Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 61

Chapter 61 The Dark Path

Out of the inner city, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

The market is still lively, people coming, people going, but every few steps you can see people like the Huo Mansion patrol scrutinizing the crowd.

When there was a slight disturbance, they held down the weapons at their waists.

Walking on the market, I can clearly feel that one after another stare like a needle, which is a warning not to make trouble here.

Zhou Jia didn’t stay too much, just inquired about the price of the recent food, and walked towards his tree house with his head down.

‘The price of japonica has doubled again. ‘

‘According to Earth Economics, doubling the price of something ordinary will make it unaffordable for half the people who could otherwise afford it. ‘

‘And if the price of food doubles, half of the people will not be able to eat it, and even…’

‘Starve to death! ‘

‘It seems that the number of foreigners entering the Huo Family Fort this time is so great that the food output here is far from being able to provide. ‘

‘It’s no wonder that people in the market are so nervous, that there is no food to eat, which will drive people to a dead end, either the fish dies or the net splits. ‘

‘In addition to the fact that some people are behind the scenes, it’s no wonder it’s so messy! ‘


The abnormal sound under his feet stopped Zhou Jia, he lifted his foot to brush the leaves on the ground, two broken bones came into view, And the unclean blood.

brows slightly wrinkle, he casually turned over nearby fallen leaves.

Bone, blood, meat residue…

Under the thick fallen leaves, all of these things are actually there.

This is the main road!

In the inner city, I just heard that the outer city is very chaotic recently.

In order to suppress the chaos, Huo’s house has recruited experts from various Great Clans and forces, and has been busy for more than half a month before it gets better.

However, the specifics of the chaos are only rumors, but I have never seen it with my own eyes. There is occasional chaos in the inner city, and it will be calmed down soon.

The traces in front of me can tell one or two things.

According to the situation, as many as 100 people had been killed on this main road, and the nearby ground was almost stained with blood.

Elsewhere, you can imagine.

Back to the tree house, as expected, it has been turned upside down, and even the interior has not been spared, but fortunately it is not occupied.

Putting the package on the bed, Zhou Jia sighed lightly.

The familiar room did not give him much sense of security. Just by looking at the traces in the room, he knew how many waves of people had come during this time.

The trap outside the door needs to be arranged again.


To strengthen!

β€œBrother Zhou.”

A hoarse voice came from outside the door:

β€œYou’re back.”

β€œAngie Brother.” Zhou Jia stood up, looking towards his lame leg, rotten teeth and smelly, but often enthusiastic neighbor Ang Ji:

“How are you doing this time?”

“Hey!” Angie smiled bitterly:

“It’s all down to your life to survive. It’s better for you to escape in the inner city.”

“You can do it too. .” Zhou Jia shrugged.

“I think so.” Angie sighed:

“But the ancestors I want to take care of when I enter the city are more expensive than me, and I have them in my pocket. How can there be so much money?”

In this regard, Zhou Jia expressed his helplessness.

The other party was originally rich, but they all entered the bottomless pit of the casino.

“But I’m also a blessing in disguise.” After sighing, Angie smiled:

“During this period of time, the people who died in the outer city couldn’t pull it, and they leaned on a few beasts. , but I picked up a lot of things, and I have a lot of money on hand.”

“I think now is the best time for my fortune!”

Zhou Jia knows what the other party is going to say. .

Sure enough.

“Wait a minute, I’ll go to Liuren Hall slaughter all sides, Brother Zhou, do you want to go with me?”


Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I can’t play those things here.”

“Unfortunately!” Ang Ji looked regretful, as if Zhou Jia missed the most wonderful thing in the world.

“By the way, someone was looking for you two days ago. It seems to be someone from the mine. The person who came is in a hurry. I want you to go to the mine quickly.”

” Is that right?” Zhou Jia nods:

“I see.”


The mine is as usual, as if it has never been affected by this The time was chaotic, but the people in charge of the patrol were all nervous.

The arrival of Zhou Jia made Andrew stunned for a moment, and subconsciously said:

“You are not dead?”

“What?” Zhou Jia’s face sank:

“I don’t look like a living person.”

“No.” Andrew shook his head first, and then seemed to have thought of something. Anger suddenly appeared on his face, and he asked loudly:

“Since you’re still alive, why didn’t you come to the mine during this time?”

“Did you know…”



Before he finished speaking, he was suddenly slapped and flew out.

Zhou Jia showed displeasure and shook his arm lightly:

“You seem to have forgotten who is the deputy director here, do you want me to remind you again?”



Andrew’s face was red and swollen. Seeing Zhou Jia approaching, his voice couldn’t help but get stuck in his throat. He opened his mouth and shrank back.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Jia hummed lightly and glanced at the audience:

“What happened here?”

“Go back to the deputy supervisor.” A patrol officer opened the mouth and said:

“A miner found a secret passage below, which is suspected to be the passage for Director Cao to smuggle ore.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly.

No wonder!

“Are you all here yet?”

At this moment, Samuel, dressed in a strong suit, hurried over and saw Zhou Jia with the same expression as Andrew. Leng:

“You’re not dead?”

Before Zhou Jia could speak, she looked towards Andrew again, frowned:

“What’s wrong with your face ?”

“Forget it!”

Neither Zhou Jia nor Andrew was the target she cared about. She asked casually and waved without waiting for an answer:

“Quick, go down and have a look!”

Most recently, everything went wrong for her.

Especially the plan of catching the golden turtle son-in-law has been repeatedly blocked, resulting in unpleasantness to anyone, and even beating and scolding the subordinates around him.

In Samuel’s mind, the people in the mine are all her tools for marrying into a wealthy family. Zhou Jia and Andrew are not too different.

As long as she is honest and obedient, she is not in the mood to care at this time.

As for the disobedient…

In her mine, there is no disobedient!

entire group hurriedly came to the mine, the dark and damp mine tunnel, even with a torch, could only be seen a few steps away.

β€œka-cha cha…”

At the end of the darkness, the miner who led the way stretched out his hand and pointed forward, and said in a low voice:

β€œDirector, the secret passage. Right ahead.”

“Let’s go then!” Samuel glared at him.

“But…” Under the firelight, the miner’s complexion turned pale:

“None of the groups of people who entered in front of them came back alive. Listening to the sound, there seems to be something in the secret passage… …monster?”

“So what?” Samuel’s voice was cold:

“I told you to go, you go, where’s the nonsense!”

“You guys!”

She pointed to a few miners:

“Let’s go together!”

The miners froze and looked at each other At a glance, I could see the fear in the other’s eyes, but Naihe had to walk forward with a brave oneself.

One by one silhouette, one after another into the darkness.

In a few moments.



The screams came, followed by the sound of footsteps getting closer, but It stopped abruptly after a while.

The death of the miner didn’t move Samuel. She listened for a moment, slightly hesitated, looked towards the patrolmen who followed, and said coldly:

“You go in, Take the torch!”

Several patrol officers face changed, opened their mouths, then picked up the torches one by one, cautiously moved towards the dark.

Different from the miners, most of the patrols have the strength of Grade 3 and Grade 4. After walking for a while, the abnormal noise came.




The call gradually stopped.

“It will take so long to kill a few Grade 3 and Grade 4. It shouldn’t be too strong.” Samuel rested his chin in his hand, looking thoughtful.

Then looked towards Zhou Jia and said slowly:

“You, go in and have a look.”

“No need.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“It’s too dark inside, and I can’t use half of my strength. In my opinion, it’s better to ask an expert with excellent ear ability above Grade 7 to shoot, otherwise it may not be able to win.”

“What are you talking about!” Samuel looked coldly, staring at Zhou Jia, with an impatient look on his face:

“Let’s go, hurry up!”

“Supervisor.” Zhou Jia brows frowned:

“You and I are equal…”

“Fuck!” Samuel coldly snorted, with disdain in his eyes:

“You bastard, you are also on the same level as me? You really take yourself seriously, hurry in and find the way for me!”

“…” Zhou Jia’s body When he was stiff, he couldn’t help looking cold, gritted his teeth and said:

“Where if I don’t go?”


Samuel Ba With a dagger from his waist, he pointed directly at Zhou Jia, and the soundtrack was chilling:

“You say it again, you have to go today, and you have to go if you don’t…”

“Fuck Your mother!”

She was greeted by an axe full of anger.

(End of this chapter)

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