Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Director Xu

The mine.

In this cold, damp, and dusty place, there has never been a bright and beautiful woman.

Today is an exception.

The Third Elder of the Ichthyosaur Society, Mrs. Wang, stepped on soft sable boots and wore a silver mouse jacket engraved with flowers. Surrounded by everyone, she walked slowly to the dark passage.

“Third Elder.”

Liu Ziyang bowed and stretched out his hand to quote:

“There is a secret passage in front, and there is at least a nest of dolphin snakes in it. Hidden in the dark, even an expert is inconvenient to kill.”

“There were two Grade 7s in the meeting, and they could only protect themselves.”

“Not bad.” Wei Zhixing nodded:

“It’s too dark inside, and I can’t see my fingers. I’m waiting for my strength to be greatly reduced. In addition to the twists and turns of the road, it’s useless to have a lot of people coming, so it’s been put on hold.”


Mrs. Wang nodded gently>”, looked towards the side:

“Zhou Jia?”

“At” Zhou Jia took a step forward , at the same time pulling the people around him:

“Brother Angie, you have a job.”

“It’s not a big problem for the pig snake.” Angie took a step forward, the smell all over his body Let everyone retreat and make way for a passage.

Especially Mrs. Wang, she frowned slightly and covered her nose with her hands.

Looking around, Angie said:

“Find a more spacious place.”


Liu Ziyang should have taken everyone to a nearby spacious area with dozens of square meters:

“This should be the place where Cao Honglai and the others transported ores and temporarily placed the goods. I don’t know what this friend intends to do. What should I do?”

Said, looking towards Angie with a curious expression.

Ang Ji is sloppy and looks unremarkable, but Zhou Jia said that he can solve the problem of the dark channel, which makes people have some doubts.

“Wait a minute.”

Angie untied his pockets, revealing the palm-size cloth bags under his clothes, picked them out, and poured out a little powder.

The powder is mixed, and a pungent odor comes out immediately.

“Wait to put out the torch here first, and after all the dolphin snakes have come over, ignite the torch and get ready to slaughter together.”

“It’s that simple?” Wei Zhixing went up One step forward, with curiosity in his eyes:

“Brother Angie, this seems to be a veterinary drug, right?”

“That’s right.” Angie nodded and gestured towards him:


“However, as far as I know, veterinary baiting drugs don’t seem to work so easily and are quite limited.” Wei Zhixing looked suspicious:


“hehe…” Angie grinned:

“So you know, I have the bloodline of the children of the forest on me, and the others If I can’t do it, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it.”

“Anyway, you just wait.”

Children of the forest?

Looking at Angie with rotten teeth, yellow hair, stench all over his body, and a scruffy suit, everyone’s expressions have nothing common with each other, and even a little nauseated.

“Turn off the fire!”

Madam Wang shook her head, and with a single order, the surrounding torches went out one after another.

Darkness enveloped the audience.

Not long.

Xixisuosuo’s voice came from the direction of the dark passage, and everyone’s body tightened, hiding their bodies according to the pre-determined orientation.

In the darkness, you can vaguely see black shadows rushing out.

Did the dolphin really be led out?

This ability is amazing, Mrs. Wang’s beautiful eyes flashed, as if thinking of something, her eyes lit up, and then she pressed it down again.

Although Feimu world has all kinds of strange bloodlines, most of them are useless, but the children of the forest are different, which is a kind of legendary bloodline.

In a few moments.


Angie spoke up.


Wei Zhixing shouted.


The torch ignited, and dozens of dolphin snakes about one zhang came into view, twisting and twisting together. , can make the scalp tingle even in people who do not have dense disease.

Seeing the light suddenly made it difficult for these accustomed to the dark things, and screamed desperately, the sound was like a crying baby.

“Shoot the arrows!”

Along with shouting loudly, the sharp arrows fell like rain, and the arrows were on fire, penetrating the body of a dry dolphin snake.


The fire was bright.

A shrill scream, followed closely from behind.


β€œyou did good.” Walking out of the mine, Mrs. Wang threw away a token:

β€œWhat you want. “

“Thank you, Elder.” Zhou Jia took it, and his heart was also relieved.

With this thing, the Essence Stone can start.


I came to the inner hall again, but a day later, a heater has been installed here, and the doors and windows are nailed with thick curtains.

Stepping into the office, the comfortable temperature makes people subconsciously unwind.

Compared with the busyness outside, the people in the inner hall are all relaxed.

Some hold a pot and drink tea, some squinting for a short break, no one takes the initiative to greet someone when they come in, and they are immersed in their own world.

“Director Xu.”

Zhou Jia came inside, took out Third Elder’s token, and handed it over:

“I’m here to get the essence stone.”


Director Xu was taking a nap, and he didn’t seem very happy to be disturbed. Seeing Zhou Jia, he raised his eyebrows and reached out to take the token. :

“So soon?”

“Fuck.” Zhou Jia said:

“Just happened to help Elder with a little thing.”

“What you did, I don’t care.” Director Xu said indifferently, put away the token and stretched out his hand again:

“Bring it, three hundred Originium.”


Zhou Jia was taken aback:

“Isn’t it a hundred?”

“Who told you one hundred?” Director Xu rolled the eyes.

“The day I…”

“You read it wrong.”

Director Xu took out the booklet and opened one of the pages. In that row, it was written one piece of great merit and three hundred Originium stones.

Zhou Jia didn’t say anything, just looked at the three hundred and two characters.

is it possible that…

Is it really my fault?


His eyes narrowed, and he could see clearly that day, it was one hundred Originium, but now it is three hundred, either changed or changed.

But the big black characters on the paper are like a silent mockery of him.

I changed it,

How can you?

“With the Elder Token card, great merit can be dispensed with, but the source stone cannot be lacked.” Director Xu closed the booklet and spoke slowly:

“All things are kept in the inner warehouse, I don’t have a key either, and I can’t make a trade without enough Originium, and I can’t get an Essence Stone when the time comes.”


“Not enough Originium. ?”

Zhou Jia’s eyes were gloomy, and it took a long time to say solemnly:

“Director Xu, three hundred Origin Stones are enough to buy a good high-grade weapon, if I have so much money , you don’t need to ask for the Essence Stone.”

“It’s useless for you to explain it to me.” Director Xu shook his head:

“The price is set by the Hall Master, and if it’s cheaper , do you think this thing can get your turn?”

“Can it be cheaper?” Zhou Jia took a deep breath:

“I can’t get this much money, Why don’t you do it!”

“You…” Director Xu opened his eyes, paused, and then waved his hand:

“Forget it, I’m not the kind of ruthless person. , it’s all fish and dragons to help the crowd, so let’s take two hundred and eighty Originium here.”

“It’s still too much!”

“Is that more?”


for a long time.

“Two hundred and forty Origin Stones!”

Director Xu closed his eyes and ignored him:

“Take the Origin Stones! If you can’t get any of these Originium Stones, it means you have no fate with the Essence Stone.”


He was lightly snorted, and the tape was disdainful:

“Do you really think I’m a bargaining vegetable seller?”

Two hundred and forty Originium…

Zhou Jia clenched his hands.

He originally had a lot of Originium, but some time ago he spent a lot to stock up on food, and now he has only just collected a hundred Originium.

The rest.

Where to get it?

(End of this chapter)

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