Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 70

Chapter 70 News

Because it was the first meeting held by Master Huo in recent years, it attracted a lot of people, and most of the dignitaries in the city were present.

Zhou Jia turned around, but had a little understanding of the party.

There is only one protagonist in today’s party.


It should be two digits.

Master Young Huo and Miss Qian are a loving couple.

Beneath them are Cheng Ping from the Ichthyosaur Society and Arthur from the Kane Family, the second generation of Peak in the Great Influence.

As for everyone else.

It’s all foil.

β€œBrother Zhou wants to buy Lei genus concentrate?”

The young master Rondo of the ancient hammer shop is short and stocky, like a meat ball, but the bulging is not soft meat, but It’s an explosive muscle, full of weight.

He scratched his head and said:

“This kind of ore containing spirituality is very rare, and even if it does, it doesn’t meet your requirements, the ancient hammer shop does not have it. “

“Really?” Zhou Jia looked regretful.

If he can have mine smelting into the axe, his formidable power of Thunder Axe can be greatly improved, but this thing doesn’t seem to be easy to start with.

I have asked many shops at the fair, but none of them have a clue.

“You can go to the Hundred Treasures Pavilion and ask.” Rondo suggested:

“There is a Huo Family business, specializing in buying and selling all kinds of rare things, maybe There are gains, but the price may not be cheap.”


“If Brother Zhou starts with thunder ore, I can help you build weapons.”

He is a half-elf in the world of Feimu, with outstanding natural strength. Clansman is mostly engaged in the craftsmanship industry, and he is also an expert in crafting.

“many thanks.” Zhou Jia surrendered:

“When the time comes there is brother Laurondo.”

“en. ”

After the two separated, Zhou Jia was about to leave the party when he was stopped by a woman who handed over an elegant invitation with a delicate fragrance.

“Young Master Zhou, my family’s lady is invited.”


Zhou Jia bowed his head and scanned the name on the invitation, His eyes moved slightly.


Partial hospital.

A room of flower pavilions is separated by green plants, and the shadows are Faintly discernible.

Zhou Jia followed the maid to a flower pavilion, and saw the well-dressed Jiao Yuanyi and Jiao Yuanfeng sitting on both sides.

‘Cao elder sister’ sits in the middle.

Compared to before, the three women are gorgeous in clothes and beautiful in face, no longer down and out, full of richness and nobility.

“Young Master Zhou is here.”

Seeing the person coming, ‘Cao elder sister” eyes lit up and stood up with a salute:

“Mengdie, see you I passed Young Master Zhou.”

It turned out that her name was Cao Mengdie.

β€œBig Brother Zhou.”

The two women also stood up to say hello.

“Ms. Cao is very polite.” Zhou Jia handed over:

“The two are also there. I don’t know why Miss Cao asked Zhou to come over?”

Meeting the three girls here is beyond his expectations, but as it should be by rights, after all, many people came to this party.

Some people will come here.

“It’s okay, can’t you just ask Young Master Zhou to come over and talk about the past?” Cao Mengdie smiled and stretched out her hand lightly:

“Young Master, please take a seat.”

“Last time we left in a hurry at Qingfengju, we didn’t have time to thank Master Young, and we just met, how dare Mengdie be neglected?”

The two girls hurried on the side In front of him, he brought a delicate round stool and served hot tea with a warm attitude.

“I heard that Young Master Zhou will do things in Yulong?”

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia nodded.

“Are you interested in changing places?” Cao Mengdie tentatively asked.

“What does Miss Cao mean?” Zhou Jia held up his teacup in midair.

“Hey!” Cao Mengdie sighed softly, and did not hesitate to say:

“To be honest with Young Master Zhou, Mengdie’s background in the Baron collar is also considered acceptable, but what a big one. It’s difficult, the Cao Family is no longer what it used to be.”

“The Huo Family Fortress is huge, the Cao Family has no foundation, and now is the time to seek talents.”

“Yes Ah!” Jiao Yuanfeng, who was on the side, echoed with anticipation:

“Also, Cao Family second uncle has been bullying Cao elder sister and wants to occupy the family’s property. Big Brother Zhou will come and help us, okay?”

“Yuanfeng.” Cao Mengdie glared at her, as if complaining, but the expression on her face was even more mournful, which made people feel a desire to protect from the heart:

“Let Young Master Zhou laugh be troublesome things that are inconvenient to talk about.”

“Miss Cao, don’t worry, I’m not a talkative person.” Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, and indifferently said:

“However, Zhou is not strong enough, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to help. Now I have just established a firm foothold in the Fish and Dragon Club. I’m really sorry.”

“Young Master Zhou Don’t you think about it?” Cao Mengdie brows slightly wrinkle and said:

“I can pay twice as much from the mine, and I will do my best to help you increase cultivation base and martial skill. If you order fish and dragons, you may not be able to do it.”

β€œCao Family manages a freight store and a bookstore in Baron, and when it comes to understanding the surrounding conditions, it is also one of the very best in Huo Family Fort. “

“Wenmuku?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“Ms. Cao, is there Martial Skill and Cultivation Art?”

“Of course! “Cao Mengdie’s beautiful eyes lit up and said:

“As long as Young Master Zhou is willing to join the Cao Family and make a contract with me that will never be broken, you can read the martial skills collected by the Cao Family.”

“This…” Zhou Jia pondered:

“Can I buy it with money?”

“Sorry.” Cao Meng Die sighed lightly, with an embarrassed expression on her face:

“There are ancestors in the family, so it is inconvenient to spread it. “

“That’s fine.” “Zhou Jia sighed lightly.

He still doesn’t have a shortage of martial skills. It will take a long time for the cultivation techniques he has started to reach Perfection, and he is not so eager for the martial skill for the time being.

” correct. “

Thinking for a while, he tentatively said:

“Ms. Cao knows what happens when the other world falls into the Ruins Realm. Is there a way to return to the original world?” “

“Uh…” Cao Mengdie was stunned for a moment, then shook her head with a smile:

“Young Master Zhou looks down on Mengdie too much, not to mention the Cao Family, even if it is Baron, Castle Lord Ho, also impossible know. “

“But there are some rules, which are recorded in the paper. “

She hesitated slightly, saying:

“A world begins to fall into the ruins, usually starting from fragments, at first only people and things in certain places are missing, it is not obvious . “

“Gradually, the area became larger and larger, until the entire world fell completely.” “

“The time is not fixed, some will complete the whole process in more than ten years, and some will take hundreds or even thousands of years to completely fall. “

“But once you start, the process is irreversible. “

“As for returning to the original world…”

She looked towards Zhou Jia and shook her head gently:

“Never heard of it!” “

After a while.

Watching Zhou Jia leave, the sadness on her face quietly disappeared, and there was only a little regret in her eyes, and then moved towards Jiao Yuanyi:

“Call the next one. ”

Second uncle tried to occupy the family property in vain, she naturally refused. She originally wanted to count on the experts around the Jiao Family sisters, but they all died. Hiring.

Zhou Jia.

It’s just one of her goals, and it’s not too important, after all, Grade 5’s strength can’t be considered strong.



Although I knew this would be the result, Zhou Jia, who walked out of the party courtyard, was still disappointed when Cao Mengdie said it.

But He is not discouraged.

After all, according to what others have said, the Ruins World is boundless, Huo Family Fort, and Baron’s Collar are only small places, and other places may have other answers.

It’s not good anymore. , in the future, I will meet the people of Earth who have fallen into this world again, and maybe there are people I want to meet.

It’s just…

I hope not to fall.

Even if we don’t see each other for the rest of our lives.

“Your name is Zhou Jia? ”

A thunderous shout interrupted his contemplation.

The street was wide, but the people who came in blocked the way, looked at Zhou Jia, and reached out to a restaurant in the back One finger on the second floor:

β€œMy family’s lady wants to see you. “

“Your lady. “Zhou Jia raised his head and moved his eyes to look over.

A woman looked at each other through the window. She had a good figure and appearance, and her clothes were even bolder. You could see that pink and dazzling girl from a distance. The skin.

This is the look in the eyes with teasing and frequent gestures.

“That’s right. “

The brawny man is more than two meters tall, strong and strong, like a wall across the road, with his hands crossed and his head lowered, the soundtrack threatens:

“My name is Miss surnamed Wu, you should know that, right? “

Young Lady Wu!

Zhou Jia’s face sank.

One of the main characters of the party, how could he not know it.

It is said that this girl is lecherous, and she has no love for men every day, and she does not know any method of cultivation, which can take the man’s yang energy and promote the cultivation base.

Although she looks good, her style…


“Bang! “

Just as Zhou Jia opened his mouth, there was a loud noise coming from the city wall.

“Everyone is on alert, the people led by Baron are rushing towards the Huo Family Fort!” “


In an instant, the whole street was buzzing.

The Young Lady Wu face changed upstairs, and she no longer wanted to play. beckoned, hurried away.

(End of this chapter)

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