Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Party

β€œguest, please come inside.”

The second shopkeeper stood in front of the treehouse restaurant and greeted him warmly.

This is the most famous building in the outer city. It consists of three super-large giant sycamore trees next to each other. In addition to the hall, there are also many private rooms.

The decor is even more luxurious and exotic, with a style comparable to a star hotel on Earth, and the price is naturally high.

Zhou Jia stepped into the restaurant and walked towards the agreed floor.

Before getting close, I heard a familiar voice coming from the private room.

“I really envy you. As soon as we arrived at the Huo Family Fort, people were spotted and entered the inner city. We were miserable, and we lived precariously every day.”

“Not really. , Sister Lei Lei, aren’t you doing well now?”

“That’s the way you’ve never seen me suffer.”


“Speaking of which, the best among us should be Zhou Jia. He is now the leader of the Fish and Dragon Society.”

“Not a small leader, although the mine is idle. , the annual output is not low, and it is considered a person under the deacon.”



Zhou Jia Pushing the door and entering, I saw a few people gathered together.

“It really means that Cao Cao and Cao Cao are here.” Fatty Han stood up to greet him, said with a smile:

“Come in and sit, we are talking about you.”

When several people saw Zhou Jia, their eyes lit up.

In terms of appearance, Zhou Jia is not outstanding, but after staying in this apocalyptic ruins for a long time, everyone’s aesthetics are no longer limited to appearance.

The body is more important.

Zhou Jia has a strong physique, but after advancing to Grade 6, his physique is getting closer to perfection.

The streamlined figure is not bloated at all, but extremely explosive. The muscles hidden under the leather armor are a symbol of strength.

The shield and axe on the back can also give people a sense of security.

Because it was a one-year reunion, Zhou Jia specially washed his body, and even spent more than ten Originium to buy a set of body protection soft armor.

The whole person looks a lot fresher.

“Passenger A!”

Chen Hui got up and waved:

“Come and sit!”

“It looks like I’m here. It’s a bit late.” Zhou Jia smiled apologetically:

“Fortunately, there are still Xiaoyu and the others who haven’t come yet.” The change also made his heart skip a beat, and the smile on his face subsided.

It won’t be…

“Xiaoyu is dead.” Dai Lei lowered her eyebrows:

“There was a fight in the market some time ago, She was affected, and unfortunately… died on the spot.”

“And Lao Qian and Xu Kai.” Fatty Han sighed:

“They weren’t dragged to death by their injuries, Even if he is in trouble, Zhang Baolin hasn’t arrived yet.”

Zhou Jia was silent.

When I first came to the entire group in Huo Family Fort, in addition to a few players in the field, there were also a few injured companions, but very few survived.



Zhao Gang waved his hand in a hurry:

“Don’t talk about these depressing things, it’s rare Juju, we must be happy today!”

“Yes!” Fatty Han nods: “

Congratulations to Zhou Jia for taking up the position of mine supervisor. , in the future, we people will probably rely on you a lot.”

Zhou Jia shook his head and sat down amid the pulling of the crowd.

Not long after, Zhang Baolin, who was in his early twenties, also rushed over. He is now working as an apprentice with a blacksmith from the Fish and Dragon Society in the outer city.

The errand was also found by Fatty Han.

Everyone raised their glasses for a change, temporarily forgetting the unpleasantness and telling their own lives.

It was a rare gathering, no intrigue, no show of wealth and treasure, but only shared memories of past lives.

Glancing at the crowd.

Fatty Han’s body is getting rounder and rounder. Although he is not high-spirited and vigorous, every time he speaks, he can make others stop talking.

This former salesman has gradually shown the bearing of a manager.

Zhao Gang hasn’t changed much, but his eyes are getting sharper and sharper. When he looks at things, he looks like a goshawk hunting. Obviously, he has made great progress in bowing.

Dai Lei put on makeup on her face, but she could still see fatigue.

Zhang Baolin came in a hurry, his body was covered with dirt from the blacksmith shop, but the joy on his face didn’t lie in the slightest.

Although several people are joking, they can see that there has been a lot of changes in just one year.

The eyes are vigilant, the body does not dare to relax, and he is on guard when he raises his hands and feet.

Compared to several people, Chen Hui and Lu Rong have not changed much.

Their eyes were still innocent, their expressions were innocent and unaffected, and their smiles were unguarded, making Dai Lei envy all the time.

The inner city is really a good place to raise people.

“The world is difficult.”

Fatty Han raised his wine glass and sighed:

“At the beginning, there were more than a thousand people who entered this world. The ones who survived are only seven of us trifling.”

“In the future, I don’t know…”


He shook his head gently , sighed softly.

“Don’t be disheartened.” Dai Lei said:

“Although there are only seven of us, all of us are from Earth, and we can trust each other. I’ll definitely be able to stand on my feet here.”

“That’s right!” Zhang Baolin was drunk and said with red eyes:

“I believe in Big Brother Han, without you, I… …I’m afraid I’m already dead, so if there’s anything in the future, just tell me.”

“If there are two things about surnamed Zhang, he’s not a human!”

“Don’t.” Fatty Han said with a smile:

“It seems that Baolin is drunk.”

“I’m not drunk!”

Zhang Baolin waved.

“I think what Sister Lei Lei said is right, we should get in touch more.” Lu Rong, with beautiful eyebrows and a small face, looked thoughtful:

“Although I and Huihui My sister lives in the inner city and knows that it is very dangerous here. If you are alone, there will inevitably be places that you cannot take care of.”

“We are all from Earth, so we should unite and help each other.”

Said, clenched a small fist and waved fiercely.

“That’s the truth!” Dai Lei tapped her hands:

“We have Zhou Jia, an expert, and Big Brother Han at the Fish and Dragon Society, and more in the inner city. Huihui, you two can help.”

“With other people, you won’t be bullied casually!”

There was silence in the field.

The original casual mention made everyone serious.

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, but he didn’t think it was Dai Lei’s impromptu intention. Looking at Fatty Han’s calm expression, the two of them were afraid that they had already communicated in private.

It was Lu Rong who acted as a pusher.


It’s not impossible.

Several people in the house come from the same place, and the traces of their past lives can only be felt on each other.

A small group is perfect.


How cohesive this small group can be is unknown.

“What a pity!”

Fatty Han sighed again:

“It would be great if Monkey, Linlin and the others were there.”


“Don’t mention the monkey, he doesn’t deserve it.” Dai Lei coldly snorted:

“It’s Lin Lin, such an innocent person, it’s a pity to die… and poor.”

“I do know who killed her.” Zhao Gang immediately replied:

“A Fei Mu named Kasper, this person is very sexy and a frequent visitor to the clubhouse, but he plays a lot. Perverted, his subordinates often kill people.”

“Really?” Fatty Han squinted, looked thoughtful:

“How is his cultivation base? What background?”

“Grade 5 seems to be purchased by a family in the inner city. They all live in the outer city. What background do you have?” Zhao Gang pouted.


Fatty Han suddenly slapped the table and said:

“Let’s kill him to avenge Linlin, and the same will be the case in the future. , if anyone is bullied, everyone else will avenge him.”


Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

This is…

The nomination!

To avenge Linlin, to unite people’s hearts and make the group more united.


It seems that Fatty Han has been planning this party for a long time.

This statement fell, and Chen Hui and Rongrong, who were friends with Linlin, immediately agreed with them, and Zhang Baolin was the only one who followed Fatty Han’s lead.

Zhao Gang took out a compound bow.

Dai Lei smiled.

Everyone looked towards Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia glanced at the audience, slightly hesitated, then smiled faintly, and patted the axe and shield on his back:

“This kind of beast really deserves to die.”

It has been planned for a long time, so what?


Killing a drunken Grade 5 is not a problem.

even more how Fatty Han and Dai Lei have been planning this for a long time.

Dai Lei drew people out with her beauty, Zhou Jia and Fatty Han attacked, Zhao Gang assisted with bows and arrows, Wang Baolin served as backup, Chen Hui and Lu Rong looked out for the wind.

When it was done, a group of people cheering excitedly, like high school students who had successfully skipped school.

As for the real thoughts in my heart, it is unknown.

(End of this chapter)

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