Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Tianyingxing: Commanding Soldiers


The door of the house slowly opened to both sides, and the halo fell on the ground with the expansion of the door. It reflects a golden iron horse and a strong stomach.

“You two, please!”

Ding Wenshan reached out his hand to indicate:

“The things in here are the treasures of my father for many years.”

Under the watchful eyes of the Ding Family Nursing Home, Zhou Jia and Situ Lei cautiously stepped into the house, and the chill that pervaded the surroundings made people subconsciously hold their breath.

Different from the courtyard garden, the things here are obviously several grades higher.

Armors, weapons, shields, saddles…

Not only the giant sword Dingmen’s own things, but also his spoíls of war over the years, can be used by Grade 8 expert Treasure, naturally not Mortal Grade.

I don’t know how much blood has been stained with the cold weapons, and how many lives have been beheaded.

Stuart reached out and stroked the most conspicuous armor in the field, his eyes full of admiration:

“Good armor!”

“As expected from Castle Lord himself The divine crocodile armor, the body is hard and the whole body is round, and there is no cultivation base with a combined force of Grade 7 or more, so I am afraid that it will not hurt the person wearing the armor.”

“Yes.” Ding Wenshan nodded:

“Yes.” p>

“It’s not easy to refine the crocodile armor. There are no more than ten pieces of the Huo Family Fortress. It can be said to be very valuable. My father has relied on it for many years.”

“The Ding Family today’s The foundation has its share of credit!”

“Unfortunately…” Situ Lei sighed again:

“The armor is damaged.”

This set The armor was originally made from the whole body, and alchemy was used at the joints, leaving no gaps, but now there is a big hole in the heart.

Although the hole has been simply repaired, it is still obvious.

“That’s right.” Ding Wenshan’s expression was a little ugly:

“If it wasn’t for the damage to the armor, we wouldn’t have sold it, but even if it was damaged, there wouldn’t be a thousand source stones. , and it is not for sale.”

The two of them naturally couldn’t come up with this price, so they looked away.

Zhou Jia glanced at the audience, but couldn’t see the giant sword, and couldn’t help showing doubts in his eyes.

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!


Ever since I entered this room, there have been constant reminders in my mind, indicating that things are not far away.

“Second Master.”

After thinking about it, he looked towards Ding Wenshan:

“He also uses heavy weapons, and is a giant to Senior Ding. Sword Sword Art has been admired for a long time, why haven’t I seen that giant sword here?”

“Yes.” Situ Lei returned to his senses and said:

“Second master, that sword Swords aren’t for sale, right?”

He just said casually, but a layer of cold sweat broke out on Zhou Jia’s back.

This may not be the case. If Ding Family really doesn’t sell that giant sword to the public, he is afraid that this trip will be in vain.

As for grabbing…

He doesn’t have such a big ability.

“That’s not it.” Fortunately, the situation was not as bad as expected, Ding Wenshan shook his head, his eyes looked strangely towards Zhou Jia:

“Brother Zhou really treated my father Are you interested in that weapon?”

“Of course!” Zhou Jia nodded heavily:

“If the price is right, I will never let it go.”

“Alright then.” Ding Wenshan sighed softly, stepped forward, stood in front of a long table in the room, and opened the drawer below.


A pile of debris came into view.



Seeing this, Situ Lei and Zhou Jia were both stunned and surprised, but one was Really surprised, one is secretly hilarious.

The price of broken weapons is definitely not high.

“It’s a pity!” Zhou Jia sighed:

“Such a well-owned weapon has ended up like this.”

“That’s it.” Ding asked Shan looked gloomy and said:

“Brother Zhou, my father’s weapon is already like this, do you still want it?”

“Although the weapon is broken, its material is excellent. , if it is integrated into other weapons, it can also improve the quality of the weapons.”

“This…” Zhou Jia hesitated for a while and asked:

“I don’t know how much the second master wants to sell. ?”

“One price.” Ding Wenshan stretched out his hand and made a gesture of the Dalin Dynasty:

“Sixty Origin Stones!”

“Sixty ?”

“Too expensive!” Before Zhou Jia could speak, Situ Lei shook his head:

“Sixty Origin Stones, enough to buy a good middle grade Even if the quality of this sword is good, it is still broken.”

“To be honest, even if the second master took it out for auction, it would not be available for this price.”

“If you can’t get out, then get out.” Ding Wenshan’s expression remained unchanged:

“The smelting of fragments is enough to make two weapons, and it has been fighting with my father for many years. If it is not broken, I really I don’t want to give it up.”

Stuart just shook his head.

Re-forging can indeed produce two weapons, but only the materials are provided, and the price is also high, and it is even better to buy them directly.

Sixty Originium stones are expensive!

Ding Wenshan also ignored him, looked towards Zhou Jia beside him:

“Brother Zhou, what do you think?”

Zhou Jia pursed his lips , there was a struggle in his eyes, and paused just gritted his teeth:

“I want it!”

The struggle is just a pretense, not to mention only sixty Originium, six hundred , as long as he has it, he will take it down.

“Okay!” Ding Wenshan’s eyes lit up:

“Brother Zhou, happy!”

He actually knew the value of these fragments. Shi was indeed a little tall, and he was afraid that he was trying to prevaricate Zhou Jia.

But didn’t expect, the other party really wanted it.

This is the best!

Situ Lei, who was beside him, looked surprised. He didn’t expect that Zhou Jia would actually ask for it, and he really had 60 Originium Stones.

“Brother Zhou.”

After thinking about it for a while, he said in a low voice:

“It’s better than this, I will also produce ten Originium stones and divide some fragments. ?”

“You want too?” Zhou Jia was stunned, then said:

“Yes, but let me choose first.”

“No problem. !” Situ Lei smiled:

“I’m missing a weapon to hit my broken arm. This sword is of good quality, and it’s big enough to make a sword.”


The tree house.

Zhou Jia pulled over the stool to prepare, took a deep breath, and reached out to pick up a weapon fragment on the table.


A starlight with an unseen naked eye emerged from the shards and folded in the air, as if attracted by something, and penetrated into his mind.

The Sea of Consciousness starlight shines brightly, and a new star emerges quietly.

Tian Yingxing: Commander!

A soldier?

Opening his eyes, Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered.

The next moment.

He stood up, lifted the axe beside him, and moved towards the front slash.

The ordinary downward split seems to be no different from the past, but a feeling of flesh and blood connection naturally comes to my mind.

“This is…”

Zhou Jia’s face was moved, as if he was aware of something, the axe blade turned around, and the seven-style cloak axe method was practiced in sequence.

Introduction (99/100)

I just rehearsed it once, and my martial skill EXP, which is usually silent, has soared from ninety-six to ninety-nine.



cloak axe proficient (2/600)

proficient (4/600) )

Proficient (17/600)


brow beaded with sweat Stop, Zhou Jia’s face was frantic, and he shook his weak and weak right hand. He threw down the axe and raised the shield in his left hand.


The shield is against!


Shield Bash!

Shield Mastery (31/300), Shield Strike Mastery (25/120)

Shield Mastery (47/300), Shield Martial skill (31/120)

The martial skill becomes proficient at a speed visible to naked eyes.

Holding a weapon in hand, practice the martial skill of the weapon, and the perception will increase.


is the trait of Tianyingxing’s soldiers!

At the same time, a silent but incessant invisible force poured into the body.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 6 Cultivation (1137/8000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Palmer ), Earth Fierce Star (Trait: Violence)

cultivation technique: Introduction to Trinity Dharma (102/300)

martial skill: Shield Anti-Mastery (59/300), Shield Strike Proficiency (36/120), Cloak Axe Proficiency (17/600)

(End of this chapter)

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