Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Upstream

“It’s here!”

Cheng Ping lightly rolled up his long coat, walked down the carriage slowly, moved towards Zhou Jia, Cheng Shaowen gestured for a moment:

“You guys are just wandering around, I’ll go see a few friends first.”

“Brother is free.” Cheng Shaowen hurriedly nodded:

“I’ll just take him to get familiar with the environment.”

“That’s good.” Cheng Ping squeezed out a smile:

“This is not like the outer city, nor is it our fish and dragons At the meeting place, all the people who come and go are distinguished guests, so don’t bump into people.”

“Otherwise, even I can’t protect you.”

Said, glanced at Zhou Jia.

“Yes, yes.” Cheng Shaowen should be:

“I understand.”

Zhou Jia did not say anything, but was a little curious about the relationship between the two.

Punishment Hall Hall Master Cheng Tao loves his adopted son, and Cheng Shaowen is one of them. It is said that Hall Master Cheng treats his adopted son as if he were his own.

But now it seems that the status of the son is obviously higher.

Cheng Shaowen was in front of Cheng Ping, and he was obedient and waited carefully along the way.

After Cheng Ping left, he straightened his back.

“Director Zhou.”

Turning around, Cheng Shaowen said with a smile:

“Remember when we first met, you were still The mine guard is now Wei deacon’s right-hand man.”

“It’s really admirable!”

“It’s just good luck.” Zhou Jia waved his hand.

“Good luck is also ability.” Cheng Shaowen sighed with emotion:

“In this world, even an Ultra Grade powerhouse can’t guarantee that there will be no misfortune. Luck is sometimes better than strength. It’s more useful.”

“The name of Director Zhou’s lucky star, I’ve heard it for a long time.”

“It’s a joke, a joke.” While speaking, the two have already walked into In a spacious courtyard, Zhou Jia glanced around and changed the subject:

“I heard that today is a banquet hosted by Master Huo?”

In the courtyard, there are rockeries, flowing water and flowers. , Stone Path, one by one dressed in gorgeous youngsters or in groups of three or four or play in pairs.

There is no nervousness of the outer city residents, some are just comfortable and leisurely.

In the meantime, the mood is naturally relaxed.

“en.” Cheng Shaowen nodded:

“Master Huo liked to hold this kind of party in his early years, and then went out for several years until he came back last year, speaking of which, this is after he came back. It’s the first party.”

“I heard…”

“It’s because Miss Qian is pregnant and I’m happy.”

“Really.” Zhou Jia understood:

“It seems that all the youngsters who came here today?”

“Of course.” Cheng Shaowen chuckled:

“This party, It’s not just to get to know people, but also to make it easier for men and women to get along.”

“There is a flower pavilion over there, and there are women from wealthy families in the city. If someone is interested in them, they will invite them there.”

Saying that, he stretched out his hand and pointed to the side courtyard.

Zhou Jia subconsciously looked over, then shook his head slightly.

His own family knows about his family affairs, a small Grade 5, fish and dragons will manage things, and his appearance is not outstanding, and he will probably not be seen by others.

In his capacity, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the bottom of the group today.

If it wasn’t for Cheng Ping’s face, I was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get in.

After turning around, the conversations of others came into my ears, and the things discussed also made Zhou Jia brows frowned, the soundtrack was surprised:

“They are all Grade 6 experts?”

There are also Grade 5s in the field, but very few.

Grade 7 is less, but not as few as you might think.

The people who came here today are all youngsters who are not very young. With such an age and such a cultivation base, the confidence that he had just had in his heart has dropped sharply.

“That’s right.” Cheng Shaowen nodded, suddenly said:

“Do you know why Punishment Hall often offends people and is still the most popular in the meeting?”


Zhou Jia was taken aback.

Are the two related?

But he still asked along the line:


“Because, the people of Punishment Hall can kill people, and they don’t have to take responsibility for it. “Cheng Shaowen complexion turned cold, his voice became slower:

“You must know that killing people can also increase cultivation base.”

Zhou Jia heart startled.

Of course he knows this, but…

“Of course.” Cheng Shaowen continued:

“The source power provided by humans is usually not as good as that of monsters. Compared with monsters, they are larger in size and have sufficient source power, so in the inner city and various Great Influences, some people specialize in the business of sacking monsters.”

“It is said that there is a beast cave in Huo’s house, and there are various kinds of animals in it. The captured monsters will be slaughtered for cultivation by Huo Mansion’s children after being crippled.”


Zhou Jia opened his mouth and shook his head helplessly.

You can say they cheat, but the cultivation base is real.

It is no wonder that these people can have the cultivation base of Grade 6 and even Grade 7 at a young age, and the Great Influences firmly occupy the upper layer of the Huo Family Fort.

Ordinary person, eating and drinking is a problem, and cultivation is extremely difficult.

Few people make it.

How to compare with them?

“Don’t be so discouraged.” Seeing Zhou Jia’s complexion changing, Cheng Shaowen laughed again:

“The cultivation base obtained in this way is, after all, a trick, the foundation is unstable, and the truth is The strength is not necessarily strong, and Grade 6 can be achieved quickly, Grade 7 is not so easy.”

“As for Grade 7 and above…”

“Even in Huo Mansion, it is also an expert !”

“I have a question.” Zhou Jia thought about it and asked:

“If a person who is not good enough kills an Ultra Grade monster by chance, Is it possible to become a Grade 7 and Grade 8 expert in a short period of time?”

“Impossible!” Cheng Shaowen shook his head:

“Let’s not talk about how hard Ultra Grade monster is to kill. , ordinary person can’t be killed at all, even if he can kill, he will only become Grade 5 at most.”

“You know, fleshy body also has limits.”

“If you want to quickly become Grade 5. 8, how about three or four Ultra Grades.”

He couldn’t help laughing at this point.

With three or four Ultra Grades, Huo’s house is expected to have a headache, and the entire Huo Family Fort will be in chaos.

Zhou Jia doesn’t think so.

Although it is slow, as long as it can be done quickly, someone will definitely do it, but it just needs the assistance of someone strong enough.


Walking through the arch and entering the inner courtyard, there was a sudden silence in my ears.

“Brother Cheng!”

In the attic, several silhouettes moved towards Cheng Ping waved:

“This way.”

The attic is hidden behind the jungle leaves, and it is extremely difficult for the outside world to see what is going on inside, but a few people can look at everyone in the front yard here.

And only those who can come here are the core of the party. Although there are many people in the front yard, they are all foils, and some are even worse than foils.

“Brother Cheng brought new people here?”

Young Master Chen of Black Lotus held a folding fan and tapped his palm:

“What’s the origin?”


“It’s just a lucky mine manager.” Cheng Ping’s expression was indifferent:

“For Third Elder’s sake, bring him over to meet the world, and if possible, receive his subordinates. , I usually arrange to do some chores.”

“Yes.” Kane’s Arthur interface:

“Some time ago, because of Baron’s collar, several of my staff used it. It is time to find a few people who are in trouble.”

“Otherwise, it would be troublesome if no one runs errands.”

In their opinion, it is a They seem to be the blessings of outsiders, but in fact, for many people, being able to depend on them is also something they can’t ask for.

“Speaking of which, how’s the conversation going with Baron’s lead?” A female brows frowned, asked:

“If they don’t leave, there will be trouble sooner or later, such days. When is the head?”

As soon as these words fell, everyone in the field could not help but fall into silence.

“It should be fine.” Until one person spoke, breaking the peace:

“The Huo Family Fort is so big, it can’t support so many people, and when the cold moon comes, even if they don’t leave, I have to leave.”

“Let’s not talk about this depressing thing.”

He looked towards Cheng Ping, said with a smile:

“Brother Cheng , can you get some more stunners recently, the cultivation base sent last time was too low, and it died after a few touches, and I haven’t been able to enjoy it yet.”

“Kerry, take it easy. .” Cheng Ping frowned:

“The number of women from Grade 3 onwards in the guild hall is counted on the Third Elder side. One died and one less. Don’t play too much, otherwise I can’t explain it.”

His friends are all Grade 7 experts. Fleshy body thousand hammers, hundred refinements are comparable to steel essence. If they don’t look strong, they weigh hundreds of pounds. How can ordinary women endure it?

In addition, a few people are playing a lot, whipping candles in various ways, not to mention Grade 3, even Grade 5 and Grade 6 women may not be able to stand it.

So every time someone is sent over, it becomes a corpse within a few days.

“Hey!” Young Master Chen waved his hand:

“It’s not that they don’t give money, and besides, you fish and dragon clubs do this, speaking of which the man just now looks different. How is it, but the figure is okay, Sister Wu is not tempted?”

A tall, boldly dressed woman licked the corner of her mouth, her eyes glowing, looking towards Cheng Ping:

“I don’t know about Brother Cheng, but you’re not willing to give up?”

“Don’t.” Cheng Ping waved his hand with a casual expression:

“He’s helping Third Elder now, don’t cause trouble, I’ll talk about it later.”

“Third Elder…”

The name seemed to be a great deterrent to several people, and their expressions couldn’t help but be taken away, only Na Wu Big sister curl one’s lip.

“Master Huo Young is here!”

The voice came, and everyone got up.

Cheng Ping glanced back, but saw a woman in the front yard walking towards Zhou Jia and handing over an invitation.

This guy…

is it possible that there is still a peach blossom?

(End of this chapter)

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