Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Entering the City

Packed up the tree house and cleaned up the traces of the fighting. As soon as it was dawn, Zhou Jia walked towards the city gate with a thick package on his back.

“Two hundred source money!”

As expected, the entry fee has increased again, and it has doubled again on the basis of the increase.


The city gate guard looked at Zhou Jia’s dress with vigilance:

“You must leave the city before evening, there are patrols in the inner city When you go to the point of inspection, if you are found to be staying privately, it is not as simple as just driving out.”

“I know.” Zhou Jia understood.

He’s not interested in hiding with the patrol team. Wouldn’t it be convenient to live in an Inn.

Into the city.

It can be clearly felt that the flow of people in the inner city has increased a lot, passers-by are in a hurry, and most of them have vigilance in their eyes.

Completely different from before.


The Breeze House.

Located in the south of the Inner Western District, it is surrounded by dozens of giant plane trees.

The body of the giant sycamore tree has been cut into a tree house by the ingenious hands. Some are carved with beams and painted buildings for people to drink and have fun, and some can live on several floors up and down.

This is also the only place in the inner city where outsiders can stay overnight except for Huo Mansion.

“Thirty Origin Stones!”

Zhou Jia’s teeth are sore:

“Why is it so expensive?”

He asked before Over the market, but not at this price.

“Thirty Origin Stones a month, can’t be considered expensive?” The shopkeeper is tall and thin, with a clear appearance, wearing clothes similar to Confucian scholars, hearing this and shaking his head:

“It’s only if you live long enough to get this price. If you only live for one day, you need a half Originium.”


“Now It’s this price, but it won’t be sure in the future, and I’m afraid it will go up depending on the situation.”

He laughed and buckled the high counter lightly:

β€œGuest, you still live there. Can’t you stay?”

“Stop!” Zhou Jia sighed, and reached out and took out the Thirty Origin Stones:

“Stay for a month.”

Thirty Originium, an ordinary Grade 5, may not earn that much in a year, but here is only one month’s accommodation fee.

Not even food.

Sure enough, living in the inner city is not easy!

“Okay.” The shopkeeper collected the Origin Stone and waved behind him:

“Dongcheng, take this guest to the second layer tree house of the ninth tree, and pack up by the way. The things there, don’t neglect the guests.”

“Got it, Dad.” A youngster walked out after hearing the sound, his triangular eyes glanced around Zhou Jia, and his lips subconsciously pouted:

“Let’s go!”

“en.” Zhou Jiap> nodded, took the house number handed by the shopkeeper, and followed him out.

The place to live is very simple. The giant sycamore tree is pulled out of three layers, each layer is a separate tree house, and the place he rents is Second Layer.

Open the door to a large bedroom.

“It’s here!”

youngster obviously disliked Zhou Jia, and when the two passed by, he even reached out to cover his nose by mistake, and hurriedly waved his hand:


“Clean it up by yourself, don’t break the things in the house, if they are broken, you will have to pay. You better have enough money to pay.”

A brief introduction, he left in a hurry.

Zhou Jia shook his head, cleaned up a little, and closed the door.


He breathed a sigh of relief. He sat on the bed and listened to the birdsong outside and the sound of drinking and music, and his tense spirit also relaxed. .

This is the direct property of Huo Family, although it is more expensive, the safety is guaranteed.

At least in this month, I don’t have to worry about the whole day like the outer city, and I can’t even sleep well.


Don’t be careless either.

In the evening without the white hair wind, you still have to pull yourself together.

Concentrated, he took out a book from his body and slowly opened it in front of him.

γ€ŠLife Seizing Sword》

This is what I got from the black clothed person last night. It is a Sword Art secret book. There are nine types of Sword Art, and each type is full of fierce murderous intention.

Even if it has not been cultivated, it can be seen that the formidable power of this Sword Art far exceeds that of the cloak axe.

Subtle, chilling, fierce…

According to the division of the Dalin Dynasty, this should be a high-quality Sword Art, only the power of cream of the crop has it in Huo Family Fortress inherited.

It comes with a soft sword.

The soft sword is about three feet long together with the hilt, and the blade is as thin as paper and soft as mud.

The hilt of the sword has a hidden mechanism, and the top of the grip can swallow the tip of the sword, so that it can be buckled outside the belt at ordinary times without showing it at all.

High grade weapons?

What is the origin of the black clothed person yesterday, and there are so many good things on him?

There is no answer to this question.

Wrap your fingers softly!

Zhou Jia took out his soft sword, flicked his hand, and the blade was instantly straight. According to the recipe, he moved slowly one after another to practice his moves.


Shut up!

Moon capture!

Back to the wind and back to the swallow!

Bow down and look at the moon!


The nine-style Sword Art is different, but without exception, every move is full of fierce murderous intention, the sword comes out and seals the throat, no wonder it is called Life Seizing Sword.

Movement is just one of them. The essence of superior martial arts is the operation of source power in the body.

Only with source power, the formidable power of the move will become terrifying.

Without the guidance of famous teachers, if relying solely on cheats cultivation, often half the results for twice the effort, and even the overwhelming majority will not be able to get in at all.

half a day later.

Introduction to Life Seizing Sword (1/400)

β€œThe Pawn-handling trait is just cheating!”

Stopping his hand, Zhou Jia wiped it With sweat on his forehead, the joy in his eyes is uncontrollable:

“Although violence can increase explosive power and strength in a short time, when it comes to its own benefits, the obvious potential of commanding soldiers is greater.”

“no! ”

“The two are almost indistinguishable. There may be other secret techniques for the violence of the earth star, but it is almost a bug. .”

In a short period of time, the benefits of commanding soldiers are not obvious.

But as long as you learn weapon martial arts, the longer you go, the more obvious the benefits of this trait will be.

Just like this Life Seizing Sword.

When he didn’t get Tianyingxing, even if he got the cheats, he could only watch it and never thought of going to cultivation.

Because I can’t learn!


Have a half-day drill, and even got into the door.

Only entry level requires 400 experience, which is worthy of being a High Level Sword Art, you must know that the shield counter is proficient in Perfection but only 300 experience.

He took out the dried meat strips from the package and swallowed them with water. After recovering his energy, Zhou Jia picked up the soft sword cultivator and began to practice again.

Although it is safe to enter the inner city for the time being, it cannot be slack.

Each point of strength increases, and the chance of surviving when faced with danger in the future will also be one point more.

Eat, drink, cultivate, sleep…

In a flash, it’s more than ten days.

Occasionally going out, Zhou Jia also saw the prosperity of the inner city.

There is a high city wall, and most of the white-haired winds are blocked in the outer city. Occasionally a fish that escaped the net, as long as you are careful, it will not cause fatal hazards.

This leads to the same prosperous night in the inner city.

Qingfengju is also overcrowded at night.

“Have you heard that a Hall Master of Black Lotus was killed. It was a Grade 8 expert. There were seventeen kinds of wounds on the body. It should have been besieged to death.”


“Has it spread to Grade 8?”

“In the past few days, people from the church have also taken action, and Castle Lord Huo is said to have come forward.”

“Castle Lord is an Ultra Grade expert. With his presence, it should be quiet outside, right?”

“No, there is also an Ultra Grade on Baron’s side.”


“In the outer cities, there are hundreds of corpses that are not cleaned up every day, especially in the Western Region. When it gets dark, almost no one dares to show their faces, and some people are killed while hiding at home. “

“It’s really sad, thankfully we are in the inner city.”

“In my opinion, the inner city will be chaotic in the future.”

“Bah ah , don’t talk nonsense!”

Zhou Jia silently got up to check out and returned to his residence.

The outer city is getting more and more chaotic!

Fortunately, fortunately, I entered the inner city early. I heard that in a few days, the city gate will be completely closed, prohibiting people from outside the city from entering. When the time comes, the situation is even worse.

β€œdong dong!”

There was a knock on the door.

β€œWho?” Zhou Jia tightened his body.

“Me.” The voice of the shopkeeper’s son, Dongcheng, sounded:

“Open the door!”

“Anything?” Zhou Jia opened a crack in the door , looking out.

In addition to Xiao Er Dongcheng, there were two women standing outside the door. The two women were young, each holding a package, with a slightly flustered expression. Qing looks.

“You have two more people in this room.” The shop assistant said:

“Inn has no place.”

“Add people?” Zhou Jia’s expression sink.

(End of this chapter)

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