Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Chaos

Chapter 53!

Holding a sword in hand, perception greatly increases.

Although it is said that only the martial skill belonging to the cultivation weapon is improved, for Zhou Jia, the overall perception seems to have also increased slightly.

Just like…

The Mennar’s Secret Breath Technique followed suit.

This method is a bit weird. After the cultivation, when the source power is running, it will naturally restrain aura, and the fleshy body will not be obvious to a certain extent.

Originally entering Grade 6 for the first time, Zhou Jia, whose breath is surging and difficult to control, forcibly suppresses the restless source power, and still shows the strength of Grade 5.

However, if the source power explodes, other secret breath techniques at the entry level are far from covering the breath.

It is estimated that the situation will improve as the cultivation technique realm increases.

“It’s a pity!”

Stopping the movement in his hand, Zhou Jia sighed again after the ecstasy:

“The palm soldier can only increase the weapon’s martial skill , I can’t speed up the Cultivation Technique, and the fist cultivation technique won’t work, otherwise…, um… I’m a little too greedy.”

Being able to become Grade 6 in a short period of time, the problem of slow progress of the martial skill It has also been resolved, and the future can be expected. What else is there to be dissatisfied with?

But after advancing to Grade 6, he finally understood why it would be a hurdle to become a Grade 7.

Too hard!

The 8,000 experience seems to be double the 4,000, but the difficulty of adding a little experience has more than doubled.

If the calculation is purely based on precious medicines, I am afraid that it will take tens of thousands of Origin Stones to pile up a Grade 7.

It’s just possible!

In the Fish-Dragon Club, an expert in the Grade 7 Heli realm can definitely become a deacon, which is considered a real step into the High Level of the gang.

The Aaron quartet has been active for many years, also because of a Grade 7.

This is a threshold.

β€œGrade 4 is a shame for an ordinary person. If you have enough Originium, precious medicines, and cultivation techniques, you can cross it.”

β€œGrade 7, then It is the threshold of a medium-sized family.”

β€œIt takes a lot of Originium, precious medicine, excellent cultivation technique, martial skill, and even a certain chance and time, and the whole family can make one person succeed.”

And these, he has none.

“no! ”

Zhou Jia shook his head:

“The three-element orthodoxy should barely belong to the superior cultivation technique, but this cultivation technique is peaceful and stressful. The background is not for the purpose of rapidly increasing the cultivation base.”


“It’s too slow!”

“Press now It will take ten years at the earliest to achieve Grade 7, Grade 8 and above, isn’t it hopeless for a lifetime?”

How did Master He achieve Grade 8 so early?

After calming down, a light curtain appeared in my mind.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 6 Cultivation (1146/8000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Palmer ), Earth Fierce Star (Trait: Violence)

cultivation technique: Introduction to Trinity Dharma (105/300)

martial skill: Shield Anti-Mastery (67/300), Shield Strike Proficiency (42/120), Cloak Axe Proficiency (23/600), Introduction to Gnar’s Breath Technique (11/200)

“Different cultivation techniques have different levels of difficulty.” Zhou Jia Get up, pick up the shield and axe:

“The higher the rank of the martial skill, the harder it is to improve the proficiency. From this point, you can also tell which martial skill has greater potential, and choose cultivation in the future. The technique is a lot more convenient.”

Thinking about it, he pushed open the door and went out.

There will be more and more people fleeing from Baron’s lead, and it is necessary to hoard food for the next period of time while it is just starting.


Before I got to the mine, I could see a few silhouettes in the distance.

Samuel, who was absent in the past, came early today and was yelling at Black Third and other guards for something.


Zhou Jia stopped and looked out in the shadow of jungle, his eyes stopped on Samuel, his eyes flickered back and forth.

I have become a Grade 6. Although I have insufficient background, I have violence as my trump card, and my martial skill is much more proficient than before.


A trace of killing intent appeared in my heart.

The hand also touched the handle of the axe.

From Fatty Han, he does know a little bit about Samuel.

This woman was transferred back from Outer Hall, tired of fighting outside, and now she just wants to catch a golden tortoise-in-law in Yulonghui and live a stable life.

If you want to catch a golden tortoise-in-law, you must have the capital.

She has good looks and figure, but her style was not very good in the past, and she had no foundation in the Fish Dragon Club, so she was not very popular.

So, Samuel put his attention on the mine.

If you can control the mine, you will have the foundation and the capital. Zhou Jia, who is holding her back, will naturally become a thorn in the flesh.

Zhou Jia is not very interested in mines, but he doesn’t want to be arbitrarily manipulated.

“Okay!” Samuel waved to several people with a cold face:

“I’ve said everything I need to say, you’ll be more mindful in the future, go get busy! “


Several people should be, bow their heads and retreat in sequence.

She curled one’s lip, and there was a distant cry in her ear, with a smile on her face, she hurriedly turned around, and moved towards the road.

In the past, Zhou Jia would not have noticed a difference.

Now that he has obtained Tianyingxing and the characteristics of being a soldier, he can see that Samuel’s every move has a unique charm.

Like a lively female leopard.

When you step out of each step, your muscles rise and fall in an orderly manner, and the steps between steps are like measuring with a ruler, almost exactly the same.

This means that no matter what happens or where you are, Samuel can burst into full force in an instant, which is a symbol of the martial skill in the bones.

Zhou Jia’s body will only occasionally have this situation when he uses the shield counter.

Watching Samuel meet up with a few well-dressed youngsters, whole group talking and laughing riding a white-maned horse and galloping away.

Hiding in the darkness, he slowly suppressed the murderous intention in his heart.

Not the time.

Those youngsters Zhou Jia knew were the ‘second generation’ of the Deacon and Elder family of the Fish Dragon Club, not only their identity, but also their cultivation base.

In this world, weak people can’t survive.

When I came to the mine, the black three had already left the mine, and the guard named Andrew was holding the account book in his hand, facing the output of yesterday.

Seeing Zhou Jia, he stopped what he was doing.

β€œThe supervisor is not here?”

Zhou Jia glanced at the audience and said slowly:

β€œHow was the situation yesterday?”

Andrew raised his eyebrows. In the past, the deputy supervisor had never asked these questions. Most of them were obediently and honestly going into the mine and shrinking.

He shook his head lightly, and said perfunctorily:

“It’s the same, nothing has changed.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nods, without asking more:

“Good job.”

Saying this, he turned to leave.

“oh!” Andrew said in a voice:

“Deputy Director Zhou, don’t you want to go down… down…”

looking slowly Zhou Jia turned around, and Andrew, who was a spirit person with a keen sense of perception, suddenly felt a chill in his heart, and his voice turned in his throat, forcing a dry smile:

“It’s okay, I’m just asking casually, Director Zhou You are free.”

“Do your thing well, don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.” Zhou Jia was expressionless.

“Yes, yes.” Andrew nodded again and again.

Cultivation in the mine is better to come home and feel at ease, anyway, no one cares.

Stuart was right.

With more and more foreigners, the prices of things in the market began to rise. Within a few days, the price of refined meat increased by more than 50%, and the price of rice doubled.

Fortunately, Zhou Jia bought it in advance and stocked up.

For some time thereafter, the outer city became chaotic at a speed visible to the naked eye.

More and more people enter the Huo Family Fort. They are no longer in pieces, in groups of three or four, but dozens or even hundreds of people.

These are the former Baron leaders.

With their arrival, the three entrenched gangs in the outer city began to be attacked, and they fought in secret, and mutilated corpses were often seen on the road.

There was even a time when two Grade 8 experts fought at the market, affecting dozens of people, and some people in the patrol team were killed, but it was ended in a hurry.

Everyone tensed up.

Even the ‘good neighbor’ Angie, who is addicted to gambling, did not go out during this time.

Zhou Jia has never been out of the gate. As for the mine, he has never been there.



Zhou Jia was lying on the bed with his clothes on, and he was falling asleep.


The slight fiddle of the plugs, along the wires, traveled to the head of the bed.


Zhou Jia suddenly opened his eyes:


(End of this chapter)

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