Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Yedou

“It’s you!”

Shopkeeper Xue was stunned for a moment, then returned to his senses. It’s hard to restrain straight to the heart.

Zhou Jia didn’t say a word, dashed forward and slashed with an axe.

Since I’ve encountered it here, what else is there to say?

Lightning rod empowerment!

The source power cultivated by Sanyuan Zhengfa is powerful and heavy, and the same realm far exceeds that of Tongji. With the blessing of Grade 6, the giant axe will immediately bring a fierce wind.

Proficient in realm’s cloak axe, it is no longer difficult to perform.


Faced with the approaching axe blade, Shopkeeper Xue hummed lightly, and the cloud head knife rose along with the trend.

The holding part of the cloud head knife is not large, the blade is bent forward to the top, and it continues to bend to the back of the knife.

This knife is heavy at the bottom and light at the top, and is the best at cutting.

The stance of the knife is often strong and fierce, but because the middle part is too brittle and fast, it is difficult for ordinary people to use it.

The knife and axe collided, and Zhou Jia’s complexion changed at the moment of contact. He found that he seemed to be chopped on a layer of smooth fish skin, with almost no force.

The stature is even one-sided.


Shopkeeper Xue’s arms trembled, his muscles and bones trembled in an instant, and the night clothes on his body swelled as if blown, hu hu sounded.

Under the clothes, there are countless muscles that look like strong pythons. With a wrong footstep, they have come to Zhou Jia’s side and slashed with a knife.

Wherever he passed, the hard bluestone ground beneath his feet cracked silently.


The blade wind is like a ghost howl.

Zhou Jia’s face turned pale, and fear instinctively appeared in his heart. People in this world are always worried about whether they can survive or not, and no one will ignore the martial skill.

Fighting is almost instinctive.

After a few months of cultivation, I want to crush others, but it’s just a delusion!


As soon as the thought moved, a terrifying giant force grew from the flesh, bones, and internal organs, and instantly poured into the whole body, which also made his speed soar.

The body, which had no time to react, suddenly retreated, and at the same time waved and waved the shield.

The shield is against!

Shield Bash!

About one chi place, a giant burst of power.

The air was almost knocked out in a circle.


Shopkeeper Xue can get the job of shopkeeper in Huo Family, which is not easy.

Nowadays, although the cultivation base is no longer a Grade 7 due to illness, it is also very comparable to a Grade 6.

But this time the sword and shield collided, he couldn’t bear it, and the frame of thousands of hammers, hundred refinements collapsed immediately, and the blood went straight to the throat against the trend.

Zhou Jia was invincible, his shield swung, and the axe blade was hidden behind him and suddenly sprang out.

Fly across the river!

Oncoming, but two different lights.

“Broken body!”


The halo came so fast that he didn’t even have time to react, even ignoring the shield’s block. , fell directly on top of him.

Got it!

Original Art!

He was startled.

The origin spell from the sanctuary, similar to the rumored magic, has many wonderful uses.

One of these two source spells can corrode a person’s fleshy body, and the other can make people’s blood decay and weaken their muscles. It is the trump card that Shopkeeper Xue asked for from the expert in the church at a high price. source technique.

The source power can be weakened but extremely difficult to ignore, even if it can only be used once, it is enough to turn around.

That’s it!

The strange light fell on him, and Zhou Jia’s reaction immediately slowed down.


Shopkeeper Xue’s eyes are wide open, his feet are twisted, his wrists are twisted, the cloud head knife is like a grinding disc, and it is wrapped around the incoming axe blade.

“Let it go!”

Cloud Knife – Grinding Type!

The force of the spiral wrapped around the blade of the axe, making a ka-cha squeaking sound, like a rolling mill grinding steel, Zhou Jia’s hand was sour, he couldn’t hold the giant axe, and was thrown away by it .


Shopkeeper Xue followed closely from behind, slamming away the shield attacking from the side and slashing straight at Zhou Jia’s chest.

Life and death are just a moment.



Two silhouettes crossed each other, Zhou Jia left his shield and axe, but a soft sword hung down On the ground, drops of blood slowly slid down Guanghua’s sword.

“Inner… inner armor!”

Shopkeeper Xue’s body is stiff, his voice is full of unwillingness, and a crack suddenly appears on his face, which runs directly through the top of his head from his chin, and cuts his head directly. .

Life Seizing Sword – wrist-shaking sword!


Zhou Jia was also uncomfortable. He flushed, opened his mouth and vomited blood. He lowered his head and looked towards his torn shirt, which contained insides from Cao Honglai. Armor is broken.

“Sure enough, killing people is the same as killing a monster, you have to hit the key points, otherwise you may be the unlucky one, you must keep this in mind.”

Looking back at Shopkeeper Xue who fell to the ground , there was still fear in his eyes.

I thought that the cultivation base of Grade 6, with violence, would be comparable to Grade 8, enough to crush opponents below Grade 8. Now it seems that he thinks too much, and the strength is not so simple.

If there is no inner armor…

If you don’t die today, you will be seriously injured!

The other party doesn’t seem to have Grade 7 yet?

Concentrated, he endured the pain in his chest, picked up the corpse on the ground, and hid in the dark.


β€œBig Brother Zhou.”

Jiao Yuanfeng huddled in the corner of the house, cautiously looked towards Zhou Jia:

“Does your face seem pale?”

“It’s okay.” Zhou Jia lowered his eyebrows, sat cross-legged on the bed and practiced the Three-Yuan Dharma in silence, and cooperated with the medicine pill to slowly repair his injuries:

“Your elder sister hasn’t come back yet?”

Although he has body protection, Shopkeeper Xue’s last knife momentum is big, power is deep, he broke a few ribs, it is not so easy to heal .

Fortunately, this world has source power, so it will not develop the root cause of the disease.

“No.” Jiao Yuanfeng shook his head, with worry in his eyes:

“She said she heard the news of Cao elder sister, so she should have gone to her, but it’s been so long, Why haven’t you come back yet?”

“en.” Zhou Jia moved his ears slightly, raised his head and said:

“I’m back, there should be good news.”

Before he finished speaking, a fragrant wind rushed out of the door, followed by two beautiful silhouettes in sight.


“Cao elder sister!”

In addition to Jiao Yuanyi, another woman has a beautiful face, wearing a long red embroidered dress, waist He was wearing two short swords and hugged Jiao Yuanfeng together.

Compared with the two daughters of Jiao Family, this woman is more mature and heroic.

“You guys are fine, it’s really good!”

“Cao elder sister is fine too, where are the second sisters?”

“They…” Cao elder sister opened her mouth, her face full of desolation:

“It’s gone.”

“Ah!” After being reunited after birth, the three daughters’ moods were difficult to calm down for a while, with joy and sorrow on their faces.

The good news is that there are still old friends.

Sadly, there are more people who are not there.

“That’s right.” Elder sister Cao let go of Jiao Yuanfeng and asked the two women:

“I was in a hurry on the way just now, I forgot to ask, where are Uncle Xu and the others?”

“Yes.” p>

“Uncle Xu…” Jiao Yuanyi’s eyes were red:

“In order to keep us alive, they… have all been killed.”

“Dead. !”

Cao elder sister’s face changed, her eyes didn’t have much sadness, but rather regret and regret, but the two girls were in grief, but they never noticed.


With a sigh, elder sister Cao slowly comforted:

“The deceased has passed away, it is fortunate to be able to survive, now we are If you have no relatives here, you might as well come and live with me.”

“How is it?”

The two women stopped sobbing, looked at each other, and slowly nodded.

“I’m sorry for Cao elder sister.”

“It should be, it should be.” Cao elder sister patted the two women’s shoulders and looked towards Zhou Jia:

“This brother…”

“I’m not with them.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“The three of you please do your own thing.”

He wanted the two girls to leave, so that he could relax, the past few days he had not had time to cultivate martial skill.

“That’s good.”

Cao elder sisterp nods:

“You pack up, let’s go.”

” Wait a minute!”

At this moment, two people dressed in the Huo family patrol team appeared in front of the tree house:

“Where are you now? You can’t go either, come with us first.”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

Although he hid the corpse, the one who was supposed to come came after all. I don’t know how many Originium Stones needed to get out this time.

(End of this chapter)

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