Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Ding Family

Inner city city gate.

The guard stretched out his big hand:

“One hundred yuan of money.”

“Isn’t it always fifty yuan of money?” Zhou Jiayi who was about to take the money Stunned, stop moving.

“The money has gone up.” The guard shook his head:

“There have been a lot of people entering the city recently. To avoid chaos in the inner city, the entry fee has doubled. Don’t go in?”

“Come in!” Zhou Jia sighed softly, endured the pain and took out another fifty yuan of money, and entered the inner city.

Compared with before, the flow of people in the inner city has increased significantly, the number of patrolling personnel has also increased, and the peace of the past has been lost.

Arriving at the house, Situ Lei has already tidy up neatly.

The purple robe is meticulous, the python leather boots under the feet are not stained with dust, and even the messy hair in the past has been carefully taken care of.

The whole person looks a lot younger.

Zhou Jia was stunned, not surprised by his dress, but looked towards his legs:

“Your legs…”

” Changed.” Situ Lei heard this chuckle, rolled up his left leg trousers, exposing the metal machinery below, and reached out and knocked on it.

‘Dangdang’ sounded.

“The alloy legs cost me 500 Originium Stones. They come from a Mechanical World product. In terms of hardness, they are better than my original legs.”

“Unfortunately, they are not very flexible. .”

Mechanic World?

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

As the end of all worlds, it is normal for the Mechanic World to appear in the Ruins Realm. I heard that there is a mechanical cannon inside the Huo Family Fort, with amazing formidable power.

“Five hundred Origin Stones.” He snorted softly and said:

“It seems that you have a lot of money.”

“This money is not only It’s mine, and Aaron and the other three, but it’s a pity that I was cheap in the end.” Situ Lei shook his head, reluctant to talk about it:

“Don’t you want to see Dingmen’s legacy, let’s go Let’s go.”

“en.” Zhou Jia should be:

“What’s the situation over there?”

“After Dingmen died, everything was left behind The two sons discussed it and decided to sell the inheritance for the source stone and then share it equally.” Situ Lei explained:

“Over the years, the giant sword Dingmen has followed the Huo Family hunting team to many times. Cloud Burial Forest, there are a lot of good things left, and we will sell them together this time.”

“People who know the news will probably go there. It won’t be cheap.”

“I see.” Zhou Jia’s expression froze.

As long as he can get the giant sword, he will be willing to sell iron.

“That’s right.” Situ Lei pondered for a while and asked:

“Did something happen outside recently? Many people entered the inner city in the past few days. , and even caused a riot at night.”

“Zhou Jia said, “Yes.” , there will be more and more people in the future.”

“Baron collar!” Situ Lei’s face turned a little ugly, obviously he knew this place:

“If you say that, it’s too late. Time, weapons, medicines, and food prices will increase a lot, so you need to prepare them in advance.”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows slightly.

He really didn’t think about this.

As expected of a person who has lived in this world for more than ten years, he is much more sensitive to danger than he is.

β€œThe price of food has not risen yet.” Zhou Jia squinted:

β€œWhen you go back, just stock up some, if only you can stay in the inner city.”

In the outer city, chaos has begun.

“It’s not that easy to enter the inner city.” Situ Lei shook his head and said happily:

“People from the outer city are not allowed to spend the night in the inner city, this is a rule, if If someone takes in the residents of the outer city without permission, once they find out, their homes will be confiscated and they will be driven out of the inner city, so no one will take this risk.”


β€œ There is a way.”

“What way?” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.

“Live in the Inn.” Situ Lei looked sideways:

“Qingfengju is the Huo Family’s own business, drunk guests can stay overnight, even from outside the city. Hurry up, but the accommodation fee is not cheap.”

β€œReally?” Zhou Jia pondered.

The so-called small disaster avoids the city, if the outside is really chaotic, it is also a way to temporarily live in a restaurant in the inner city for a period of time.

After all, money is not as important as life.


Compared to the small courtyard of Stuart, Ding Family is a big mansion.

There is a yard with two entrances, and an acre-sized garden is vacated in the south. The garden is full of things for people to choose and negotiate.

In the yard, people coming, people going.

“Everything here is from the Ding Family?” Looking at the stalls full of goods, Zhou Jia’s expression was a little weird.

“It shouldn’t be.” Situ Lei shook his head:

“Depending on the situation, after the news of the Ding Family spread, some people also wanted to sell their own things, so they teamed up to sell them together. “


He moved towards not far away and indicated:

“That is the second master of the Ding Family, Ding Wenshan, don’t look He’s not very old, and his cultivation base is probably higher than yours.”

Zhou Jia looked at the sound, and saw that it was a youngster with a thin body, sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, and a clever look. .

If you are taller than yourself, you are not Grade 6, it is Grade 5.

Grade 5 at a young age is naturally rare in the outer city, but as long as the family has a big business in the inner city, it can be piled up with treasures.

“Second Master.”

Situ Lei laughed close to him:

“Meet again, I trust you have been well since we last met! “

“Brother Situ.” Ding Wenshan also knew Situ Lei, said with a smile:

“Is there anything I like, I can tell you about the price.”

“Brother Situ.” p>

“It does.” Situ Lei sighed softly:

“Unfortunately, all the Originium in my pocket was spent on this leg, and I didn’t even have to replace my arm. The next time I come here is to open my eyes.”

Speaking, he quoted Zhou Jia:

“This is a friend of mine, surnamed Zhou, I heard that the second master opened the market here, Come and see.”

“Brother Zhou.” Ding Wenshan quickly glanced at Zhou Jia with triangular eyes, a trace of disappointment flashed in his eyes, and said with a smile:

“Just look at it. , based on my relationship with Brother Situ, the price is easy to say.”

As a ‘second generation’ who hangs out in the inner city, Ding Wenshan does not say anything else about the prices of various things.

Zhou Jia was all over his body, so his shield barely caught his eye. There was almost nothing of value, and it was obviously not his goal.

“Second Master.” Zhou Jia cupped his hands:

“I’m very interested in Ding…senior’s stuff, I wonder if I can open my eyes?”

“My father’s things.” Ding Wenshan frowned:

“My father’s relics will take two days to sell. When the time comes, I will hold a small auction with my brother.”

“…” Zhou Jia was stunned.

It’s no wonder that the things here can’t be considered rare. It turns out that if you and the others come together, the auction can even raise the price, and the family can do business.

“Second Master.”

He pondered for a while, then said:

“I’m really sincere, can I take a look at the things first, the price It’s easy to say.”

“Oh!” Ding Wenshan raised his eyebrows:

“Those things are not cheap.”

The implication is naturally Question Zhou Jia’s financial resources.

Zhou Jia took a deep breath, knowing that he could not be weak at this time, and said in a sullen voice: “Within two hundred Originium, we can talk.”

“Two hundred Originium!” Ding Wen moved on the mountain.

Even Situ Lei was surprised, but he knew that the original hundred Origin Stones on Zhou Jia had almost been spent.

Where did these two hundred Origin Stones…

Where did they come from?

Zhou Jia winked at him and whispered:

“Look, you may not really buy it.”


Situ Lei knew that he was pretending to be a big-tailed wolf. In his opinion, Zhou Jia definitely didn’t have 200 Originiums on his body, and he was afraid that 20 would be enough.

“It turns out that Brother Zhou is a high-profile guest!” Ding Wenshan didn’t know whether it was true or not, and hearing this laughed:

“Come on, I’ll take the two to the inner courtyard.”

(end of this chapter)

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