Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Corpse Transformation

Zhou Jia felt like he had a nightmare.

The self in the dream was unfortunately involved in a car accident on the way home, met the monster, saw the dead, and came to a world with three suns.

In particular, there is a woman named Tao Hong, who died with wide eyes and strange expressions, which seemed to be real in her dreams.

Fortunately, this is all just a dream, and life will continue after waking up.

Parents and girlfriends are still there.

In a daze, a slight pull on his sleeve woke him up from his dream, only to know that life did not continue, but the dream continued.

‘The dead… come back to life? ‘

Dai Lei’s words are full of contradictions.

A living person can’t be called a dead person, even if they have breath, and a dead person can’t come back to life, otherwise, how can they be called dead?

The fragrance in the woman’s hair made Zhou Jia confused for a while before he recovered.

The first thing that catches my eye is the dark red light halo.

Look up.

A red moon hangs high in the sky, and a strange red glow illuminates the earth, making everything the naked eye sees eerie.

A red moon?

Sure enough, this is not Earth anymore!

After seeing the wolf-headed monster, the three-day sky, and the red moon, Zhou Jia couldn’t be moved.

Cheng Qi and Chen Hui huddled on the blanket next to each other.

Even when they fell asleep, the two of them were still holding hands. No wonder Dai Lei woke up first when she noticed something abnormal.


“Over there!”

The bloody moonlight was dim, and the dense foliage of the forest blocked the light, Zhou Jia only saw The slowly creeping silhouettes.

In the attack of the wolf head monster, many people here were killed and injured.

In addition to the monster’s corpse, there are thirty or forty, and they are placed in the open space of the forest.

I don’t think anyone will look after the dead body.

Even if there is, there are so many impossible.

“Wake up the others first.” swallowed saliva and said, Zhou Jia lowered his voice and opened his mouth while picking up the frying pan and standing cautiously.

After yesterday’s experience, he is no longer so flustered when he encounters something weird.

The resurrection of the dead, speaking of which unimaginable, but their presence in such a place cannot be explained by previous experience.

Chen Hui, Cheng Qi, and Su Qiang were woken up by one after another with the sound of each other.

It wasn’t just Dai Lei who discovered the anomaly.

There were people in the crowd who were dedicated to the night, and they all called out their companions at this time, and everyone took advantage of the night looked towards the place where the corpse was.

Under the hazy red light, one after another silhouette spread out, moved towards the crowd.

Those silhouettes were staggering, slow, and a subtle ‘hoho’ sound came, a little bit closer to the crowd.

This scene is very strange.

As the distance gets closer, everyone can already see the silhouette’s appearance, and some people are even more impatient and excited.


“Brother Liang?”


“Tao Hong?”

Zhou Jia clenched his frying pan tightly and his face turned pale.

It’s true that the person who came here is Tao Hong, but her eyes are dull, her face is pale, and there is a hole in her heart, so it doesn’t look like a living person.

“Tao Hong!”

Su Qiang cautiously stepped forward:

“Can you hear us?”

He Although he has a good impression of Tao Hong, in the face of this strange situation, he is naturally impulsive.

The steel rod is nearly two meters long, and it has been pushed over before the other party can get close.

“Something’s wrong!” Cheng Qi pulled the two girls behind him and whispered:

“Don’t let her come over.”

In the forest Short of a wooden stick, he held one in his hand, that is, clenching one end with both hands, staring at Tao Hong’s reaction.

The two women hugged each other tightly, looking over with horror on their faces.


Su Qiang nodded, holding a stick against it:

“Tao Hong, stop first, can you hear me? “

Tao Hong twisted her neck, stiff like a machine, her mindless eyes swept across the crowd, her mouth suddenly opened, moved towards Su Qiang and rushed forward.



The strange sound came from her mouth, and her body rushed forward.


Su Qiang roared, and at the same time clenched his teeth and stabbed with a stick.

Now is not the time to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

Su Qiang held Tao Hong’s head, and the stick was supposed to be on the other’s chest, but when she jumped, the stick hit Tao Hong’s belly.


The steel stick is not only harder but also sharper than the wooden stick.

This fierce stab, both sides are exerting force, the steel rod actually pierced directly into Tao Hong’s abdomen, half a palm deep into the flesh, I am afraid it has pierced the intestines.

Even so, Su Qiang still had no intention of letting go, just gritted his teeth and shouted:

“Tao Hong, stop now, or…”

” pu!”

A muffled sound.

But after Tao Hong was stabbed in the abdomen, he actually didn’t change his face, and continued to rush forward, letting the stick pierce his abdomen and bring out his intestines and continue to slide behind him.

Her body took advantage of the situation to approach Su Qiang.

“Not good!”

Zhou Jia’s face changed, just as he was about to step forward, the corners of his eyes flashed, and another thing rushed out, and he rushed towards his face.


heart startled, he conditionally fired and swung the frying pan in his hand.


Under the huge force, the attacking object flew out immediately, and Zhou Jia also saw clearly what it was.

It’s the dead wolf head monster.

It has been hidden behind Tao Hong all the time. The little monster is small in size, and with the cover of the night, several people have not found it.


At the same time, Su Qiang’s screams came over.

Zhou Jia turned his head sideways, his expression changed greatly.

After seeing that ‘Tao Hong’ approaching Su Qiang, he hugged him tightly with both hands, opened his mouth and moved towards Su Qiang’s neck and bit him.

Her bite force is terrifying, far greater than when she was alive.

Together with the collar, a large piece of meat on Su Qiang’s neck was forcibly torn off by her, and she swallowed a few mouthfuls and continued to bite.



Zhou Jia and Cheng Qi hurried forward, one pulling with a hand and the other hitting with a pot, trying to separate two people.

Coupled with Su Qiang’s frantic efforts, I believe that even if the strong man who can participate in the Olympic Games is here, he is afraid that he will be forcibly separated.

But Tao Hong allowed Zhou Jia to smash her shoulders, and Su Qiang, who lost one’s head out of fear, pulled out her internal organs on her chest, and she continued to bite.

At this time, the little wolf-headed monster made trouble again.

“fuck off! ”

Zhou Jia roared, and smashed the frying pan with its bumpy surface.

But every time he smashes the little monster into the air, it will come back again, even if the hands and feet are broken, it still doesn’t affect the movement very much.



The wolf head exploded on the spot under the powerful frying pan, red and white sprinkled all over the place, and then fell to the ground completely silent.

At the same time, a weak airflow poured into Zhou Jia’s body.


Zhou Jia was stunned for a moment, then immediately returned to his senses:


As he spoke, he gritted his teeth. To Tao Hong’s head.

Just now, in order to avoid hurting Su Qiang, he had been avoiding this direction.


With a muffled sound, Tao Hong’s once delicious and pretty face was instantly distorted. spray.

This blow finally made Tao Hong let go.

But it wasn’t that Zhou Jia was strong, but that Su Qiang, who had half his neck eaten, had completely swallowed his breath.


Zhou Jia’s eyes were red, and he waved his frying pan frantically.






Under his frantic slaps, Tao Hong’s head shattered in the blink of an eye, her brain was covered with frying pan, her body fell, and another air flow entered Zhou. Jia body.

“Help me!”

“Hit your head, beat your head, it won’t work anywhere else!”


The surrounding sounds made Zhou Jia, who had just stopped moving, tremble all over. He looked up, and the field was in chaos.

Not only did the piled up corpses become monsters, but some dead bodies of relatives and friends were placed in the vicinity, and they were the first to encounter danger.


Seeing this scene, Zhou Jia shook his head to refresh himself, and rushed towards a nearby corpse while shouting:

“Beat the head, smash the head to kill them!”

(end of this chapter)

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