Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 48

Chapter 48 News

Back to the treehouse, as expected, the ‘neighbor’ was still missing.

most likely went to the casino.

In the past few days, the other party has only shown up a few times. Compared with the temporary residence here, it is estimated that the casino is more like his permanent home.

Good bet!

It’s true.

Zhou Jia was actually very curious about the neighbor who occupied the Apu couple’s tree house, not only about the situation of Baron’s collar, but also about the other side’s magical method of taming exotic animals.

However, these means must be the ability of the other party to survive, and I am afraid that it will not be spread.

Returning to the tree house, he checked the arrangement when he left, and confirmed that no one had come before he opened the hidden inner room.

Another porcelain vase was taken out of the inner compartment.


Unplug the bottle and pour out a pill.

The pill is the size of a quail egg, dark brown throughout, uneven surface, heavy to start, and has a strong medicinal smell.

Precious medicine!

A medicine of five Originium.

Refining after taking it can add more than 30 points of Cultivation experience

This product comes from Cao Honglai’s package, the effect and effort are not cost-effective in Zhou Jia’s opinion, but fortunately it is an accident Earnings, taking refining is not distressed.

β€œgu lu…”

The precious medicine is dry and bitter, and you have to choke your throat every time you take it.

But it’s cultivation, it’s okay to suffer a little.

As the medical smell on the top faded away, a warm current began to emerge from his belly, Zhou Jia’s mind was condensed, and he ran the three-element rectification refining.

One hour later, with the heat rising from his body, he slowly opened his eyes.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade Grade 5 Yi Jin (1403/4000)

Origin Star: Earth Star (Trait: Violent)

cultivation technique: Introduction to Sanyuan Zhengfa (102/300)

martial skill: Shield Anti-Proficient (22/300), Shield Strike Proficiency (19/120), Cloak Axe Introductory (93/100)

The cultivation base has reached Grade 5, one third of Yijin, but the others have not changed much, and it is becoming more and more difficult to improve the experience of martial skill cultivation.

The cloak axe method is only 7 points of experience to reach the proficiency stage, and I don’t know when it will be completed.

Having played against people several times, Zhou Jia understands the benefits of martial skill.

When facing Cao Honglai, he was full of martial skills. Except for the shield of proficient level, which could be useful, the rest were all decorations.

If the cloak is proficient in axe, it will not be so dangerous.

As for violence…

It can only be used as a trump card. Once it is stimulated, it fails to achieve merit. In the face of experts, it is still the fish and meat on the chopping board.

Fortunately, he still has two bottles of precious medicine on hand, no less than forty pills in total.

Even if you can’t take it continuously, you can get the cultivation progress to the late stage of Grade 5 within half a year, and you should be able to advance to Grade 6 in more than a year.

Inspire violence after Grade 6, I’m afraid it will be able to resist Grade 8.

In short,

The future is bright!

In addition to dozens of medicine pills, Cao Honglai also left behind more than 170 Originium Stones, a set of inner armor suspected of middle grade, which made Zhou Jia feel rich overnight.

With such wealth, ordinary Grade 5 will not know how many years to accumulate enough.

In addition, there is a book called Gnar’s Breath.

This cultivation technique cannot increase the cultivation base, nor is it a martial skill, but it has a magical effect.

Concealed aura.

Different from Situ Lei’s group of four, ichthyosaurs can hide dragons and crouching tigers, and there must be people who can see through the strength of others. Cao Honglai has always been mistaken for Grade 5 because he practiced this method. .

The cheats are recorded in the common language of the market. Zhou Jia has no difficulty in reading them. Unfortunately, after trying for a few days, he has not been able to get started.

The next few days.

Zhou Jia doesn’t go out any more, except for normal eating, drinking, shit and piss sleeping every day, that is cultivation martial skill, cultivation technique, comprehend secret technique.


“Deputy supervisor?”

Looking at Fatty Han, Zhou Jia’s voice tape was surprised:

“What do you mean, it is impossible to add a deputy supervisor in the mine. ?”

“That’s right.” Fatty Han almost swallowed it privately:

“Without Cao Honglai and Lu deacon’s secret mines, the output of the mine doubled, plus other Due to various reasons, the meeting decided to add more staff to the mine.”

“Divided the original manager into a supervisor and a deputy supervisor, and increased the number of guards to five. Congratulations, Brother Zhou, you are now a mine. The deputy director of the field.”

“Monthly money, four Originium!”

There was no lack of envy in his tone.

As someone who had taken refuge with Wei Zhixing early, he was almost a confidant, and coupled with his hard work, it was only two Originium stones per month.

Fortunately, if you get the Origin Technique, you can be promoted to Grade 4 this year. When the time comes, there will be new arrangements.

“Four Originium, that’s not bad.” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.

The more Originium, the better. Even if he had nearly 200 Originium on hand, he wouldn’t mind adding extra.

“By the way, who is the supervisor?”

“The supervisor is a person from the world of Feimu, named Samuel, a woman.”

“She Who’s that?”

“She’s not anyone.” Fatty Han shook his head:

“According to Boss Wei, this woman was transferred from Outer Hall, although It’s a woman, but her tactics are very dark, and she has the strength of Grade 6, you should be more careful in the future.”

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

It’s not anyone, that’s two people who will be the masters.

“One more thing.” Fatty Han touched his chin and said:

“Lu Shan is dead, his body was found in the sewage ditch, and it is gone. The head should be made by Cao Honglai.”

“You…be careful.”

Cao Honglai killed Lu Shan, most likely because he felt that he was betrayed by him. But both of them knew what the truth was.

If Cao Honglai knew, he would not let Zhou Jia go.

Of course.

No one knew that Cao Honglai had come and followed in Lushan’s footsteps.

“Dead.” Zhou Jia was ‘surprised’ just right, and then nodded:

“I understand, I don’t go out much recently, I believe that Cao Honglai is already gone now. Escaped from the Huo Family Fort.”

“en. ”

Fatty Han felt the same way.

Now the Fish and Dragon Society has fully wanted Cao Honglai, as long as he provides clues, he will be rewarded with Originium. Unless he is stupid, he will definitely escape.

“Where’s Lu deacon?” Zhou Jia asked:

“What’s his condition?”

“The surname is Lu.” Speaking of this, Fatty Han couldn’t help but look overjoyed:

“He was sent to Outer Hall to perform a mission in the Cloud Burial Forest because of the private sale of minerals. He will not come back in three or five years, and most likely will die outside.”



“If Second Elder hadn’t been dedicated to protecting him, he should have been executed directly to show the public.”

Lu deacon was in charge of many errands in the Fish and Dragon Society. Now that he fell, Wei Zhixing, who had been prepared, would definitely take a bite.

Fatty Han has benefited a lot from it.


second day.

Zhou Jia was supposed to go to the mine to report, but received a message from Black Lotus.

Yulong will do business in the fun market, Liuren Hall Master operates a casino, and Black Lotus is mainly about buying and selling news, as well as black market transactions.

Every once in a while, Black Lotus sells a batch of news for distribution in a newspaper-like format.

When Zhou Jia has a lot of money, he will also buy a copy to have a look, so as to understand the latest situation around the Huo Family Fort, so as not to be smeared.

This time, a message made his complexion change and his heartbeat speed up.

“Enter the city!”

“Fifty source of money!”


Hurry up and hand over the money, Zhou Jia ran all the way until he came to Situ Lei’s house before taking a steady breath and knocking on the courtyard door.

“Why are you here?”

Stuart opened the door and looked up and down:


“Hmmm , that…” Zhou Jia opened his mouth and said:

“Have you heard that Master Huo Young took a group of people out for hunting a few days ago, and was attacked on the way, and the team suffered heavy losses. “

“There is such a thing.” Situ Lei nodded:

“What’s wrong?”

“I heard.” Zhou Jia’s throat turned :

“giant sword Dingmen was also in the team, unfortunately died.”

“Really?” Stuart was taken aback:

“Grade 8 The expert is also dead, it seems that the opponent they encountered is not simple, but, what does this have to do with you?”

“Uh…” Zhou Jia was stunned and hesitated before saying:

“I thought, if these people die, will they leave something behind? I have enough money recently, and I wonder if I can buy something.”

He could never say that the source star he wanted was in the weapon of the giant sword Dingmen.

“What do you think?” Situ Lei was a little speechless:

“Let’s not say that things must be left to their descendants after they die. Huo Mansion will be recovered for a thick burial.”


Speaking of which, he browses slightly wrinkle:

“Not necessarily, sometimes The descendants of the deceased will also sell things for disappointing. There is a street in the inner city that specializes in this kind of business.”

“If you are interested in these, I can help you ask, maybe You can find good things there.”

“It’s a job!”

Zhou Jia surrendered.

I came in a hurry as soon as I got the news, and now it seems a little too impulsive.

(End of this chapter)

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