Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Fatty Han

I don’t know how long it will take.

The chaos in the forest finally subsided, and all the corpses that were biting wildly fell, only a series of heavy breathing came.

Zhou Jia leaned against a big tree, sweating all over his body, he felt weak, and even the frying pan in his hand slipped to the ground.


As he was resting, a dark figure came over and patted his shoulder with a big hand:

“Awesome, you are alone Get rid of five or six corpses, the breath you get should be as good as that of a wolf-headed monster.”

The person is wide and fat, wearing a casual suit, smiling and handing over a cigarette:

“Have one?”

“I don’t have this habit.” Zhou Jia waved his hand, turned and sat on the raised tree root beside him:

“I don’t count, but It’s definitely not as good as Big Brother Han, you’re fortunate to have you, otherwise I don’t know how many people will die.”

His soundtrack is fortunate and somewhat admired.

Han Yonggui is the fatty who killed the three wolf head monsters before.

Faced with the mutant corpse this time, he also bears the brunt and attracts attention, and knocks down a small piece of the corpse by himself.

At that time, this man was holding a stick in one hand and a car door that was unloaded from nowhere in the other, and smashed at the group of corpses.

The number of corpses in his hands is estimated to be ten.

If it wasn’t for him, I’m afraid it would be a mess.

“I am also good luck, and I have some gains ahead.” Han Yonggui took a cigarette and did not persuade him. This kind of ghost place, otherwise if I have the strength, I will go to the sales every day?”


“I don’t know if it’s a disaster or a blessing.”

Said, the fat on patted.

He is 1.8 meters tall, but he doesn’t look tall, mainly because he is too fat.

The weight of more than 200 catties has no advantage in modern society, but the chances of saving life here can greatly increase.

Of course, his foundation is also good.

Some people say,

The most powerful domestic martial arts superstar is Sammo Hung. The reason is because of his weight. He belongs to the unique and unmatched category.

It is not unreasonable that the generals in ancient times had general belly.

The two chatted for a few words, but they lost their interest in speaking. Seeing everyone in the arena crying and chaotic, their expressions were a little dazed, and they were confused about the future.

This damn place!

“fatty, Zhou Jia.”

Jin Fu came over:

“Someone suggested to separate the injured person just now, what do you think? “

“Separate?” Fatty Han was taken aback:

“Why do you want to separate? Who proposed it?”

“President Guo over there.” Jin Fu He pointed to a middle-aged man who was a little fat in the distance, and continued:

“Some people say that these corpses may be zombies in the movie, and the people who have been bitten may also mutate, so beware. Focus.”

“This is not a movie!” Fatty Han subconsciously frowned, glancing at the position of the president Guo, with displeased eyes:

“It’s just his ass. There are a lot of things to do.”

“I can’t say the same.” Huang Jinfu shook his head:

“Safety first.”

“For safety, I think The corpses should be burnt first.” Zhou Jia opened his mouth and pointed to the corpses on the ground:

“What if they come back to life again?”

No one knows why these corpses are alive, they can move when they are dead, and there is no guarantee that they will not wake up without their heads.

“Yes!” Huang Jinfu’s face turned straight:

“That’s the reason.”

After speaking, he arranged for people to gather the body and prepare to burn it.

He should be in a management position in the city, arrange people in an orderly manner, and take the lead in order to not be annoying.

In a few moments.

Accompanied by the Heavenly Fire light, the rest of the group stood up one after another. Under the fire light, they were sad, confused, painful, and their expressions were different.

In the end, everyone voted, and it was decided to temporarily separate the injured from the uninjured.

Hong Jinfu found a red blanket, cut it into strips, and tied each of the injured people to their arms.

Also keep an eye on the situation.

As soon as there is a mutation…

It can only be said when the time comes.


In the forest, cars were placed in a disorderly manner.

Here, there is no difference between a luxury car with more than one million yuan and a magic car with tens of thousands of dollars, all of which are junk!


Fatty Han removed the door panel from a car and handed it to Zhou Jia:

“If there is any danger, this The thing should be stronger than the frying pan in your hand, even those wolf-headed monsters can’t scratch it.”

“Take it!”

“en.” Zhou Jia nominated, He stretched out his hand to take it, looked at the stick in the other’s hand again, and asked curiously:

“Big Brother Han, where did you get this stick in your hand?”

The stick in the other’s hand It is about a meter long, and the part that is held in the hand is thin, and the other end is extremely thick, like a big pimple.

Looks full of weight.

Especially the place where the hand is held has a bright surface, and the place where it is hit has irregular bumps, which does not look like something picked up.

“This thing.” Fatty Han waved the stick in his hand and said:

“It was taken from a wolf-headed monster, don’t look at it unremarkable, it’s very hard. , and it’s not heavy.”

“Wanted?” Zhou Jia face changed.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Fatty Han, obviously an old smoker, lit a cigarette with one hand, squinting and puffing clouds:

“Those wolf-headed monsters There may be… the ability to use tools, but since they eat people, they definitely can’t be good.”

Zhou Jia silently nodded.

He was just afraid, since he can make this kind of stick, can the wolf head monster make other things, or has an organized tribe?

If this is the case, it will be troublesome if you encounter it again.

“That’s right.” Fatty Han interrupted his meditation:

“Do you feel like you’re on fire?”

“Burn on fire?” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“What’s that?”

“A kind of…” Fatty Han frowned, not knowing how to explain it, he could only gesture back and forth with one hand:

“What do you say, it’s a kind of… a feeling of suddenly becoming stronger, breaking some… limit, like this!”

Said, suddenly punched moved towards the side beam of the car beside him smashed.


With a muffled sound, the hard stringer was forcibly dented by his punch.

You must know that this place is one of the hardest parts of the car, mainly to prevent accidental collisions. This car is a domestic car, and it is full of materials.


Fatty Han gritted his teeth and rubbed his fists:

“Good guy, it seems that the fists are not hard enough.”

Zhou Jia was a little stunned. If this fist fell on a person, he might be able to directly punch the person’s stomach in the opposite direction!

“Don’t be envious.”

Fatty Han recovered, patted his shoulder, and said:

“You should be fast too, kill another one or two. A wolf-headed monster, once you have the feeling of burning your body, you can do it.”

“More than strength…”

“When the time comes fighting ability, There will be a leap in speed. With us, without training, you can be a top boxer.”

“If I don’t have weapons, I will now deal with the ordinary person, one fight ten absolute. No problem!”

Although he came to this strange world and was full of confusion about the future, Fatty Han was still excited by his real power.

This one day and one night Zhou Jia didn’t take much rest, and his energy was tense all the time, and he didn’t know how much he had changed.


Fatty Han’s performance finally gave him some insight.

The hands clenched into fists, a sense of strength burst out from the muscles, and instantly flowed through the whole body, and the handshake of the frying pan was deformed accordingly.

This kind of power…

Although it can’t compare to the opponent, it can kill people with one punch!

“fatty, Zhou Jia.” In the distance, Huang Jinfu greeted from afar:

“Come and discuss how to go next?”

(end of this chapter)

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