Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Tickets


Today, Sanjiang will be on the shelves on Friday, so I won’t be able to comment.

speaking of which, because of the epidemic, it has been difficult to do business in the past two years. There is a house selling buns near where I live. The buns are delicious, but there is no way to close the door often.

In order to be able to eat their steamed buns in the future, I will often buy some to eat, sometimes even if I don’t need to, I just hope they can stick to it.


It finally closed.

Think about it, writing a novel is actually similar to selling buns.

If you have a favorite work, you may wish to support it. The books from the starting point are no better than other places, and there are not many updates. Most of them are only two cents a day. few.

Just treat it as genuine, and feed it.

Some books and authors have great potential in my opinion, and their works have spirituality. It’s a pity that Court Eunuch is a pity. I often read new books, and the cities I like will support me.

Finally please vote!

If you have a monthly pass on hand and this book is in your heart, you may as well vote for it, thank you very much.

It is said that if the performance in the first month after the launch is excellent, there will be a bonus ranging from 700 to 2,000. I don’t know what is excellent, but there should be a bonus for more monthly passes.

Hope this book gets a bonus.

Request a ticket!

(End of this chapter)

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