Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 62

Chapter 62 One Year

Facing the attacking axe blade, Samuel was stunned for a moment, then sneered.

A trifling Grade 5…

arm swinging on top of the sword.



The dagger is not good at blocking, and the power of the attack is far beyond imagination. An axe blade the size of a washbasin directly pressed the dagger against her body.

The terrifying giant force slammed the silhouette to the side of the stone wall, smashing a pile of gravel.

Samuel’s face turned pale and blood spurted from his mouth.

“Grade 8!”


“Go to hell!” Now that Zhou Jia has chosen to do it, Zhou Jia will not let it go. Violent provocation, three steps and two steps to rush to the front.

The old horse goes to the trough!

Bronco mane!

Not long ago, the wind-splitting axe technique reached the level of proficiency under the impetus of the palm soldiers.

Proficient and proficient seem to be only one step away, but in fact it is as different as heaven and earth.

Achieving proficiency in the cultivation technique is only a matter of mastering the martial skill and being able to use it flexibly; and being proficient means that the fundamental of the martial skill has been understood.

The method of splitting the wind and axe seems to have gone through thousands of hammers, hundred refinements, and every move has entered the bone marrow.

Can do as one pleases, can be used as an arm.

The axe weighing dozens of pounds was like a straw in Zhou Jia’s hands. Only the strong wind made Samuel’s breathing stagnate, and his face was terrified.


Andrew shouted from the back, his body quickly retreated, his wrist shook, a folded bow quickly expanded and he held it in his hand, and arrows shot fast at the same time Come.

As Zhao Gang said, the spiritual man is not strong enough, but his eyesight is amazing and his reaction is extremely fast. He is a natural shooter.

The compound curved bow can also make up for the lack of strength to some extent.



Three arrows with one bow, the force is amazing.

In this dark mine tunnel, only gray shadows could be seen flashing past, and in the next instant, Zhou Jia, who was already in front of Samuel, was pushed.


The shield appears before the arrow.


The blade of the axe fell on Samuel’s chest.

Ju Li smashed the leather jacket on her body, and the smooth, white and tender skin inside instantly torn skin and gaping flesh, mixed with internal organs and bones.

She opened her eyes wide and opened her mouth to speak.

She still has a whole body of skills that she has not had time to display, and she still has secret techniques that she has learned secretly that have not been stimulated, she…


A touch The axe light slid across her throat, completely sinking her consciousness into darkness.

After killing Samuel, Zhou Jia didn’t stop at all. He stepped on, and with the help of Grade 8, he pushed his body and swooped at Andrew who was not far away.

In mid-air, the axe has already let go and flew out, slashing at the opponent.

“ding ding…”


There is no accident, facing spare no effort shield axe warrior Zhou Jia, Grade 5 and Archer Andrew, who is not good at melee combat, didn’t even struggle much.

He was beheaded on the spot in the blink of an eye.


Standing in the audience, Zhou Jia vomited one mouthful of impure air and slowly suppressed the killing intent that was surging in his heart.

Being calm.

He picked up the corpse on the ground, moved towards the dark passage, and threw the corpse far away when the fire didn’t shine.

Next moment, the sound of rustling and rustling came from the darkness.

And accompanied by the sound of chewing flesh.

In a few moments.

Zhou Jia threw a few torches over, only to see some rags on the ground, so he was relieved.


By the time the miners came looking for it, there was already a mess around the dark passage.

Numerous rubble piled on the ground, forming a large rock mound, a silhouette struggled hard under the rubble, while others apart from this were disappeared.

“Deputy supervisor?”

“Quick, save people!”

“Pick off the stone, pick up the rock!”


“It’s not a big problem, except for the superficial wound, which is the sternum that is broken. Take medicine for a while, and it will almost heal.”

In the wood house of the mine, The doctor of the Fish and Dragon Society checked the injury, left the doctor’s order, and left.

“That’s why.” deacon Wei Zhixing looked strange:

“You were attacked by monsters in the dark passage, everyone died, only you, good luck, were crushed by stones. Survived by luck?”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia wrapped a white cloth on his chest, his face was even more bloodless, hearing this slowly nodded, weakly speaking:

“Thanks Zhou’s weapon is a shield, which blocked the monster’s attack, and other people are not so lucky, which is a pity.”

He didn’t act on purpose, but for the sake of acting realistically. If the inner city is injured, no matter who it is, it will not be wrong.

Of course.

The premise of doing these things is to make sure that you are already safe.

“Sorry…” Wei Zhixing shook his head lightly, with an indifferent expression:

“You’re lucky, there’s no one left.”

“I just Say, Zhou Jia is a lucky star.” Fatty Han said with a smile:

“Every time it’s fine, and there is an unexpected harvest, this time is the same, the credit for discovering the secret path is ours.”

“The supervisor, it’s good to die!”

These words do not respect the deceased, but here are my own people, so I don’t have to worry about anything.

“Speaking of unexpected harvest.” Zhou Jia ‘difficulty’ propped himself up and took out a foldable compound bow from behind him:

“This thing is a spirit from the mine. He was guarded, he was picked up by me after he died, isn’t Zhao Gang looking for a suitable bow, just for him.”


Fatty Han reached out and took it. , his eyes lit up:

“This thing is not cheap, he will owe you a favor.”

“It’s all my own, so there’s no need to be polite.” Zhou Jia waved his hand , looked towards Wei Zhixing:

“deacon, it seems that my injury will not heal for a while, I’m afraid I can’t help the mine, what will I do next?”

“It’s just that you can rest easy, don’t worry about things here.” Wei Zhixing hands behind ones back pacing the house:

“It’s a great achievement to discover the secret passage, and it stands to reason that with this credit, you can sit on the table. The position of the mine manager, but you have joined the Ichthyosaur Club for too short a time, I am afraid it will be difficult to convince the public.”

“In addition to the cultivation base of only Grade 5…”

“It is estimated that there will be another person from above.”

“It’s okay.” Zhou Jia’s face was indifferent:

“I just want to be safe, nothing else matters.”


“Safe and stable?” Wei Zhixing shook his head:

“How can there be stability in this world?”

In the following period, the two supervisors of the mine Killed another injured, it is indeed much more stable, until the fish and dragon will send experts over.

The monster in the secret passage is gradually being identified.

It is a monster called the dolphin snake.

The strength of this thing is around Grade 5.

The key is.

It lives in groups and in dark places.

Not to mention Grade 5, even Grade 6 and even Grade 7, surrounded by them in places where you can’t see your fingers, are nine deaths and still alive.

Fortunately, there are them, and there is no need to worry about miners smuggling goods through the channel for the time being.

The tree house.

Fatty Han and Zhao Gang came to visit together.

Zhao Gang first thanked Zhou Jia for his bow, and gave snacks as a gift to eat, and the three people took their seats one after another.

“This time, I have good news to inform you.” Fatty Han said with a smile:

“You would never have imagined that, even Wei Tou started to know the news. , you are now the manager of the mine.”

“Director?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“Didn’t you say you want to transfer someone over?”

“It was originally like this.” Zhao Gang interfaced:

“But you also know that the market world is dangerous and everyone is in danger. There are many taboos about death. The two directors of the mine have accidents one after another. , those who were originally reserved were unwilling to come.”

“We say you are a lucky star, but in their opinion, the first two of you are dead and missing, but you are a proper disaster. “

“There’s no way!”

He spread his hands and said with a smile:

“Brother Zhou, your luck is here, you will be blocked.” I can’t stop it.”


Zhou Jia was stunned and smiled helplessly.

Although unexpected, it makes sense.


Fatty Han put down the cup, his voice changed, and his face showed emotion:

“It’s been almost a year since we came to this world. , I plan to call everyone else out for a get-together in one year.”

“They’re all from Earth, so they can’t be rusty.”

Zhou Jia was startled. god.

Unconsciously, it’s been a year…

(End of this chapter)

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