Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Third Elder

The next day.

The repercussions of the hangover revealed that Zhou Jia is already Grade 6, and he still feels his head swell, and the veins on his forehead are beating from time to time.

It is rare that he has no cultivation martial skill, so he is ready to stay in the mine and have a good rest.


Someone interrupted his plans.

“Director Zhou, Third Elder is looking for you.”

“Third Elder?”

Zhou Jia was taken aback.


Ichthyosaur Society.

The gang’s resident is located in the outer city, close to the city wall of the inner city.

You Elders, Hall Masters, and deacons, most of them are here to convey the message, when it comes to safety, it is safer than most of the inner city.

Zhou Jia is here for the first time.

The Third Elder Madam Wang is located in a tree house with colorful petals.

The house is full of fragrance, surrounded by incense, a gorgeous woman wearing a veil, lying on the soft collapse in a lazy posture.

The light veil can’t cover up the inner situation very well, and the ups and downs of the curvaceous make people’s eyes swipe the unconscious qi and blood.

But the two people in the room didn’t dare to come out.

Zhou Jia entered the tree house and saw Fatty Han and Dai Lei with their heads lowered, and his heart sank.

What’s going on?

“You’re here?”

Mrs. Wang’s beautiful eyes swept over, lazily got up, and the veil moved away from her slender legs, revealing her white and pink skin.


She picked up the fruit on the table beside her and said slowly:

“Bob from Kane’s came to find me, They said that a foreign object manager of their family was killed, let me find out who did it.”

Zhou Jia’s heart thumped, and he subconsciously glanced at Fatty Han.

Don’t you mean everything has been cleaned up?


Mrs. Wang sighed softly and said:

“The Kane family is a big family in the inner city and has a close relationship with the church, Bob. Young Master is also a distinguished guest of our club, so naturally I can’t neglect it.”

“So, I will have someone check it.”

“Pu pass!”

Before Zhou Jia could speak, Fatty Han, who was shiver coldly on the side, had his knees weak and fell to the ground.

He gritted his teeth and said in a muffled voice:

“It was done by the subordinates, one person does the work and the other is responsible. If the Third Elder wants to give an explanation to the Kane family, take the subordinates. It’s your life!”

Dai Lei’s lovable body trembled, fell limply to the ground, unable to say a word.

“One person to do things?”

Mrs. Wang narrowed her eyes and waved her arms suddenly.


A slender ribbon flashed out, slid across more than ten meters in an instant, came to Fatty Han, and then collapsed straight.


The ribbon is like a whip, just a light stroke, it will send the 200-pound Fatty Han flying out.

Zhou Jia’s heart sank at the great strength and ingenuity.

Grade 8!

The minimum is also Grade 8!

This woman was able to sit firmly in the position of the Third Elder of the Ichthyosaur Club. It seems that it is not just because she is coquettish and good at pleasing men.

“Are you ready for it?”

After pumping out Fatty Han, Mrs. Wang’s soundtrack was chilling:

“You are a member of the Fish and Dragon Society, you You killed the Kane family and said they did it alone, do you think they would believe it?”


“Stop!” At this moment, the door There was a noise outside, which also interrupted Madam Wang’s anger.

“I want to see the Third Elder!”

“Sorry, Elder has something to do, Wei deacon will come back another day.”

“Get out of the way!”


“Wei deacon, what do you want to do?”



In the strong wind howling, one The silhouette has rushed into the treehouse.

It’s Wei Zhixing.

He glanced at the audience, and his gaze was paused on Fatty Han, who was lying on the ground and kept moaning. Then he relaxed, cup one fist in the other hand, and said to Mrs. Wang:

” The subordinates have seen the Elder.”

“Huh…” Madam Wang narrowed her beautiful eyes, her face filled with displeasure:

“Wei Zhixing, do you still have my Elder in your eyes? “

“I don’t dare.” Wei Zhixing’s eyes were confused, and he hurriedly lowered his head:

“My subordinates never dared to be disrespectful to the Third Elder, but Fatty Han was very disrespectful to me.” It is of great use, and the things arranged by the Elder will also be of use to him.”


“Please also Elder be magnanimous!”

“Be magnanimous?” Madam Wang raised her eyebrows and suddenly smiled:

“No problem, the Kane family asks to hand over the murderer, or use 10,000 Origin Stones to solve the problem, which is your choice? ?”


Wei Zhixing’s expression froze.

Of course he didn’t want to hand over Fatty Han, but he couldn’t even get 10,000 Originium Stones.

β€œZhou Jia.”

At this time, Dai Lei moved towards Zhou Jia and winked anxiously:


Zhou Jia understands.

I took a deep breath now, took a step forward, and said:

“Elder, I also participated in the murder. I really can’t take ten thousand Origin Stones, but if it is useful Zhou’s place is under his duty!”

He already wanted to understand.

When the other party called himself and the others, he definitely didn’t want to commit murder, otherwise why bother?

This is for another purpose!


Mrs. Wang raised her eyebrows and chewed the cherry-shaped fruit lightly:

“How much can you take?”

Zhou Jia thought for a while and said, “The mine…, one hundred source stones can be saved every month.”

“One hundred source stones?” Mrs. Wang couldn’t help laughing:

“You can’t do it. As far as I know, the supervisor in front of you spends hundreds of Origin Stones every month on the young and talented guests at the banquet.”

“The one who goes ahead can reach tens of thousands a year.”


Zhou Jia was stunned.

Is Samuel looting so hard?

And Cao Honglai, how many things did he transport upwards through the dark passage?

“It’s better than this.” Mrs. Wang leaned forward, her loose collar dropped, revealing two snow whites inside, and said with a smile:

“I’ll give you someone, he’s right. This aspect is very good.”

In an instant, Zhou Jia’s mind flashed, and many thoughts rushed into his head.

I also know it in my heart.

In today’s scene, it seems that Fatty Han is being used for surgery, but in fact it is aimed at himself, or in the mine he is currently guarding.

I just don’t know…

Does Fatty Han know about this?

Did he cooperate with Madam Wang and Wei Zhixing in acting, or was he really caught and involuntarily blackmailed himself?

Even before the party, he had already thought about today’s scene?


Now, do you have a choice?

“Subordinates really don’t know how to manage mines.”

Bowing his head, Zhou Jia muttered:

“Elder can send someone to help, then It couldn’t be better.”


Mrs. Wang’s beautiful eyes flashed, she tapped her palms, and her tone became relaxed:

“Either In this case, let him go over this matter, a trifling foreign affairs steward, who thinks that Bob Young Master will sell me this favor.”

Looking at Zhou Jia, who was bowing his head in silence, she whispered again. A smile:

“I heard that you are cultivating the Tie Yuan School’s Three-Yuan Dharma?”


Zhou Jia’s heart moved, and he slowed down. Lift your head slowly.

is it possible that…

After beating someone, do you want a sweet date to eat?

β€œThere are not many cultivation techniques that can be promoted to Ultra Grade in the Huo Family Fortress, and Sanyuan Zhengfa is one of them. Your luck is really good.”

Mrs. Wang Qingtuo Fragrant cheeks, said:

“Unfortunately, this Cultivation Technique is too slow, unless it is assisted by a secret medicine, it is almost impossible to repair it to above Grade 7.”

“The secret medicine ?” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up:

“Dare to ask Elder, what secret medicine?”

“You don’t know?” Madam Wang was stunned for a moment, then covered her mouth and chuckled:

“I forgot that Master He’s secret medicine is only for his own inheritance Disciple. Even if outsiders have to teach the three-element Dharma, they are not qualified to take it.”

“Of course, No matter what cultivation technique, the fastest way to progress is the same, but you probably won’t choose it.”

Zhou Jia really won’t choose.

Kill the monsters!

This is the fastest method of Cultivation, but the Ruins World is not a game. If you die, you can’t start over. Going out to kill monsters is like jumping rope on a tightrope.

Zhou Jia, who aims to survive, will not choose.

“Cultivation technique is the foundation, but martial skill is also very important.” Mrs. Wang straightened up and threw a token:

“There are a lot of martial skills in the meeting, With this token, you can go to Shujing and choose a martial skill, it is always good to practice more.”


“Blindly working behind closed doors It’s not a solution, sometimes there will be youngster parties in the inner city, and you can join in the fun and make some friends.”


She wants to win Zhou Jia.

(End of this chapter)

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