Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Raising Money


The back door of the courtyard was cautiously pushed open, and Chen Hui, who was wearing a floral jacket, walked out like a thief , came to Zhou Jia.


Su stretched out his hand and handed over a bulging purse:

“Thirty-two Originium.”

“Give it!”


“So many.” Zhou Jia was taken aback.

Although the Huo Family gave me a lot of monthly money, it was not easy to live in the inner city. It was only over a year, and it was rare to be able to save more than thirty Originium.

Not everyone is like him who can ‘start’ dozens of Originium from time to time.

“Not only mine, but Rongrong’s.” Chen Hui’s face as it should be by rights:

“We are all in the same group, of course we can help Help, look at how much you still have, I will try my best to find a way to borrow it for you.”

“It’s because I’m short of money, how can I ask you to find a way.” Zhou Jia shook his head and said Didn’t go to pick up the purse:

“The cold moon is coming soon, and the price of food will not be cheap this year. Have you prepared enough things in advance?”

“If not enough? , and leave some Origin Stones.”

“Don’t worry!” Chen Hui waved his hand with a proud face:

“Whoever is hungry will not be hungry in this Huo Family Fort. Huo Family’s maid, as early as a few days ago, steward had already arranged for food in the house.”

“Take it!”

Said, and put the purse to Zhou Jia A shove in his arms:

“Don’t be squeamish, like a bitch.”

“Heh…” The familiar intimacy made Zhou Jia chuckle , tightening the purse, and slowly nodded:

“Well, after the cold moon, I will return the source stone to you as soon as possible, together with the interest.”

“Don’t worry. , the interest is ignored.”

Chen Hui looked back and whispered:

“I’ll go back first, you don’t know how vicious the new eldest sister is, in case I still don’t know how to punish me when I’m not here.”

“You can’t let Rongrong stare at the front all the time.”

“Okay.” Zhou Jia put away the money bag:

“You are busy.”


Hundred Treasures Pavilion.

“In the first two months, the price of weapons has risen, but recently, no one will be short of weapons, and the price will naturally come down.”

The palm eye master who looks around forty Nito put down the giant sword in his hand and said:

“Fifteen Originium Stones.”

Zhou Jia covered his face mask, after pondering for a while, he took out a package and placed it on the table:

“There are still some things here. Please estimate the price. If possible, I plan to shoot together.”


Nito nodded, opened the package , his eyes immediately showed regret:

“What a good inner armor, it was destroyed. If it was intact, I could buy hundreds of Origin Stones, and now I will give you ten at most.”

“This thing…”

Picking up a black wooden sculpture, his eyes moved slightly:

“It’s rare.”

“Oh !” Zhou Jia leaned forward:

“I got this thing by accident. Although I don’t know the origin, it must be of great value.”

The wood carving came from a villager one night. The black clothed person who entered his tree house looked like a strange human body, and it was light and fluffy but could block knives and axe.

“hehe…” Nito smiled and shook his head, putting down the wooden sculpture:

“You don’t have to lie to me, this thing is the sacrificial image of Feimu’s world Supreme God. , there is a high probability of Divine Force over there.”

“But here, it’s just a decoration.”

“Six Originium!”

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia shook his head and put away the wood carving.

“Don’t!” Nito stretched out his hand to stop him and said anxiously:

“I’m not lying to you, this thing is useless, even if you ask the entire Huo Family Fortress, it is estimated that That is why the church bids a higher price in the face of the god of the underworld.”

“It’s really just an ornament.”

Zhou Jia thought about it seriously and shook his head again:

“Forget it, it’s not bad for those Originium stones anyway.”

“Wait!” Nito clenched his teeth:

“Twenty Originium stones!”

“No more, I will give up to twenty Originium stones, otherwise you can ask elsewhere, there will never be more than ten Originium stones.”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows, looked at the appearance of his gnashing teeth, and finally put the wood carving down.

As the other party said.

Nowhere else does it offer such a high price.

Before he came here again, he had already gone to several places and replaced all the bits and pieces he had accumulated with Originium.

“These are worthless.” Seeing Zhou Jia put down the wood carving, Nito subconsciously relaxed, glanced at the rest, speechless saying:

“The broken sleeve arrow, Half a weapon…”

“Package, ten Originium, how about it?”


Zhou Jia has no opinion this time, nodded promise.


Walking back to the tree house with Originium in his arms, Zhou Jia brows tightly frowns, with a contemplative face.

Although I have tried every means to get together.


It’s a little bit worse.

And it’s not like starting a minestone, even if it’s finished, it will cost money to refine it into an axe, and the price will never be cheap.

If I had known earlier, I would not have been in such a hurry to buy food.

However, recently, the wind is getting tighter and the price of food is getting higher and higher, why don’t you take part in the rescue?

“Brother Zhou!”

The familiar voice made him stop.

When I heard the sound and looked around, I saw Fatty Han with a long knife hanging from his waist and dressed in a ichthyosaur gang, leaning against a tree and looking at himself with a smile:

“You But let me wait!”

“Big Brother.” Zhou Jia nods Han:

“You’re here?”

“It’s okay to look for it. Can’t you do it?” Fatty Han shook his head and threw a purse over:



The purse was heavy, no It is inferior to the source stone given by Chen Hui.

“You know, it’s going to be a cold moon soon, and I’m a little tight on my hands. Here are 30 Originium Stones. First, take the emergency.”

Zhou Jia shook it. Holding the purse, he said nothing.

“Don’t be polite to me.” Fatty Han walked closer, patted his shoulder with a bold face:

“We’re all from Earth, who’s in a hurry? Can you help me?”

“I heard that you borrowed Zhao Gang’s money, and his money can be borrowed. Can’t I borrow Fatty Han’s money? My money is dirty?”


“No.” Zhou Jia hesitated for a while, then raised his head with a serious face:

“many thanks!”

“You’re welcome?” Fatty Han asked. Mei, laughed:


Watching the other party leave, Zhou Jia’s eyes changed slightly.

It took a long time,

the Originium in my arms.



The third time he came to the inner hall, Zhou Jia was no longer excited about being at first, and stopped at the counter in charge of Director Xu with a blank face.

“I brought the money?”

Director Xu changed into a fleece indigo long coat and put on animal leather boots on his feet, a pair of rich people in the inner city. Dressed up, lazily got up and took the purse:

“It’s fast enough.”

“I’ve borrowed the money I can borrow.” Zhou Jia sighed, a rare sale After a miserable sentence, he cupped his hands and said:

“I’d like to ask Director Xu to bring the Essence Stone.”

“It’s a little late at this point!” Director Xu looked at the sky and shook his head. Said:

“The key to the inner vault is with the Vice Hall Master. He is no longer in the inner vault at this time. Otherwise, you can come and pick it up tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? “Zhou Jia glanced at him:

“I can get it tomorrow?”

“This…” Director Xu pursed his lips and said:

“You don’t know, it’s not that simple to go to the internal library to get things, you need to go through several procedures, and you need to have other people’s signatures.”

“It’s all rules, and you can’t mess.”

“That’s it!”

He leaned forward and whispered:

“A friend in Neiku is missing a few taels of black mysterious jade, if Brother Zhou can help him If he gets it, I can let him go through the program quickly.”

“You know.”

(End of this chapter)

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