Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Angry Thunder

“pu ๅ‘ฒ… puci…”

On the stove, the head-sized iron pot hu hu was steaming white steam.

Zhou Jia, shirtless and wearing shorts, ignored the hot handle of the pot, lifted it with one hand, and placed a pot of broth on the stove to continue heating.


Pour hot water in a basin, mix with a little cold water, and swirl with a towel.

Holding a water basin and a mouthwash cup, Zhou Jia Shi Shiran walked out of the wood house, washed up in a shallow ditch not far away, and wiped his body by the way.


Some strange screams came from the front of Angie’s door.

Seeing Zhou Jia, the three-headed and two-tailed foxes fluttered back and forth excitedly, making Ang Ji scolded loudly for a while before they could be honest.

“Brother Ang Ji.”

Zhou Jia raised his hand and said hello:

“Aren’t you going to the Liuren Hall today?”

“No.” Angie shook his head and pushed out a trolley from the house. On the trolley was a corpse of an alien beast, and the blood was still steaming.

He took a breath and said:

“The money is a little tight lately, let’s make some money first.”

“What kind of meat is this?” Zhou Jia His eyes lit up, and he approached with an empty basin:

“Is there any light-flowered snake?”

“Poisonous wolf.” Angie lifted the quilt over the body, revealing the underside Big wolf corpse:

“Would you like some? The light flower snake is a rare thing, may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, last time I caught one by chance. “

“It’s a pity.” Zhou Jia’s tape is regretful:

“The snake meat tastes good, and it can increase the source power, but brother Angji, it’s best to sell your meat before selling it. Deal with it, otherwise the price won’t go up.”

“I still have some food in the house, so I don’t want it yet.”

The wolf carcass on the trolley was bitten by sharp teeth. Fuzzy, the fur has not faded, and the internal organs are messed up, making people lose their appetite, and the price will naturally not go up.

There are many butchers selling meat in the market, but they all deal with meat, bones and skins first, and sell inferior meat and refined meat in different categories.

Pushing the corpse like Angie, unique and unmatched.

“Trouble.” Angie shook his head with an impatient look on his face:

“If you have that skill, you might as well sleep more.”

“Haha… “Zhou Jia chuckled:

“That’s right.”

Ang Ji has a peculiar ability to fight beasts, so he never lacks meat, and he can get it when he goes out and about. One or two hundred catties of animal meat, which Zhou Jia envied.

If it wasn’t for his love of gambling, he would never be short of money to spend.

Watching the other party push the scooter away, Zhou Jia shook his head and returned to his treehouse.

It was almost noon when Shi Shiran came to the mine after eating and drinking.

โ€œBrother Liu!โ€

moved towards Liu Ziyang, the deputy supervisor specially arranged for him by Mrs. Wang and waved, Zhou Jia greeted with a smile:

โ€œMorning Ah!”

“…” Liu Ziyang looked up at the sky and shook his head speechlessly:

“For Director Zhou, it is indeed a bit early to get off work at this point. .โ€

โ€œHaโ€ฆโ€ Zhou Jia laughed, not blushing, and changed the subject a little bluntly:

โ€œHow was it yesterday?โ€

“It’s okay.” Although Zhou Jia, the nominal manager of the mine, arrives late and leaves early every day, Liu Ziyang doesn’t hate it, after all, it makes him more comfortable.

“In the past month or so, dozens of miners have been added to the mine, and the output has increased a lot. Third Elder is very satisfied.”

“That’s good. “Zhou Jia nods:

“Did anyone cause trouble?”

“Not for now.” Liu Ziyang shook his head:

“But you know, because some time ago Many people in Outer Hall have been called back, including Lu deacon.”


“Better be careful.”

“I know.” Zhou Jia sighed softly:

“But Lu deacon and the others, It shouldn’t be care about me, a nobody.”

“Maybe. “Liu Ziyang shrugged:

“Should the supervisor go back to the room and continue to rest, or look at the account books?”


Zhou Jia hands behind ones back, Walk to your own wood house, where Cultivation Trinity Dharma is located.

I had lunch at the mine, and I left work early on the grounds that it might be dangerous to go back late.

One day.

It’s just so easy to mix it up.

This kind of daily life is also comfortable.


The Thunder Axe is also extraordinary among the superior martial arts, which involves the change of Power of Thunder, which is far from comparable to ordinary cultivation techniques. difficult.

Not only need to understand the axe skills, understand the wonderful combination of source power and fleshy body operation, but also need to understand Heaven and Earth thunder.

The various requirements are prohibitive.

It’s like a footwork that Zhou Jia once started: The Secret Biography of the Sanctuary – The Three Body Steps of Qiling.

Both are excellent martial arts. It has been several months since I started, but I just entered.

Fortunately, with Tianyingxing in charge, the innate talent of the cultivation weapon’s martial skill has greatly increased. It took more than two months, and the Thunder Axe has been pushed to the proficient realm by him.

Raging thunder!

The Thunder Slash!

There are only five types of axe, each of which is terrifying and explosive.

It’s just a first-time proficient realm, and the power of the axe is comparable to the wind-splitting axe that has been proficient for a long time. The power of superior martial arts, but the name is not in vain.

A thousand troops are angry!

The axe blade swept across the sky, and a violent force swept the four directions, and there was a faint sound of muffled thunder.

In the face of such a ferocious power, even a Grade 7 expert should avoid the edge for a while.


Withdrawn the axe, stood still, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful on his face.

Experienced Thunder Axe (39/1500)

“The reason why my axe can improve rapidly is because of the blessing of Tianyingxing’s palm soldiers, and the other Because I have cultivated the wind splitting axe method before, and then cultivated other axe methods, even if it is not the same number, I can still start quickly.โ€

Thinking of formidable power, Zhou Jia was shocked.

If the Furious Thunder Axe is mastered in realm, even if there is no violence, he is confident that he can compete with Grade 7 expert by relying on this axe alone.

Perfection Realm……

Ordinary Grade 7, it is estimated that it can be killed!

And this is an ordinary weapon. If you can find mine concentrate and add it to the axe, the formidable power of the furious thunder axe can be increased.

Add violence as a trump card…

Grade 8, don’t be afraid!

He was in high spirits, and he was once again cultivated for one hour. He didn’t stop until his flesh became sour. He glanced at the slightly improved proficiency and smiled with satisfaction.

Mastery can be achieved within one year.

The future is bright!

Go out to wash up.

Angie’s absence as it should be by rights.

Every time he gets money from selling meat, he will not come back until he loses all the money the next day. With good luck, he may stay in Liurentang for a few more days.


The mountain wind whistled, the leaves rustled, and an invisible chill filled the surroundings.

The smell of blood.

Even with such a large col, it can’t hide it.

โ€œThere is another trouble?โ€

Shaking his head, Zhou Jia returned to his tree house with the pot.

The Baron leaders who tried to invade Huo Family Fort, returned in low spirits after failing a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean they gave up.

There are several thousands of li around, only Huo Family Fort is the safest.

For this reason alone, those people will not stay away.

It is said.

The remnant forces led by Baron built a temporary camp outside the mountain, and while fighting with the Huo Family Fort, they negotiated and tried to enter the Huo Family Fort.

Depending on the situation, I am afraid there will be no change in a short period of time.

Perhaps only the long cold moon can force the people from Baron to stay away, or fight with the Huo Family Fort to either the fish dies or the net splits.

In short, going out is becoming more and more dangerous.

“It looks like there is no white-haired wind tonight.”

Looking outside the house, Zhou Jia gave up his plan to sleep, lit a candle, and prepared to practice his martial skill day and night.

It was late at night.

โ€œdong dong!โ€

There was a knock on the door.


Zhou Jia tightened his body and looked towards the outside of the house.

“Director Zhou, why don’t you open the door and see.” A hearty voice came from outside the house:

“In Xia Ouyang Dong, the people around Lu deacon have something to talk about.”


Lu deacon?

Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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