!”

The silhouette fell to the ground, with arrows in the eyebrows, the dead can no longer die, only the face is full of unwillingness.

If he is not careless and the two officially fight each other, even if Zhou Jia has the power of Grade 7, he is absolutely impossible to be his opponent, but there is no such thing.

One wrong move and you lose the whole game!


Zhou Jia trembled lightly, slowly dissipating the enormous force in his body, glanced around, and then walked towards Director Cao’s body.


With a whisper, he first touched the corpse and took off a piece of inner armor. No wonder he was slashed by Cheng Shaowen. is the brain.

Apart from this, Cao Guanshi has nothing to gain.


He lowered his head and pondered for a while, Zhou Jia turned around in the vicinity, and indeed found a bulging package on a tree.

(End of this chapter)

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