Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Essence stone

The confrontation between the remnants of Baron and the local forces in the Huo Family Fort continued, and as the cold moon approached, it became more and more intense.

The movement heard on the street that day is said to be the hand of Castle Lord Huo.

There was also an Ultra Grade expert on Baron’s side. The two sides finally had a fight at the col, and with Grade 4 or above, more than 100 people died.

Everyone knows in their hearts that the arrival of the cold moon is the key point.

And the development of the situation, the turning point should be in the near future.

Not much time!




In the tree house, Zhou Jia was shirtless, Holding an axe in one hand and a shield in the other, the shield and axe are staggered, and the afterimages bring faint sounds of thunder.

His eyes were fixed, his body moved with the axe, sweat slid down his back as his muscles wriggled.

The solid ground has become more and more compacted under the countless heavy stomps, and the flat walls have also been cut with countless scratches of different depths by the axe wind.


He was breathing heavily, accompanied by a rain of sweat.

I don’t know how long it took before Zhou Jia stopped what he was doing, picked up the towel beside him, wiped his body at will, and walked out of the door.

A short while later, he returned again with the latest news from Black Lotus.

“It’s too dark!”

“The message that used to be half a month is now divided into five times, and the price is the same as before. Black Lotus will really do business.”

be that as it may, the money has to be spent.

After all, there are not many channels for him to get external news, and the situation has changed too quickly recently, so he can only pay attention as much as possible.

Not much news, but let him frowned.

‘The two sides fought more and more, from one every three or five days to two or three a day, but fewer and fewer people died. ‘

‘This is not right! ‘

“Da Da…”

Tapping the paper, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

In addition to Black Lotus, he also had some channels in the Fish and Dragon Society, summed up the news from both sides, but he had a guess in his heart.

“The people in the Baron collar don’t want to fight with the Huo Family!”

“This is also normal, after all, in terms of strength and background, the Baron collar who came from the trek is not as good as Huo Family Fort, unless you want to either the fish dies or the net splits, you must find a way.”

“Leaving here and going somewhere else is the only option.”

“But there are so many people outside, let’s not mention the dangers on the road for the time being, just the daily food and drink is an astronomical figure.”


“Food! “

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.

‘The purpose of the Baron leadership is not to occupy the Huo Family Fort, but it is more impossible to join. The Huo Family Fort is too small to support so many people, so their purpose is food. ‘

‘With the determination to either the fish dies or the net splits, force Huo Family Fort to spit out enough food, so they will leave…’


As his thoughts turned, he suddenly stood up, picked up the purse and ran to the market.

Whether this guess is right or not, just in case, it is better to stock up enough food in advance.

At this time in previous years, the prices of grain and meat have already begun to rise. Now, with the threat of Baron’s collar, the price increase is even more exaggerated.


Zhou Jia has no shortage of Originium.

In the next few days, in order not to attract attention, he purchased in batches enough food for several months.

In order to ensure safety, in addition to the tree house, there are also some hidden places for backup.


Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: ordinary Grade 6 Cultivation (1831/8000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Commanding Soldier), Earth Mighty Star (Trait: Violence)

cultivation technique: Introduction to Sanyuan Zhengfa (246/300)

martial skill: Shield Perfection (997/1000), Shield Bash Mastery (365/500), Wind Splitting Axe Mastery (956/1200), Introduction to Gnar’s Breath (161/200), Life Seizing Sword Mastery (576/1000) , Furious Thunder Axe Proficiency (389/1500), Three Body Steps Beginning (125/600)

As time goes by, the proficiency of the martial skill is getting higher and higher, but the cultivation base is progressing slowly, it seems It is difficult to become a Grade 7 in three or five years.

Unless, get another Origin Star.

In addition, the shield counter has approached the Great Perfection, but for some reason it is getting harder and harder to progress, and the last few proficiencies do not increase at all.

Fortunately, he can bear his temper, not impatient or impatient, and cultivate slowly.

“Da Da…”

The knock on the door stopped Zhou Jia.

After wiping his body, he opened a crack in the door, and the cold wind drifted into the tree house along the crack of the door, which also instantly tightened the skin full of heat.

Although the cold moon has not yet arrived, the cold air has begun to appear.

“Hei San, it’s you.” Seeing the silhouette outside the door, Zhou Jia slightly opened the door:


Big Mine In the field, because of his carelessness, almost all of them belonged to Liu Ziyang, only Hei San, who was barely considered a confidant.


Hei San rubbed his hands and smiled flatteringly:

“You haven’t been to the mine for a while.”

“It’s okay to go.” Zhou Jia shook his head. He had so much food in the house, what if the space he left was stolen?

“Why, Deputy Director Liu bullied you?”

“No, no.” Hei San waved his hands repeatedly:

“With you in charge, how could I? Being bullied is what you want me to inquire about, there is news.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and he opened the door:

“Thunder is an ore. ?”

Ore with spirituality is extremely rare, not even in the Hundred Treasures Pavilion.

“That’s right.” He San nodded:

“Although it’s not mine, it’s useful.”

Without being urged by Zhou Jia, he Continue:

“The villain heard that a few years ago, Neitang had acquired a Thunder Beast corpse, and I heard that it was an Ultra Grade monster when it was alive.”

“The corpse There is a minestone in it, which contains the essence of mine, but unfortunately it is not active enough, so the price from the church was too low and it was not sold.”

“Now, it should still be in the inner church.”

All kinds of spiritual things are excellent materials for making ‘staves’, and they are often not missed by the church.

As for the lack of activity…

For the ‘Templar’, it is naturally an irreversible defect, but it is not a big problem for him to use it to bless the axe.


“How dare the villain deceive the supervisor?”

Black three swears:

“This thing is a It’s tasteless, it’s probably forgotten, and the villain also inquired about it from a friend in the inner hall.”


“The people in the inner hall are all It got into the crevice of the money, and you’re afraid you’re going to bleed.”

“That’s no problem!” Zhou Jia smiled:



Neitang has a bad reputation at the Fish and Dragon Club. Zhou Jia has heard of this for a long time, but he came in person and saw the sparse crowd. Only then can we truly see the so-called coldness.

β€œEssence stone?”

One person flipped through the booklet for a long time, and only after Zhou Jia handed dozens of money, did he nodded, said:

β€œ This thing belongs to Director Xu, you can go to him.”

“Who is Director Xu?”

“It’s really troublesome.” The other party pointed inwardly with an impatient face Refers to:

“That one!”

“You have a job.”

Although the other party’s attitude was not good, Zhou Jia still cupped the hands to show his gratitude.

Director Xu looked in his thirties and forties. He was supposed to be in his prime, but he looked old-fashioned. He was wearing a long gown and sitting on a soft chair, squinting and drinking tea.

β€œEssence stone?”

He took out a dusty booklet from the drawer, opened one of the pages, and took it slow:

β€œ It is indeed still there.”

“But this thing not only needs to be purchased with Originium, but also a piece of great merit before it can be exchanged.”

Zhou Jia glanced at the booklet, which read the thunder. Essence stone, requirements: 1 piece of great merit, 100 Origin Stones, cannot be exchanged by ordinary gang members.

“I don’t know how to calculate this great contribution?”

“As the name suggests, it is naturally a great contribution to the gang.” Director Xu picked up the tea cup and said with a smile:


“Of course, if you can have Elder and Hall Master’s handwriting, you can also get rid of it, but this source stone is absolutely unavoidable.”

“This way…” Zhou Jia pondered:

“Then I’ll come back in a few days.”

“How many days?” Director Xu shook his head gently:

“This thing But it’s a hot item, I’m afraid someone will leave after a few days, don’t say I didn’t warn you when the time comes.”


Are you here for real?

This thing has not been sold for several years, and suddenly it has become a hot item?

Zhou Jia was speechless, shook his head and handed an Originium Stone:

“With the help of Director Lao Xu, I will come to pick it up in two days.”

“en. ”

Director Xu nodded, collecting the source stone at will.

When Zhou Jia left, a Chief-In-Charge next to him said with a smile:

“Director Xu, it looks like you have another big client?”

“hehe…” Director Xu sipped the tea with a light smile, his expression indifferent:

“I don’t know how much benefit he can have on him, things in the inner hall are not casual. You can take it out.”

Speaking, he made a heavy stroke on the line of the essence stone.

(End of this chapter)

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