Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Breaking

Out of the wood house, the respectful expression on Zhou Jia’s face gradually faded, and finally turned into indifference.

โ€œBrother Zhou.โ€

Fatty Han leaned forward, rubbed his hands together, embarrassed:

โ€œI didnโ€™t expect it to turn out like this, too. , it’s all my fault for not doing things well and leaving clues to be found.”

“It’s okay.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“We were originally from the Third Elder, but now we just It’s just deepening the relationship, nothing at worst.”

be that as it may.

But no matter what happened before, he was able to move forward and back with ease.

Now the real manager of the mine has changed hands, not to mention that he will be pulled out to block the gun just like Cao Honglai when something happens to him.

Zhou Jia has no doubts about this.

In other words, now that he is involuntarily, he is forced to make this choice.

“That’s right.”

Fatty Han nods and mentions in his voice:

“It’s okay, why don’t we go have a drink and relax for a while , I almost thought I was going to die just now.”

“That’s right.” Dai Lei interfaced:

“We can be considered a blessing in disguise, at least in front of Third Elder. , I will have a backer in the future.”

“Forget it.”

Zhou Jia shook his head gently:

“I have something to do, so I won’t stay any longer. I’m done.”


Said, cupped the hands, and walked outside without waiting for the two to answer.

Watching Zhou Jia’s back gradually fade away, Fatty Han’s smile also subsided quietly, and his eyes are full of regret.

“He was not with us at all.” Dai Lei stepped forward and stood side by side with him:

“I lived with him for a while, Zhou Jia only Thinking about living, I never thought about how to go further here.”


She let out a light voice, face revealed disdain:

“I’ve been delusional about going back to Earth all day!”

“It’s a pity.” Fatty Han sighed:

“He’s lucky, he became a Grade 5 early on, if you’re willing to give it a shot If you fight, you may not be able to become an expert of Grade 7 or above in the future.”

“Now that this incident has happened, the friendship between us is afraid…”

“No more !”

He could see clearly that although Zhou Jia behaved indifferently and politely, he was afraid that he had already drawn a clear line with the two.

Earth people’s friendship is weak.

It doesn’t even exist today.

“So what?” Dai Lei squinted:

“He couldn’t count on it, wouldn’t he just take advantage of it, as long as we work together, we can make a difference. Achievement.”

Fatty Han was silent, before slowly nodding for a long time.


Zhou Jia did not go back to the mine directly, but took the token given to him by the Third Elder to the place where he was in charge of the housekeeping book collection.


The name of the Dalin Dynasty, similar to the book mountain that the ancients of Earth said.

This is located in the core of the station, and most of the people coming and going are experts of Grade 6, Grade 7 or above, so there are not many guards.

The huge tree house has been carved out with many spaces of different sizes, and each space is filled with books, bamboo slips, jade stones and the like.

A long table crosses the middle, blocking the way in.

After the desk, an old man was having a good time.

Zhou Jia took a serious look at the old man, not because the so-called Hidden Scripture Pavilion is a secret expert, but in the Huo Family Fort, the elderly are really rare.

Even in the inner city, there are not many people over fifty.

And the one in front of me, I’m afraid there are seventy or eighty!

Compared to deacon and Elder who can climb to high positions, these long-lived old people are truly enviable existences.


Seemingly aware of the gaze of others, the old man rubbed his face and opened his cloudy eyes:

“Is something wrong?”


“en. โ€

Zhou Jia nods and passes the token:

โ€œThird Elder let me pick a martial skill.โ€

“Oh!” The old man’s face turned serious:

“What type of martial skill do you want to choose? Fist, sword, secret skill, source technique…”

“Can you choose all of them? ?” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.

“It’s okay.” The old man nodded:

“In this world, there is no way to live, and the martial skill is not worth much, but you can only choose one, if you want Good.”

Speaking, he took out a booklet from under the desk, put it down and opened it, revealing the text inside:

“This is a catalogue, pick it yourself.”

The booklet is dozens of pages thick, and each page has a lot of text. It is densely packed and people don’t know how to choose. Zhou Jia frowned, the probe handed the other party an Originium:

“I also ask the old man to give pointers.”

“hehe…” The old man skillfully collected the source stone, and said with a smile:

“The source method comes from the world of Feimu, right Physique has high requirements, and if you donโ€™t have innate talent, you canโ€™t do it with a cultivation technique.โ€

โ€œThere are the fewest types of secret skills, but the most useful ones, such as short-term burst of strength, speed, etc., most people come here. Choose one, but the secret skill will deplete the body, and it is ominous to use it more often.”

“The other martial skills are divided into upper, middle, lower grade 3, high grade formidable power is the strongest, and so on, but not The stronger the better.”

“Why is this?” Zhou Jia looked puzzled.

“It’s very simple.” The old man spread out both hands and said:

“The strongest also means the hardest. Usually, it takes two or three years for martial skill cultivation to be able to be used freely. It may take a year to get started with a high grade martial skill.โ€

โ€œGreat Accomplishment, let alone the year of the monkey.โ€

โ€œIn this place, there is not so much time for your cultivation.โ€

Zhou Jia was taken aback.

As far as he knows, among the Grade 6 experts of the Ichthyosaur Association, most of them cultivate a martial skill to the master stage, just like Samuel’s.

But by no means a high grade martial skill.

Otherwise he wouldn’t be so easy to kill each other.

Martial skill, Lightweight Art, and cultivation technique all require cultivation and deal with the dangers that may come at any time. The cultivation technique that is quick and relatively formidable power is obviously the most popular.

Although high grade martial skill is good, it needs a long period of immersion in cultivation to really exert formidable power, which is not in this category.

Of course.

This is someone else, Zhou Jia has an innate talent, but he doesn’t need to worry so much.

Immediately said:

“Old man, I want to choose an axe method, the stronger the formidable power, the better!”

“Are you sure?” The old man asked Mei:

“There are not many people who have axe cultivation, and even few people can master high-grade axe. After you learn it, no one will communicate with you.”

No one to communicate means no one to guide.

Zhou Jia knew that feeling, but he practiced hard every day, but his martial skill proficiency did not increase at all, and he could lose his hair.

Of course that was before.

It’s different now.

As for the secret skills, he has also learned about them before, and he has never heard of any secret skills that have a large increase in ‘violence’, and there are almost no repercussions.

“No problem.” Zhou Jia faintly smiled:

“Just watch it in my spare time.”

“Alright then.” The old man sighed softly , open the book to a certain side, stretch out your hand and point upwards:

โ€œEight-sided Soul Killing Axe, Black Wind Axe, Furious Thunder Axe, these three axe methods are all high grade martial skills. That is the superior martial arts called by the Dalin Dynasty, of which the Furious Thunder Axe has the greatest formidable power.”


After thinking for a while, he continued:

“It is said that the Thunder Axe was created by a powerhouse in the Dalin Dynasty who observed Feimu’s world of thunder, so he can also use foreign objects to increase his power.”

“For example, you can An electric axe.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up:

“Then choose it.”

“As you wish.” The old man Shaking his head lightly, without much persuasion, he got up and fetched a book, saying:

“You can transcribe but not pass it on privately. Violators will be severely punished and returned after three days.”


Zhou Jia flipped through the pages, put away the book and turned around to go, and saw a silhouette who should not have been here walking past the door.


Inside the house.

Lu deacon patted his shiny head and asked in a muffled voice:

“Who is in charge of the mine now?”

“Back deacon.” One replied:

“After Cao Hong came and left, he was handed over to a woman named Samuel, but this woman died in the dark a few days ago, and Zhou Jia is currently in charge.”


“Zhou Jia…” Lu deacon squinted:

“The name sounds familiar.”

“He came from a place called Earth, it’s Wei Zhixing My fellow.”

“Wei Zhixing!” The name made Lu deacon’s eyes narrow and his face turned ruthless.

“deacon.” The person below said:

“There are those things in the secret passage. Without your help, they can’t transport the mine without permission. What should we do next?”

“deacon.” p>

“hmph hmph!”

Lu deacon sneered:

“Don’t worry.”

(End of this chapter)

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