Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Skills

Three Steps!

The old horse goes to the trough!

Zhou Jia was covered in blood, holding a shield in one hand, his body slightly bowed forward, moved towards Lu deacon and dashed forward.

Since it has already been done, it is natural to not let one go!

Grade 6’s power surged in his body, making him rush like a tiger, and before he arrived, the blade of the axe, flashing with cold light, was fiercely slashed with dull thunder.

Although the rank of the Furious Thunder Axe is high, there are not so many fancy axe methods, only simple moves such as slashing, counter-slashing, and sweeping.

It’s the inside that counts.

Source power, the cooperation of the body, the perception of the power of thunder.

The axe blade fell, momentum is big, power is deep, sturdy and unyielding, just in line with the meaning of anger and thunder, and it also made Lu deacon, whose eyes were wide open, congeal.

It’s no wonder that he dares to shoot at himself, but he has some ability.

Facing the attacking axe blade, he stepped back, his hands stood one after the other in front of him, and the simple action had the meaning of calm as water and high as a moutain.

Compared to Zhou Jia’s ferocity, it is more calm.


The hands in the long sleeves flashed out, like a poisonous snake coming out of a hole, the angle was tricky and there was no lack of grandeur, and the side attacked the axe.


It was clearly a pair of fleshy palms, and they collided with the axe blade, making the sound of metal collision.

Zhou Jia felt even more numb in the palm of his hand. If he hadn’t taken advantage of the heavy weapon, he would have been thrown out of his hand. Even so, the axe would have been thrown away.

The middle door is open!

Lu’s deacon face doesn’t change, his body took the opportunity to rush forward, and with one hand he made a pistol and slammed forward, the whistling wind even pulled out a shrill scream.

Pointing to the gun.

Directly to Zhou Jia’s heart.

In this world, there is no one who can survive and stand in the top position.

Martial arts.

It’s what they live on, etched into their bones.

Even Lu deacon, who is not well-known, is a grade 7 expert who has been killed for a long time.

This time with a finger gun, the murderous intention is fully revealed.


A shield suddenly appeared, blocking the attack.

Lu deacon raised his eyebrows, stepped staggered under his feet, and suddenly appeared on Zhou Jia’s side, his five fingers bent into claws fiercely to his waist.

His movements are fast, his movement method is weird, his claws are silent, and he is extremely vicious.

In the context of Grade 6, it should have been blocked.



Zhou Jia shrank and stepped sideways, obviously unable to see the silhouette, but the shield appeared in the five fingers like an unpredictable prophet. Before.


This time, Lu deacon couldn’t help but wonder.

He actually thought in the heart just now that he wanted to cooperate with Zhou Jia to bring down Wei Zhixing together, and the mine could still be left to the other side after the fact.

Otherwise at first would not speak.

But then, the murderous intention in my heart increased sharply.

A newcomer who has not come to this world for a long time has such strength, given time, will it be worth it?


No trouble!

As his thoughts turned, his body shape changed, like a spinning top, attacking Zhou Jia from all directions.

With the help of his footwork, his offensive was erratic, suddenly left, suddenly right, suddenly forward and backward, sometimes fierce, sometimes feminine, and so on.

The extreme speed even makes a whirlwind blowing in this several feet place, and the night is already dark, which is the wind and dust, and it is even more difficult to see.

Zhou Jia seems to be unknown, the shield is like an extension of the body…


More flexible than the arm.

The shield turned around, as if closed, no matter how fast Lu Deacon’s offensive was, he was able to stop it exactly.

Shield Counter Perfection (987/1000)

The shield counter that is approaching the limit of Perfection, if there is spirituality in his hands, chasing the changes of the strong wind around him, perfectly intercepting and using force to fight .

Looking from a distance, it is like an invisible barrier that tightly wraps him.

No matter how fast the offensive is, it cannot break through.


Unable to attack quickly, Lu deacon’s face sank:

“I underestimated you.”

While speaking, he figure stopped and slammed his fist forward with one hand.

The opponent’s shield technique is exquisite, and it is not great to block the probability with a martial skill breakthrough, but he is a Grade 7 and can be crushed by strength.

Since you can’t win with moves, then use realm to overwhelm people.


As expected, in the face of Grade 7 giant force, Zhou Jia’s shield technique was excellent, but he still couldn’t help groaned, and his body staggered back two steps.


Lu deacon was invincible and dashed like an arrow.

Simply striding and punching, several feet away, he dashed out the lead, ten thousand man but without a match, and stabbed him fiercely with his hand as a spear.

Behind the shield, Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes and his fleshy body shook slightly.

A terrifying force erupted from the muscles.


The arm swayed, and the shield no longer blocked blindly, but slammed forward.

Shield Bash!


The fists and shields intersected, the sound shot straight into the sky, and the air waves swept in all directions.

At the same time, the judgment is made.


Lu deacon’s arm bent and face changed. Before he could react, a flash of axe light came into view, and the next moment’s head suddenly flew up.

The fight is so direct.

The winner lives and the loser dies, not so much nonsense, all energy is spent here in a flash.

Zhou Jia held an axe and shield, his body was hot and his wrists were trembling.


After a long time, he vomited one mouthful of impure air and put away his shield and axe to sweep the battlefield.


β€œGrade 7 expert is far inferior to the violent self who motivates me by strength alone.”

In the house, Zhou Jia took off his shirt and took out the The ointment bought in the inner city was smeared on the body to relieve the soreness from the muscles.

“However, Grade 7 expert fleshy body and source power are compatible, and the explosive power is equally astonishing. Although he has violence, he cannot use it with source power.”

“Victory is fierce, defeat is It’s dexterous.”


Accidentally pulled the injured muscle, he couldn’t help sucked in a breath of cold air, his expression grim.

β€œLu deacon is not well-known in Grade 7. It takes so much effort to win him. Other famous Grade 7 experts can be imagined.”

β€œ But…”

Thinking of this, Zhou Jia smiled:

“At least it has been proved that my current strength is comparable to Grade 7.”

Moreover, this time is different from the previous fights. Except for the final outbreak, he did not rely on violence, but actual fighting skills.


Only relying on the martial skill, he is no less than Old Fox who has been immersed in the martial skill for several decades such as Lu deacon.

“There are weapons.”

Zhou Jia looked down at the axe beside him, and Zhou Jia secretly rejoiced.

Fortunately, the axe was re-forged with giant sword fragments, otherwise, with the original sharpness, it may not be able to kill Lu deacon with one blow.

The opponent’s hard work is extremely good. The five fingers collided with the axe blade, almost pinching fingerprints on the axe blade.

Extremely exaggerated!

However, although methods such as hard skills and Lightweight Art are good, they are not within the blessing range of the soldiers. Even if he wants to cultivate, the progress is slow.


In the next few days, Zhou Jia was as careful as ever.

Fortunately, Lu deacon’s disappearance seemed to be recorded on the head of the Baron leaders outside the fort, but no one came to ask specifically.

No one would doubt that an unknown Grade 5 can kill a Grade 7 expert.

Wei Zhixing was very happy. After confirming that Lu deacon was completely missing, he called Zhou Jia and arranged for him to go to the inner city to meet the world.

And Zhou Jia also happened to be going to the inner city.

(End of this chapter)

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