Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Axe

“Just now, Xiao Sun climbed up the tree and used the telescope to look at the surrounding environment. Combined with the terrain he walked before, we can roughly draw this map.”

The speaker is a middle-aged man who is bloated and somewhat bald.

It is said that he is the president of a certain bank. He has a lot of money. He is accompanied by two youngsters. He looks like a newcomer who has just entered the banking system.

He, Huang Jinfu, and Fatty Han are the temporary commanders of this group of people.

“The forest we are in now is surrounded by white fog, which is probably the strange fog we encountered when we came.”

President Guo drew on the tablet One circle, and finally stopped in the southeast direction:

“There is very little fog in this place, like there is a gap, we might as well go and see if we can go out of the forest first, the tablet battery is running out, the map It’s best to draw it with a pen.”

“en. ”

Huang Jin Fumo nodded:

“Including the injured, we have a total of more than 30 people , I can’t eat much, so I can last for three or four days without eating at most.”

This is also because many people died.

After all, this is a highway, and there are cities and villages nearby. No one will be bored enough to hoard a lot of food in the car.

“Enough.” Fatty Han Interface:

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out.”


“You can only take one step at a time. By the way, let’s find out if there are other people nearby, so that we can go on the road together.”

“No.” Zhou Jia interrupted each other. :

“What about the people on the bus?”

A few people were silent.

Huang Jinfu sighed and said:

“Zhou Jia, you saw the situation yesterday, the corpse mutation and the wolf head monster, the situation on the bus side is not good. .”


There are also dead bodies on the other side of the bus. Doctor Qin and Bunchou have injuries on their bodies. The others are even dying and are in danger…

The probability of surviving is not high.

The fact that so many people crossed the forest to go there was a waste of time and food in the eyes of several people.

“I promised to find help.” Zhou Jia took a deep breath:

“I don’t feel relieved if I don’t go back.”

He couldn’t ask for anything else People accompanied him in the past, but if he didn’t go back to check the situation, he would definitely feel bad about it.

“That’s it.”

Fatty Han said:

“Although we don’t pass the bus on this road, but the direction ahead is the same, let’s go together first, hurry up You can go back and have a look when you get there.”

“If there are any living people, bring them here, if not, we will leave a mark on the road.”

“Okay.” Zhou Jia relaxed.

The route was negotiated, and the crowd began to distribute food.

It was hard to avoid some unpleasantness during the period, but fortunately, Huang Jinfu and President Guo were brilliant, so that more food was distributed to others.

The other is weapons.

There is no shortage of sticks in the forest, but wood is not as hard as metal.

Some people unload the car and use the parts on the chassis as weapons in their hands, and more often use the doors as shields on their backs, which can also increase a lot of security.

Zhou Jia tried to get off the chassis, but it was inconvenient to hold, so he didn’t throw the frying pan in his hand.

After a short rest, under the fingerprints of the hazy halo in the morning, a group of people who are mentally exhausted and full of confusion about the future slowly set out on the road.

Good news, not for nothing.

A few hours later, the wounded injured by the mutant corpse did not mutate, but the wounds on the body began to heal.

Looks like it shouldn’t be happening like in the movie.

This is a blessing in disguise.


jungle The forest is lush with lush foliage.

Even with the three-day sky, the forest is still dark, with only a little light passing through the leaves, bringing a little light.

A group of six people walked in the jungle.

They struggled forward with doors, sticks, kitchen knives, and frying pans in hand.

In order to ensure safety, a part of the crowd is divided into guards responsible for opening the road ahead, and at the same time investigating the situation, the two teams take turns.

The suggestion was made by President Guo, who also took the lead and accompanied him with a kitchen knife.

Beside him are the two newcomers to the bank.

Xiao Sun is tall and thin, from the countryside, good at climbing trees, with a telescope hanging around his neck and a thick iron rod as his weapon.

Little Li holds the bottom plate of the car, facial expression grave.

He killed the wolf head monster and knocked down two corpses. He has certain strength.

In addition to the three, there were also Zhou Jia, Cheng Qi, and an Old Brother Qian.

Even if everyone didn’t kill the wolf head monster, they also knocked down the corpse, their strength has increased to a certain extent, and it is easy to deal with accidents.


Cheng Qi paused, and when he looked down, his expression immediately became extremely strange, with disgust in his anger:

“Sh*t” !”

Zhou Jia looked sideways, the corners of his mouth twitched.

What a big deal!

Cheng Qi’s entire shoes were sunk in, and some of them were even stained on his trouser legs.

It still stinks!

“What kind of shit is this?” Old Brother Qian’s eyes flickered and he looked inquisitively:

“Green, it’s rare.”

“Come on, Hurry up.” President Guo covered his nose and waved his hand hurriedly:

“Xiaocheng, just wipe it on the ground, this kind of place is inevitable, let’s hurry up.”

“Yes, That’s right.”

Cheng Qi resisted his nausea and rubbed the uppers of the shoes desperately on the ground.

Not very far.

“Wait a minute!”

Zhou Jia stopped abruptly, facial expression grave:

“There is movement!”

Everyone stopped, Listen subconsciously.


The sound of the wind blowing leaves was vaguely mixed with abnormal noises.

The sound is getting closer.


Three black shadows suddenly jumped out from the bushes that were half a person tall in front of them.

“Wolf-headed monster!” Seeing the monster that appeared, Xiao Li was not surprised but delighted. He took the lead, loudly roared, and rushed over while holding the steel plate.

“Be careful!”

Zhou Jia reminded, and hurriedly followed by holding the car door.

The other four looked at each other and could see a little fear in each other’s eyes, but more of it was an inexplicable fanaticism.

It’s no secret that killing monsters can increase your strength.

Fatty Han’s terrifying power is even more enviable.

There are three monsters, but there are six people on my side, including Zhou Jia and Xiao Li, who are ‘experts’, so don’t be afraid.


Old Brother Qian loudly shouted, the four of them rushed forward.

“ao ow!”

Seeing the six people coming, the wolf-headed monster didn’t show any signs of flinching, but roared and charged forward.

Bearing the brunt, Xiao Li and a monster collided first.


The strength of one person and one monster is not much different, and they retreat at the same time.

However, the steel plate in Xiao Li’s hand is not to be trifled with, this blow hit the wolf head monster’s neck, causing it to fall to the ground on the spot.

At the same time, the other two monsters pounced.


Zhou Jia groaned, holding the door of the car to stop Xiao Li, and at the same time thrusting his body forward.


The two monsters were not as good as Zhou Jia, and were forcibly flew out by him. One of them lost its balance and was planted on the ground full of fallen leaves.

Seeing this scene, the four people in the back are even more excited.



Cheng Qi took an iron rod, aimed at a wolf head monster on the ground, and pulled it out. With just one stick, the monster curled up and screamed.

The other three followed, and there was a siege.

Little Li was in a hurry when he saw this, he didn’t care about his breath, he rushed over, grabbed a wolf’s head monster and smashed it with a steel plate.

It was Zhou Jia, who took a few steps back because of the impact and couldn’t get his position for a while.

“Xiao Li, Xiao Li, leave this to me.” After all, President Guo is old and lacks exercise, so he couldn’t grab the monster, and he was sweating anxiously.

He knew very well that in such a place, the stronger the strength, the easier it was to save his life, and the wealth and status of the past were all useless.

Hearing this, Xiao Li’s movements were paused, his eyes flickered, and then he continued to smash without saying a word.



After several muffled sounds, the three wolf-headed monsters lost their vitality one after another.



“Sure enough, killing a wolf head monster gives you much more than a corpse.”


In the end, Xiao Li, Old Brother Qian, and Cheng Qi each got a wolf-headed corpse, and they were all excited when they noticed the changes in their bodies.

Xiao Sun and President Guo looked regretful.

Especially President Guo, his complexion changed back and forth, which was extremely ugly.

Zhou Jia opened his mouth behind him and sighed softly. Seeing that the three wolf-headed monsters were all occupied, he couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.


Forget it!

Shaking his head, he was about to speak when his face suddenly froze:

“Be careful, something is coming!”


At this time, everyone was not nervous after hearing this, but instead looked excited, and even moved towards the bushes impatiently.


The abnormal noise is slowly approaching.

A pair of big, fluffy hands stretched out from the darkness, separated the bushes full of thorns, and appeared in the sight of the six people.

The wolf head monster!

But it is completely different from the previous wolf head monster.

This monster is more than two meters tall, and the muscles on his body are bulging high, like a violent bear standing upright.

More importantly…

It’s armored!

Have an axe!

Beautiful eyes!

(End of this chapter)

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