Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Visits

incense burner rose and smoked.

An unknown instrument plays a pleasant sound.

Elaborately crafted dim sum, neat and tidy stacked on a beautiful china plate.

Red jam, white cream, and fresh fruit adorn it. Not to mention the attractive appearance, the aroma alone makes people mouth-watering.

Through the window sill surrounded by branches and flowers, you can see the children laughing and playing on the street, as well as the slow pedestrians.

“This is the inner city!”

Dai Lei sighed with emotion, her eyes complicated.

Compared with the chaotic, dangerous and indifferent environment of the outer city, the peaceful atmosphere of the inner city is like two worlds.


Not like.

There are two worlds separated by a wall!

The people in the outer city are worried about their daily life, even the nobles in the east city, sometimes lose their heads in the unfathomable mystery.

And the inner city.

With Huo Mansion in town, no one dares to make trouble here.

Even the leaders of the Ichthyosaur Society, Liuren Hall, and Black Lotus must be obediently and honestly, but in fact they all have their own residences in the inner city.

“Yes.” Zhou Jia also sighed with emotion:

“No wonder Situ Lei is so obsessed with the house in the inner city, and when he enters the inner city, he will no longer have to fight. The days of killing.”

The mansion in the inner city can be described as a radish and a pit, unless the former owner dies, or money can’t buy it.

“The inner city is really good, at least it’s relatively safe.” Chen Hui nodded, and gestured:

“Eat, try the dim sum here, this one cost me a piece of Originium, I don’t know when I will come next time.”


I haven’t tasted any sweets for months, and I can’t help but squinting my eyes when I reminisce about this sweet taste.

Especially Dai Lei.

Since she went to the Yulong Club, she has worked hard every day these days, she has never eaten enough food, and has almost forgotten what sweetness tastes like.

Today is the day when Dai Lei and Zhou Jia made an appointment to visit Chen Hui in the inner city.

It’s rare for the three of them to get together, and the circumstances are different.

Dai Lei specially wears gorgeous clothes to decorate herself, but the wrinkles on her face, the calluses on her hands, and the tiredness in her eyes are hard to hide.

These all show that her life is not easy.

Zhou Jia looks more and more calm. He is not good at words, but he is always vigilant about the surrounding environment, and his body never dares to relax.

Only Chen Hui.

Still in high spirits, with Spiritual God eyes moving, full of curiosity about everything here, only slightly sad when mentioning Earth.

The difference between inner city and outer city environment also changes them.

In just a few months, it is completely different.

“What are your plans in the future?” Chen Hui looked towards the two while eating snacks.

“Planning?” Dai Lei held a bean cake in one hand, and had long lost her urban beauty. Hearing this, she pouted and swallowed the dessert in her mouth, saying:

“Does it count to live?”

“Of course…”

Her voice paused slightly, and her eyes seemed to change slightly:

” If possible, I want to live a better life and not be bullied anymore.”

“Me too.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

“Live as long as you can. How long will it take to see if I can meet people from Earth again, it’s best to go back.”

“Well, on the basis of living, I will become stronger.”

Returning to the place where he came from is an obsession in his heart. Even if he knows that there is little hope, he is reluctant to give up.

“Where are you?” Dai Lei looked towards Chen Hui:

“Cheng Qi has been gone for a few months, what are your plans?”

” I…” Chen Hui lowered her head.

Cheng Qi’s death was also a blow to her. Although the other party was at fault, the two also had good times together.

In her heart, she had planned to forgive Cheng Qi.

However, before she could express her intentions, news of Cheng Qi’s death came.

Looking at Chen Hui’s expression, Dai Lei pursed her lips.

In the face of her friend who has not changed or even looks younger than before, she can’t suppress her jealousy, so she deliberately mentions Cheng Qi.

“Stop talking about it.” Zhou Jia shook his head and changed the subject:

“I heard that Master Huo Young has married Miss Qian, will you follow along? Going to Huo Mansion?”

“No.” Chen Hui shook her head:

“It’s not that easy to enter Huo Mansion. The reason why Steward chose me and Rongrong at the beginning was actually because of the name. We are planning to hire temporary workers.”

“Fortunately, Miss Qian is nostalgic, so she left us to stay in the original house and do some cleaning errands, but the monthly payment is less.”

“There used to be two Originium, now one.”

Dai Lei’s mouth twitched slightly.

She worked hard for a day, but it was only 20 yuan of money, and only half an Originium in a month, and she was often bullied.

“That’s right.”

Remembering this, Chen Hui’s spirit was shocked:

“When Miss Qian got married, she gave each of us five cards. Origin Stone is like money, and she also asked Sister Cuizhu to teach Menyuan Art.”

“I’m already Grade 2 now!”


Dai Lei’s shoulders collapsed, rolled the eyes:

“You’re so lucky, I’m dying of jealousy.”

“hehe…” Good sister’s How could Chen Hui not understand her mind, but the joy in her heart, only the two of them can share, and she doesn’t mind.

She was also jealous of Dai Lei’s figure.

“Ms. Qian treats people well, and she told us a lot of things.”

Holding her chin, Chen Hui’s eyes flashed:

“I heard that in In the distance, there is a place called Hongze Waters, there are many Human Races living there, and it is far safer than this.”

“If I have any plans in the future, it should be there. “

“Hongze waters?” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

Although Chen Hui’s cultivation base is not high, she lives in the inner city and has some relationship with the Huo Mansion. At some point, her vision surpasses that of others.

At least.

He never thought about leaving Huo Family Fort to go elsewhere.

“Where are you.”Chen Hui looked towards Zhou Jia:

“I heard you joined the Fish and Dragon Society?”

“en.”Zhou Nominee Jia:

“I was working in a mine, something happened recently in the mine, so I don’t need to go there for the time being. I don’t know what to do next.”

“It’s not bad. .” Dai Lei said:

“I heard from Zhao Gang, you have done a great job, you will definitely be promoted this time, maybe the mine will be handed over to you in the future.”

Zhou Jia shook his head.

This kind of probability is not big. After all, he has just joined the Fish and Dragon Club. The elders lack trust in him, and there is a high probability that it may be a transfer.

In any case, it’s best to get a raise.


On the way back, Zhou Jia went to the Refinement Shop.

What he wants has been built.

“Your axe has been tempered and added some materials. It is harder and sharper than the original. The axe handle is one meter and two minutes long, the axe blade is one foot, and the total weight is 53 pounds. It is the Top in the low grade. Grade.”

The weapons that are entered are roughly divided into three grades: high, middle and low in Huo Family Fort, but not all of them are classified according to the size of formidable power, but also depends on the price and the materials used.

Zhou Jia flipped the axe in his hand. Compared with the original, it was one size smaller after tempering, but it was easier to hold and the weight was suitable.

53 pounds, speaking of which is a bit heavy.

However, he uses a shield, and he doesn’t know any footwork and flexibility. Naturally, the heavier the better, the more lethality he can get by slashing the monster.

“The material of this shield is Wind Thunder wood, which contains strength of Thunder. It is actually an excellent wood, but unfortunately it is seriously damaged. I can only give you a rough repair here. To bless, you need to go to the ancient hammer shop in the inner city.”

The shopkeeper handed over a thickened shield and said:

“After trimming, the chance of triggering thunder and lightning will be reduced in the future. A little more, but this kind of power is only effective for people of Grade 3 or below.”

“The stronger people…, except in special circumstances, are almost unaffected.”


“Benefit, sixteen Originium!”

(end of this chapter)

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