Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Changes

Maybe it was because it was quiet and undisturbed, or maybe it was because the accumulation was enough to break out. One day in the mine cultivated, the cloak axe increased unexpectedly. two experiences.

The distance is proficient, getting closer and closer.

“Let’s go!”

“It’s time to go back!”


A tired miner Passing by, their eyes were dull and their bodies hunched, like walking corpse.

Even though I knew the ‘Deputy Supervisor’ was around, I couldn’t say hello.

However, Hei San didn’t know where he went. At this time, he was full of energy, and he greeted the miners behind him from time to time.

As for the secret passage…

Naturally, there is no clue.

Out of the mine, a group of miners started to deliver the mined ore, while Zhou Jia and the two went to the layman.


Just two steps away, I was stopped by a cold icy voice:

“How did you find the secret channel?”

“There is no clue.” Zhou Jia shook his head, looked towards Samuel, who was walking, and said with a blank face:

“Cao Honglai can hide so many people, but he has not been caught for several years. I found that the secret passage must be very secret, how can it be easily found.”

“Really?” Samuel pouted:

“It seems that you are not a lucky star either.”


“The supervisor is disappointed.” Zhou Jia lowered his eyes:

“It’s really not a lucky star.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

This woman doesn’t know it’s nature, or she has other motives. She is full of malice towards him.


Samuel frowned:

“Did I let you go?”

“en.” Zhou Jia paused and turned around with a stiff face:

“What else is the supervisor telling me?”

“Search!” Samuel coldly snorted:

“I haven’t seen anyone who came out of the mine, do they need to be searched? If someone has a mine hidden on their body, how can I explain to the meeting master?”

“A body search?” Zhou Jia complexion turned cold.

In order to prevent miners from hiding, the body search here is not a simple check, but a very detailed search.

Especially when Cao Honglai happened, the search was even stricter.

Not only the inner lining of the clothes, but also the oral cavity, the dry road… all need one after another inspection, and it is still in public.

This is just a common occurrence for the miners, and it is uncomfortable at most, but he is the deputy director of the mine, and such a search is tantamount to humiliation.

“Are you really going to search?” An unnamed fire rose in his heart, Zhou Jia couldn’t help breathing heavily, and clenched his teeth to look directly at the other party.

“Of course.” Samuel sneered:

“Why, Deputy Director Zhou is guilty and unwilling?”



Zhou Jia’s anger surged up, nodded heavily, and then moved towards Samuel strode closer, his muscles tensed, and the violence hidden in his body began to stir:


“I’d like to ask the supervisor to do it, and search to see if there is any hidden ore on Zhou’s body!”

The clay figurine is still three-pointed!

Grade 6!

It’s not that I haven’t killed it!

Facing Zhou Jia who was walking, Samuel frowned, for some reason there was a sudden warning in his heart, and he subconsciously held down the hilt of the sword at his waist.

It’s a step backwards.

The next moment, she came back to his senses, with anger in her eyes.

Are you afraid?

Afraid of this useless person!

Murderous intention emerged.

“Just kidding, kidding.”

A guard hurriedly interrupted when he saw something was wrong:

“Deputy Director Zhou, that’s not what the head meant, it was Just walk through the scene to avoid being told by outsiders that the rules are broken, so I’ll do it.”

Speaking, he stretched out his hand and swiped on Zhou Jia casually twice:

“Okay, No problem!”


Turning around, he looked towards Samuel, winking secretly:

“We just came, Relying on Deputy Director Zhou a lot, don’t you think?”

The word ‘just arrived’ was bitten by him very hard, implying that if the other party got into trouble right away, it would be more troublesome in the future.

“…” Samuel’s eyes flickered, and he was coldly snorted:

“If the channel is not found, then continue to look for it. Deputy Director Zhou will not have to do anything else. If it’s over, just go down to find the secret channel every day.”


Zhou Jia gave her a deep look and turned to leave.


In the next few days, Zhou Jia went to work normally, but the amazing thing was that the supervisor who was still dedicated and responsible yesterday was often absent.

It is said that there is a party of Young Masters and young ladies in the inner city, so I have to go.

As for the normal things in the mine, I leave it all to my own hands.

This supervisor is really amazing!

Without Samuel, Zhou Jia is a lot more at ease, and he doesn’t ask for trouble. He enters the mine obediently and honestly every day, and then finds a hidden corner for silent cultivation.

With the refining of precious medicines, the cultivation base increases at a rate visible to naked eyes.

It’s a martial skill, without the guidance of a famous teacher, and the progress is slow.

Days go by.

In addition to attending gatherings in the inner city, Samuel swirled around Elder and the meeting master, but rarely returned to the mine.

And the changes also appeared quietly in Huo Family Fort.


On the way back, Zhou Jia step one stopped.

Two mutilated corpses fell on the side of the road.

It’s getting messy!

Most recently, many people entered the Huo Family Fort, most of them were fleeing from Baron, and many of them were experts.

The influx of so many people also made the already restless outer city more chaotic.

Although this road is not the main road, it is also a common road. Now some people dare to do it, and there are still corpses left, and the patrol team does not deal with it.

Not not processed.

I’m afraid I can’t handle it!

Tightening the axe and shield in his hand, Zhou Jia quickened his pace and moved towards the tree house.

Neighbor Angie is rare at home today.

He stood in front of the tree house door, with a flying eagle on his shoulders, three foxes with two tails crawling beside him, and he was looking around with a vigilant expression.

“Zhou Jia!”

Seeing Zhou Jia, Ang Ji’s expression relaxed:

“You’re back.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nodded, his eyes swept over the two-tailed fox, and he could clearly see that they were eating an unknown corpse.

With hands and feet, it should be a human.

“How come Ang Ji is free to come back today?”

“I have no money.” Ang Ji sighed, his face full of unwillingness:

” I knew I should have stopped in time, at that time I won more than 200 Originium, enough for Xiaohong and them to eat and drink for several years.”

In time to stop?

Zhou Jia shook his head secretly, he had never heard of any gambler who could stop in time.

“By the way, you should have seen the person led by Baron over there, right?” Angie said:

“It’s getting more and more chaotic recently, and some people even want to rob me If I hadn’t had two babies, I’d be homeless.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nodded and asked curiously:

“Brother Ji , how many people are there in Baron’s lead?”

“A lot.” Angie scratched his messy yellow hair and said:

“It’s bigger than the Huo Family Fort there. There are many people and many people, but unfortunately the terrain is too flat, it is not as easy to defend and difficult to attack as this side, and it is often attacked by monsters.”

Zhou Jia’s heart sank:

“Then with Ang Ji Brother, look, how many people will come?”

“There must be a lot.” Angie shrugged:

“I heard that Baron’s collar has been completely destroyed by that group of Ultra Grade monsters. Now, Lord Baron also died on the spot, everyone is migrating, this is just the beginning, and more people will come over, Brother Zhou better be careful when going out in the future.”

“Yes. “Zhou Jia silently nodded.

Returning to the tree house, he couldn’t help but feel a little heavier when he thought about it.

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news.

In a few days.

Stuart has written.

(End of this chapter)

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