Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Supervisor

Because of a temporary business trip to the inner city, I was delayed for a while. When Zhou Jia arrived at the mine, it was noon.

“You’re late!”

The person who spoke was wearing a close-fitting leather soft armor, curvaceous body, extremely hot, sharp-edged facial features, and cold eyes.

Samuel, the new mine supervisor, Grade 6 cutting pith expert.

Different from the pampered and less hands-on Grade 6 like Cao Honglai, the people in Outer Hall often fight with monsters, and they are skilled in martial skills.

Strength, but also stronger!

She looked at Zhou Jia coldly:

“Why, when I just came to the mine, Deputy Director Zhou is going to give me a slap in the face?”

“Don’t dare.” Zhou Jia lowered his head:

“I have something to go to the inner city…”

“Is it the reason to go to the inner city?” Samuel coldly snorted, A baleful aura appeared in his eyes, and he waved his hand to interrupt Zhou Jia’s explanation:

“Or is Deputy Director Zhou trying to tell me that you have friends living in the inner city, is it something I can’t afford to provoke?”

“No.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I didn’t mean that.”

“Better not!” The body is like a needle stick, and it makes people feel a chill in their hearts:

“As the deputy director of the mine, how can I convince the public that I am late for taking the lead?”

“I punish you first. Half a month’s money!”

“Supervisor.” Zhou Jia was surprised when he heard this and hurriedly said:

“Is this a bit too much, and I am also the mine supervisor, even if Deputy, the fine should not be determined by you.”

Although the director and deputy director of the mine are divided into high and low, they are considered to be the same level as each other, and they are all responsible to the top.

A couple of words are fine.


Samuel really doesn’t have this qualification.


Samuel’s face sank, and he strode closer:

β€œDo you have an opinion?”

She Although she is a woman, she is 1.8 meters tall, with one hand on the hilt of the sword at her waist.

Invisible chilling meaning, but also asserts the senses.

“You…” Zhou Jia gritted his teeth, his eyes flashing back and forth:

“This matter, the deacon will call the shots.”

“hmph! Samuel sneered, with disdain in his eyes:

“If you don’t plant anything, you just rely on surnamed Wei’s show off one’s military strength. Go back.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes Suddenly, his hands clenched tightly.

“What?” Samuel raised his eyebrows:

“I’m not convinced, you want to do something with me?”

Zhou Jia had blue veins on the back of his hand, and it took a long time He let out a long breath, suppressed the stirring emotions on his face, and said in a muffled voice:

“I don’t dare.”

“I knew you didn’t dare.” Samuel sneered. :

“This time the Elder asked me to come here, one is to supervise the output of the mine, and the other is to find out the secret passage that may be hidden in the mine. Go down and find the secret passage.”

“It’s said that you are a lucky star, and I believe it won’t take long to find the secret passage.”

“Really, Deputy Director Zhou?”

Zhou Jia turned his head sideways, looking towards In the dark mine cave, the complexion sank again.


Watching Zhou Jia go down the mine with a group of miners, Samuel smiled coldly and turned towards the wood house.

“Head.” A new guard approached and whispered:

“Isn’t it a good idea for us to do this? Surnamed Zhou is from Wei Zhixing after all. That old Wei guy is not easy to mess with.”

“So what?” Samuel coldly snorted:

“He’s just a bum, with a Grade 5 cultivation base empty, If he dared to do something just now, I would have given him a high look. As for Old Wei, do you think Second Elder will let him go?”

“Yes, yes.” .

Speaking of which is easy. If Zhou Jia dared to resist just now, he is afraid that he has already been beaten, and his head is the master of vicious and merciless.


The mine is narrow and cramped, the road is rough and bumpy, and there is a strange smell permeating it.

There will be a torch every ten meters in the passage. The torches are relatively sparse, and there are many distances in the middle of the road.

In some places there is lithophosphite, an ore that emits a faint glow.

The halo is not big, only better than the night.

In addition, the gloomy and cold aura continue to erode the body. If you stay in such a place for a long time, whether your body can bear it or not, your eyesight will definitely be affected.

Many miners have problems with their eyes.

“Director Zhou.” In addition to Zhou Jia, there was also a guard who went down the mine with him. He was also indignant at Samuel:

“The woman is actually more Not long after you came, you shamelessly deducted your monthly money, how could she be so embarrassed!”

This is a complaint, and it is also a way to bring the two closer together.

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia’s eyes drooped and his voice was indifferent:

“People have to bow their heads under the eaves.”

“Yes, yes .” The guard named Hei San repeatedly nodded:

“Forget him first, until…”


Shaking his head , and swallowed the harsh words that came out of his mouth into his stomach. He knew very well that it was almost impossible to get revenge on Samuel.

“Just here.”

In the corner of a wider passage, Zhou Jia stopped.

“Here?” Hei San was stunned:

“Don’t you go down?”

“No.” Zhou Jia shook his head and swept again He glanced at him:

“You don’t really think that so many people who are familiar with the mines have not discovered the dark passages that we can find with no difficulty, right?”

” Uh…” Hei San smiled awkwardly, reached out and scratched his head:

“That’s right.”

He understood Zhou Jia’s plan, although he had no choice but to enter the mine Hole, but I don’t have the heart to find a secret way, I just came in to waste time.

That’s fine too.

The province’s self suffers along with it.

“Two…two.” Just as Zhou Jia was about to take out his axe and shield to practice one or two, a few miners approached cautiously:

“Below, there is some movement.”

“oh?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly.

I wouldn’t be so lucky. This is the first time I entered the hole and discovered the secret passage?

Hei San also looked suspicious.

is it possible that.

Is this a lucky star?

The fact is obviously not what the two thought.

In the place near the bottom of the mine, a plant similar to bloodthirsty vine covers about one zhang and tightly wraps one thing.

The bloodthirsty vines were split open, and a mutated corpse of bloody flesh came into view.

The corpse was dressed in miner’s clothes, the face seemed to have been taken off by life, and the limbs were covered with scary traces of punishment.



Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows, looking thoughtful.

“This offends people.” He San narrowed his eyes, his face dignified:

“This person was skinned and cramped when he was alive, and he had no less than ten wounds on his body. Eight kinds of punishments, and after death they are trapped with bloodthirsty vines.”

“Even if it becomes a mutant corpse, it will not let go, what a hatred, how much hatred!”

“It must have been made by Lu deacon, and the rune will be offended…” A miner said.


Zhou Jia shook his head slowly.

Fu Gu ‘framed’ Lu deacon under Wei Zhixing’s advice. Although he did save his life afterwards, he still ended up like this.

As a lower-class people, I tried my best to resist, but only let Lu deacon go to Outer Hall.

And he…

There will be no peace after death.

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia waved his hand and threw out the torch in his hand:

“Give him a treat.”

(End of this chapter)


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