Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Neighborhoods

Punishment Hall.

Fugu of shiver coldly knelt in the middle, his head lowered, cold sweat dripping down his hair, and the invisible pressure around him made him shrink into an ostrich.

He’s just a small mine.

Deacon is already Peak, a powerful person that can be reached in the Ichthyosaur Society.


There were two elders and vice-chairmen sitting in the hall.

The power of these three is second only to the leader Xu Qing of the Fish and Dragon Society.

Who would have thought that a trifling mine’s greed for ink incident would alarm these three great characters.

“Black jade ore is used as a binder for incoming weapons, and a large amount of output is required in the fort every year. Even if it is not refined, it can be sold for a high price.”

Third Elder Madam Wang has a beautiful face, a graceful figure, and is dressed in a veil. Every move, glance, and smile has the power to confuse people.

Her voice was even more light and sweet, like a lark cheering excitedly, even if there was coercion all around, it made Fu Gu’s heart sway.

‘This woman, if she can last time, it’s worth to die! ‘

As the head of the Fish and Dragon Club on the surface, Mrs. Wang is very charming, especially good at training women. She is the money bag of the Fish and Dragon Club.

Her beautiful eyes rolled and swept behind Fu Gu:

“even more how and Hei Xuanyu, a trifling Cao Honglai, even if he has such courage, he is not afraid. Such a huge appetite.”

Thousands of Originium a year are not a small number in her eyes.

A Cao Honglai…

I can’t eat it!

“Third Elder!” Lu deacon knelt behind Fu Gu, gritted his teeth and said angrily:

“This is slander!”

“Lu is loyal to the gang Geng Geng, I have been diligent and diligent for so many years, it is obvious to all, this is someone framed and framed!”

He was bald, and at this time he was angry and anxious, his forehead was sweating and greasy, and the top of his head was shining under the light. Like a light bulb.

“Lu deacon did you do good all these years.” Second Elder Luo Er nodded, he is tall and burly, with two bloodlines from the Dalin Dynasty and the Fei Mu world.

Hearing this, his eyes flashed, and he said:

“It seems inappropriate to take down Lu deacon based on some unwarranted evidence.”

” There is no need for it?” Madam Wang raised her eyebrows:

“The account books found from Cao Honglai’s house, as well as his contacts with the surname Lu over the years, are clear, why is there no need to say anything?”

“The account book may also be fake.” Luo Er smiled and shook his head:

“Now that Cao Honglai is missing, who can prove that these things are true? Don’t we blame good people?”

“Lu deacon has worked hard for so many years and worked hard for the gang. If he is so wronged, I’m afraid it will chill the hearts of others.”

“Stealing. If there is no more powerful person to help, how can Cao Honglai do it?” Mrs. Wang did not intend to give up, she pointed out:

“And a Thousands of Originium Stones per year, not to mention Cao Honglai, even Lu Deacon would not be able to swallow it, there should be someone else.”

“You think so, Second Elder?”

“What do you mean?” Luo Er’s face sank:

“Mrs. Wang, do you suspect that I am behind my back?”

“Don’t dare.” Mrs. Wang gently Shaking his head:

“I’m just a reasonable guess, and Second Elder is so shielding Lu deacon, it’s hard to avoid thinking.”

“This is not shielding!”

“Why not?”

“Okay, stop arguing!” The vice-chairman Feng Yuanheng raised his voice, suppressed the dispute between the two, and bowed his head towards Fu Gu, who was kneeling in the field. :

“Do you have anything else to say?”

Fu Gu’s body trembled, and instantly felt that a few eyes fell on him with substance.

Especially behind.

Lu deacon’s eyes full of murderous intention made his hair stand up.

Gritting his teeth, remembering Wei Zhixing’s explanation, Fu Gu’s eyes sternly said:


“The villain still has evidence that can prove Cao Hong Come to collude with Lu Deacon, steal the mines, and earn more than 10,000 Origin Stones over the years!”

If Lu Deacon can’t be completely overthrown today, even if he escapes the catastrophe, he will surely die. .

In addition to Wei Zhixing’s explanation, he also happened to know some secrets about Cao Honglai.


“Ten Thousand Originiums!”

“Tell me!”

The sound fell, There was an immediate uproar in the field, except for the two elders and the vice-chairman, the others who took notes all cheered up.

Wei Zhixing stood on one side, his head lowered, and the corner of his mouth was smiling.

Lou, you’re done!


Zhou Jia had just returned to the tree house, and before he could pack his things, he heard shouts from outside the door.


He clenched the handle of the axe with one hand, cautiously opening a crack of the door, and saw a man with yellow hair, lame legs, and a mouth full of rotten teeth looking at himself .

Beside the man were three foxes the size of wild wolves.

The fox’s hair is pure white, each with two fluffy tails, and a pair of eyes are as pure as ruby, and they look full of spirituality.

The three-headed fox is obediently and honestly lying down, seemingly harmless to humans and animals, but gives Zhou Jia a very dangerous feeling.

Ominous beast!

“My friend, I’m a new neighbor named Angie.”

Angie reached out and pointed to the tree house of the Apu couple not far away, and took the The next thing is placed on the top of a fox’s head, said with a smile:

“I’m new here, please take care of me, a little care, no respect.”

The fox is holding the thing, slowly When he came to the door, he lowered his head and put his things down, jumped up, and sat down beside Angie again.

It’s amazing how spiritual it is.

“It’s easy to talk, easy to talk about.” Zhou Jia didn’t go to get the things, but just cupped the hands towards the other party through the crack of the door:

“My name is Zhou Jia, I don’t know how brother Ang Ji came from Where did it come from?”

“Hey!” Speaking of this, Angie’s shoulders slumped:

“I used to live in Bain Baron Collar, and I can get by on captive livestock. , not long ago, a new world fragment appeared near Baron’s collar, and a group of Ultra Grade monsters appeared in it, and many people wandering outside were killed, I saw that the situation was wrong, so…”

“Escaped and Come!”

Shaking his head, he added:

“When I came, there was no accident in Baron, but in my opinion, the people over there will definitely not be able to stay. , someone will come later.”

“Lead Bain Baron?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, he knew that there were other places in this world besides Huo Family Fort, but this was the first time he saw him. To the outsider:

“I’m sorry to be ignored and inexperienced. I don’t know how far it is from the Huo Family Fort?”

“How far? It should be around a thousand miles?” Ang Ji scratched his messy hair, and said unsurely:

“I don’t go out very much, so it’s not quite clear.”

“A thousand miles!” Zhou Jia’s expression was slightly pale. Ning:

β€œBrother Angji can travel thousands of miles, which is admirable.”

For the Martial Artist, the speed of running at full strength is comparable to that of a car, and a thousand miles seems not far away. , but the thousand miles of the Cloud Burial Forest is not an ordinary thousand miles, and the period is dangerous and unpredictable.

“It’s nothing.” Angie grinned, revealing his mouth full of yellow and rotten teeth:

“I only know a little bit about all kinds of beasts, and relying on them to come here Here, speaking of which, luck accounts for the vast majority.”

When it comes to luck, he can’t help but be excited, he seems quite excited, and he doesn’t know what he is happy about.

“By the way, Brother Zhou, do you know if there is a casino here?”

“The casino?” His face was impatient, his eyes seemed to be glowing:

“How many hands do you want to play?”

“Yes, yes.” Angie anxiously nodded:

“Yes, yes.” p>

“I don’t have any other preferences, I just like this.”

“There are several at the south end of the market, and there is a Liuren Hall in the Huo Family Fort, which is mainly engaged in the casino business. It is said that There are also big places to play in the inner city.” Zhou Jia said:

“If you really want to play, you can go and have a look.”

“Thanks!” Ang Ji Overjoyed, cupped the hands, without saying much, dragged the fox and ran to the market.

Zhou Jia opened his mouth, wanting to say that it would be dark soon, and there might be a white-haired wind, but before he could speak, the other party had already walked away.

Shaking his head, he glanced at the cloth bag in front of the door and picked it in cautiously with a wooden stick.

Close the door and open Cao Honglai’s package.

Different from the monkeys and the others, Cao Honglai ran away from the incident, and he must have carried something very precious to him.

The package opened, Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.


(End of this chapter)

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