Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Shadows


In the darkness, the silhouette tape that broke in was amazed.

I have sneaked into a lot of residences, but very few have been discovered over the years, and none of them are lower than Grade 7.

But after thinking about the messy arrangement at the door, he couldn’t help but smile.

This person…

How afraid of death should he be so cautious?

Thoughts turn, the shadow body swoops.

He escaped here, and he definitely couldn’t let anyone reveal his whereabouts. If he found out, he would kill him. Anyway, he would have to do it sooner or later.

The black shadow movement method is like electricity, and it reaches several meters in an instant.


The engine twist sounded.

Faced with the rushing shadow, Zhou Jia didn’t have time to react, he raised his arm to activate the Hidden Arrow, and at the same time turned over to pick up the shield and axe next to him.

For safety’s sake, even if he sleeps, he will not take off his arrows, and he will keep his weapons by his side.

Next moment, the scene in front of me made Zhou Jia sucked in a breath of cold air.


The shadow’s ears quivered slightly, and his body suddenly stagnates. There is no warning from rapid to stillness, but it is resembles nature itself, and it is not awkward at all.

The soft sword flashed continuously in the air, as if a sword curtain was spreading out in front of him.

“ding ding dong dong  …”

Nearly at hand, the seven hidden arrows were cut off with precision.

So fast, so responsive…

Grade 6 can’t do it!


Cut off the sleeve arrow, the shadow drank lowly, and dashed forward again, in the sword light flashes, but saw the murderous intention and disappeared for a while.

Zhou Jia squinted his eyes, his shield subconsciously blocked.

The shield is against!


The shield, which is enough to cover the entire chest, flicked lightly, blocking the incoming attacks and colliding with the sword light.

Shield Anti-Perfection (127/1000)

Perfection level, which seems to be the upper limit of martial skill, after reaching this realm, the shield is in Zhou Jia’s hand, like an extension of the arm.

Things point to everything.

The angle of the incoming sword light is tricky, and it is difficult to bypass the shield.

“Ding ding…Dangdang…”

In an instant, the sword and the shield collided more than ten times.

Although the offensive was stopped, the enormous force of the opponent’s soft sword fell on his body through the shield, causing his blood to surge and his arms to feel sore.

groaned, Zhou Jia rolled his body and rushed into the passage leading to the inner room.

Grade 7!

Without provoking violence, he is just a rookie entering Grade 6, and he is an opponent of Grade 7 at all.

I don’t even have a chance to resist, I can only rely on shields to resist.

“Want to go?”

The person who came here obviously didn’t intend to stop there, he hummed softly, and the silhouette followed closely with a flicker.

Sombra was also a little surprised by Zhou Jia’s shield technique, but apart from the shield technique, the owner’s movement method was almost impossible to see, and the difference was terrible.

The passage is in the shape of an ‘L’ with a secret door in the middle.

Zhou Jia didn’t care to open the secret door, he slammed into it and rushed to the other side.

The shadow followed closely from behind, I thought the other party would continue to flee, but didn’t want to face a shield, and the power was fierce.

However, it looks good, trifling Grade 6…


coldly smiled, Sombra pressed lightly forward with one hand .

It looks like a simple press, but it actually contains a source of terror. The moment it comes into contact with the shield, the Grade 7 source power explodes instantly.




A broken arm?

My arm is broken?

How possible!

The shadow was stunned for a moment, and didn’t react until the severe pain came, but the oncoming shield did not stop because of his hesitation.


Shield Bash!

Zhou Jia clenched his teeth, his muscles wriggled all over his body, his terrifying force exploded, and he slammed into the node at the turn of the passage against the opponent.

He is very familiar with the environment in the room, even with his eyes closed, he knows where it is more likely to break out, and even more how to design it on the spot for this reason.


The shadow was groaned, and the body was slammed into the tree.

Blessed by violence, Zhou Jia today is comparable to Grade 8 simply in terms of strength!

Stopping, bowing, accumulating strength, and bursting, just like when the treehouse was repaired, thousands of times the same action was performed again in the dark treehouse passage.

Shield Bash!


The black shadow was embedded in the flesh of the tree, making it difficult to move.

His Sword Art is amazing, and his movement method is even more impressive. He has superb martial arts and once retreated under the siege of digital Grade 7 experts.


But he was trapped in a corner, with nowhere to use his abilities, he could only wield his sword to resist.



The crashing sound continued.

Every time he hits, the shadow trembles all over, blood spilling from the corners of his mouth, but his eyes are wide open, and he is always holding a breath.

He could see that Zhou Jia should have used some kind of secret technique to explode his own power beyond the limit.

This method has drawbacks without exception, and it is extremely difficult to last. Once stopped, it will fall into an unprecedented weakness.

That is to say.

He can win as long as he perseveres until Zhou Jia runs out of energy.

Or as long as you give him a chance to rest and break free from this trapped place, you can use other methods to deal with the enemy.

Grade 7 is a realm of joint force, and the hidden power of the muscles, bone marrow and internal organs is mixed into one. The fleshy body is like thousands hammers, hundred refinements, comparable to steel essence.

Resilience, staying power, and explosive power are far beyond Grade 6.

It’s not that easy to crash to death.

Zhou Jia is also waiting.

Wait for the other party to be unable to hold on, wait for the others…

The two of them have their eyes wide open across the shield, gnashing teeth, and the rough gas they breathe can almost spray each other’s face, The killing intent in the eyes is real.



An arc-shaped electric light appeared on the surface of the shield, and fell on the shadow along the blade.

For a Grade 7 expert, the power of electro-optical light is insignificant, but at this time, it is like the last straw that crushes people, making Sombra’s body stiff.


Shield Bash!

“Dang bang…”

The soft sword fell to the ground.


The lightning rod of the splitting axe was poured from top to bottom, dividing the black shadow’s head into two, red and white along the axe’s blade. The pool flowed, and the two bodies froze at the same time.


In the dark.


He sighed heavily, Zhou Jia collapsed to the ground with a sore body, his clothes were soaked with sweat, and he didn’t even bother to move a finger.

I don’t know how long it took.

He propped himself up from the ground, his eyes flickering:

“I can’t stay outside the city, I can attract a Grade 7 expert if I don’t go out, and I don’t know what will happen next. , enter the city early tomorrow morning!”

“Wait until the outside of the city stabilizes, and then come out.”


The tree house was dark, and the other party was wearing night clothes. It was only now that he realized that this man had a package on his back.

Drawing out the body and unwrapping the package, the first thing that caught my eye were two books.

《Life Seizing Sword》

《Secrets of the Holy Church——The Three Body Footwork of Praying Spirit》

“Sure enough.” Zhou Jia was overjoyed:

“Only such a person who does not live in a fixed place can take the housekeeping ability with him. Cao Honglai is like this, and this person is also like this.”

As for the contents in the package Other things, except for dozens of Originium, were ignored.

Maybe a good thing, but he doesn’t know it.


At night,

There is no white hair wind.

Several shadows shuttled through the forest, as if they were looking for something.

In a few moments.


Several people converged, and someone shook his head and said:

“Linghu Lightweight Art is amazing, it is the best at hiding, I can’t find it now, in the future I’m afraid it will be even more difficult!”

“If you can’t find it, look for it!” One of them gritted his teeth and roared:

“If that thing is not there, everything we have done in front of us will be useless. I’m looking for it, and I’ll search for each family from here.”

Several people looked at each other, solemnly nodded.


(End of this chapter)

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