Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Two Women

The tree house is not big, it’s just a large bedroom, and even the washroom has to go downstairs. After adding two people, it immediately looks very good. cramped.

Zhou Jia looked gloomy and said nothing.

He naturally didn’t want people to squeeze into the tree house, but the shop assistant was right. They are the business of the Huo Family. As long as Zhou Jia wants to continue living, he must be honest and obedient.


will be chased out in two days.

His father is an Inn shopkeeper. Although he can’t speak in the Huo Family, he can still drive out an out-of-towner with no difficulty.

The two women did not dare to speak, and cautiously pulled out a curtain in the middle of the treehouse.

The curtains are not thick, and the movement on the opposite side can be vaguely seen through the dark light, even more how the distance is so close, and pulling a curtain is purely psychological comfort.

“This…big brother.”

A girl straightened her hair, revealing her beautiful but tired cheeks, and bent over awkwardly and said:

“Sorry, our sisters really can’t live in the outer city. There is no way to enter the city, and I don’t want to occupy your place.”

“If there is anything to offend, also… Please bear with me.”

“We’ll be quieter in the future to try not to disturb you.”

Judging from her age, this woman is in her early twenties, and the other is in her early twenties. Younger, cowering hid behind the elder sister and didn’t dare to say a word.

Facing Zhou Jia with a gloomy face, the two women were all worried.

But then I’m afraid that they will live together for a long time. Even if they don’t want to, they must have a good relationship with others.

Zhou Jia squinted, looked at the two women, and asked:

“You brought it from Baron, right?”

Although he didn’t like it Some people stop and know that their cultivation will become extremely troublesome, but they also know who to blame.

It’s not too much to vent anger.

“Yes.” The elder sister nods

, a flash of surprise in her eyes:

“How do you know?”

“People from the outer city, but you guys This dress.” Zhou Jia pointed to the clothes on the two women:

“It seems that you have a good time in Baron, and your luck… is also good.”

The two women The long hair is messy, and the clothes are full of dirt, but the details are exquisite. How can people from outside the city have the spare money to buy such clothes?

He even looks at the sky when he takes a bath.

As for luck.

Although it is impossible to see the depth of their cultivation base, their every move is unruly, and it is very likely that they have been pampered all year round.

This kind of person is lucky enough to come to Huo Family Fort alive.

Of course, it is also possible that the two women have already reached the realm of Return to the Natural State. He can’t see it, and he can’t be too careless.

“You guessed it, we are indeed from Baron.” The elder sister nods luck, her expression becomes complicated, and her eyes even begin to burst into tears:

” It’s not that good.”

“There are more than 100 people in our family, and finally survived…”

She opened her mouth, but stopped talking, turned around and hugged the younger sister and sobbed softly. .

Long time.

She wiped away her tears and said:

“Let you laugh, little girl Jiao Yuanyi, this is my sister Yuanfeng, haven’t you asked me yet?”

“Zhou Jia.”

Zhou Jia has nothing to say about what happened to the two girls. At the beginning, there were thousands of newcomers, but only a few survived?

There aren’t many powerful monsters out there.

On the other hand, if these two women are still so weak, they may not be able to survive even if they come to the Huo Family Fort.

Deserves to die.


He squinted slightly and looked at the two women again, his eyes flickering, as if he was looking at two fat sheep, and he couldn’t help but have a little doubt in his heart.



Pushing open the door, Xue Dongcheng threw out a bag of cold crocodile tail meat with a cold face. The two of them pulled down the stool and sat down with surprised expressions.

“What’s the matter?”

Ike picked up the jug and filled his glass:

“Who made you angry?”

“A few rubbish from other cities.” Xue Dongcheng coldly snorted:

“Adding people to their house, one by one, push three and four, if not for the scruples of outsiders, I would have given them a good look. “

“It’s not worth being angry about this trivial matter, and isn’t it possible to quench the fire right away?” Leopard grinned:

“Speaking of which, Brother Xue during this time.” There should be a lot of money in the family, but Qingfengju has not been so lively for a year or two.”

“No.” Ike said with a smile:

“One person in Jiasai is just a few Shiyuanshi, those low-level pariahs in the outer city broke their heads in order to live in Qingfengju.”

“No!” Xue Dongcheng waved his hand:

“You know, I Dad is doing errands for Huo’s house, and the money has to be included in the account, how can I just put it in my pocket?”

“Haha…” The two laughed:

“Normal Of course, the income of the tycoon should be included in the account, but is it added…haha…, don’t say it, don’t say it, let’s drink.”


The wine is good wine, With fresh and tender meat slices, crispy grains, it is even more delicious.

“Brother Xue.” The wine glass turned twice, Leopard squinted and said, talking about business:

“How are your preparations?”

Aike was hearing this, and the action stopped, looked towards Xue Dongcheng.

“There are several goals.”

Xue Dongcheng took a sip of his drink and his eyes were cold light:

“Some of the current guests of Qingfengju are People from outside the city with no background will not be investigated even if they go missing, and some of them may have good things on them.”

β€œThere is a Sabrewielder named Guo Kai, Grade 5 Yijin cultivation base, he is always there. The next time I go out, I go to Huaxiang, and I must have Originium.”

“There’s another one named Zhou Jia…”

He said this, his voice paused.

“What’s wrong with this man?” Leopard said, eyes lit up:

“is it possible that is a big fish?”

“Maybe.” Xue Dongcheng licked the corner of his mouth and said:

“This person has been in Qingfengju since he came to Qingfengju. >

“However, his package is very large, it is absolutely impossible to put only food, and he looks very wary, as if he is afraid that others will take his things.”

“Most The key is…”

He shrank his eyes, coldly snorted and said:

“This guy made me face today, he **courting death!”

“Then start with him?” Ike understood:

“Brother Xue, you should take care of your father as we did before. We both start, and after we succeed, we will do three things. People are divided equally.”

“en.” Xue Dongcheng nodded, glanced at the leopard who was not very happy, said with a smile:

“Don’t be unhappy, the leopard is still in that room. There are two targets, from the Baron collar, who may have good things on them, and I put them together for convenience, so that they can be solved together.”

“It’s two beautiful pussies, even if there are no good things, Can’t I play for a while?”

“Haha…” Leopard heard this, and instantly smiled:

“It’s still Brother Xue who understands me, I did it, you are free, let’s wait As soon as it gets dark…”


Suddenly, there was a cracking sound from the wooden wall beside the three of them.

The leopard turned his head sideways, his eyes shrank suddenly.

In his eyes, time seemed to stand still in this brief moment, only a cold light axe smashed through the wooden wall, slashing at the three with the flying sawdust fragments.


Xue Dongcheng’s head was cut horizontally and horizontally by the axe blade. The splashing brain plasma and blood flowers together with the split head and frightened eyes depict a pair of picture scroll.

The axe blade was castrated unabated, slashing with blood on Ike’s chest.

The giant force exploded, smashing the breastplate that Ike bought with a lot of money in one fell swoop, slashing into the sternum, cutting into the internal organs, and directly tearing the 1.9-meter-long body apart.


The leopard was terrified and opened his mouth to call for help, when he saw cold light flashed in front of him, his throat was cold, and all his strength was dissipated quickly like he was out of breath. go.

Life Seizing Sword – Throat Sealing!

In front of my eyes, it was pitch black in an instant.


β€œpu pass!”

Until this time, the three bodies fell one after another.

Zhou Jia swept around quickly, and finally broke the oil lamp in the field, let the flames ignite, and quickly moved away with dozens of Originium stones that he had touched.

(End of this chapter)

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