Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Getting Started


The moon is dim.

It’s a breeze.

Hundred Treasures Pavilion’s palm-eye master Nito closed the door, put on black mink fur, checked the things in his arms, and moved towards the target direction.

In a few moments.

A remote courtyard in the inner city.

“I brought the things, the promised money…”


A touch of blood light interrupted his words.

Through the sash illuminated by candlelight, a head can be seen slowly sliding down from the neck.

In the room.

“Father God is above!”

Several black clothed persons moved towards Mingdivine wood The eagle knelt and bowed respectfully, only one person could not hide his excitement and trembled pick up.


Lifting the hood, revealing his majestic features.

If there is an upper-class person in the inner city here, you will definitely be able to recognize this person at a glance. This person is Qian Wenhu, the current Qian Family patriarch.

Miss Qian’s father, the father-in-law of Master Huo Young.

An Ultra Grade powerhouse!

At this time, his eyes were wild, and he gently stroked the divine wood carving in his hands, just like a devout believer, without a trace of the majesty of aloof and remote in the past.

“The thing that was accidentally lost came back to our hands on the initiative, as expected, it was God’s blessing, this time it will definitely be done.”

“God’s messenger.” A voice from the back Hoarse, he asked:

“When will we start?”

“The opponent is not simple.” Qian Wenhu swept the crowd and said slowly:

“Have you ever flinched in your hearts?”


“Fighting for the Father, I have nothing to fear!”

” Please God’s orders!”

Everyone shouted.

“Oh…” Qian Wenhu smiled and said in a distant tone:

“I naturally believe in your loyalty, the believers of the underworld are never afraid of death, but now they are not afraid of death. It’s not the time to start.”


“Get rid of this corpse first.”

Speaking, he turned towards the corpse on the ground One finger.

The corpse was obviously Nito who came with a wooden carving. This man wanted to make some extra money, but he didn’t want to be a wolf.

The money was not received, but the life was lost.



The drizzle is like a curtain, falling from the sky, as if casting a veil on everything in the world .

The raindrops accumulate on the eaves, and eventually slide down the ravines, dripping on the ground paved with bluestone, making a crisp sound.

Inside the house, the hot furnace cauldron boils, warm as spring.

The inner hall is as deep as the sea, and you cannot enter without money.

Zhou Jia, who was wearing a mink robe, stood in front of the inner hall, looked at the high lintel in front of him, sighed helplessly, touched something in his arms, and stepped inside.

“Director Xu!”

When he came to the counter, he took out a black cloth bag from under his coat and handed it over:

“What you want things.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Director Xu shook his head, his face full of displeasure:

“I’m doing things for you, and the things are also requested by others, it seems that It’s like I’m begging for good things, but if I don’t get good results, I get a bad reputation.”

“I don’t dare.” Zhou Jia bowed his head:

“I would like to trouble Director Xu to take down the mine. essence stone.”

“What have you been doing these two days?” Director Xu sighed:

“Don’t you know it’s going to be a cold moon soon?”

“Um…” Zhou Jia raised his head, his eyes couldn’t hide the irritability in his heart:

“What’s wrong with this?”

“Of course!” Director Xu said in a voice:

“Every time the cold moon comes, the inner library will re-count the things in the warehouse. After the inventory is completed, the library will be closed. After the cold moon, you must not move without authorization during the period.”

“You This essence stone has already been put into the warehouse, and can only be taken out after Hanyue.”

Zhou Jia opened his mouth and said helplessly:

“Can Director Xu think about it? Think of a way?”

“What can I do?” Director Xu shook his head:

“This is the rule of the inner court, a little supervisor of mine is a part-time worker, help me It’s not your job.”

“Director Xu.” Zhou Jia took out an Originium:

“I know you possess great magical power, please think of a way, I am here. Bian is really in urgent need.”

“Hmm…” Director Xu’s eyes flickered, he skillfully collected the source stone, pondered for a while, Fang said:

“Actually, you already meet the conditions. , it stands to reason that even if you take away the essence stone, it’s nothing, after all, it’s yours after unblocking.”

“It’s no problem to take the convenient program.”

“But it doesn’t matter if I say it alone. I also need the help of a few colleagues from Neiku. We are all old acquaintance people. Help is just a matter of words, but why should those few help you?”

Zhou Jia was silent for a long time before nodding:

“Director Xu is right.”

“That’s it.” Director Xu leaned forward:


“How about you get a few more kilograms of black profound stone, and I’ll help you with this matter?”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

It’s just a few taels, but a few more pounds. Human greed is really a bottomless pit.

That’s it!

With a sigh in his heart, he accepted it with a smile on his face:


Watching Zhou Jia leave, Director Xu raised the corner of his mouth and put his hand on it. Throw things in the closet.

“Old Xu.”

The person next to him was smoking a cigarette from beginning to end, glanced at this, and said:

“Don’t do it too much. , the rabbit is in a hurry and still bites people, it’s enough to stop.”

“Don’t worry.” Director Xu smiled lightly:

“If this surnamed Zhou had any background, it would have been long ago. I used it to run back and forth so many times, and I don’t want much.”

“Next time!”

He took a sip of hot tea, Expressionless:

“Give it to him next time.”

“Next time?”

The colleague shook his head.

Director Xu is known as the Iron Tortoise of Wealth. He always says next time, every time there will be a next time. People’s desires will never be satisfied.

With this money, it is better to use the relationship between Elder and deacon, which can always save some trouble.

But it’s all someone else’s business, and he doesn’t bother to care.


Director Xu knows that he is not liked by people, so he will inevitably be targeted in this Huo Family Fort.

But he also not to be trifled with.

Grade 6’s cultivation base, the background of the Hall Master in the hall, if you want to do something with him, you really have to weigh it to see if it’s worth it.

And after he got off work, he never went to remote places, either walking with people, or going straight back to his residence through the market where people coming, people going, and didn’t stay outside.

Even going out to dinner is not an inner city.

For many years, nothing has happened.

“Langli Karang…Langli…”

Carrying the sliced meat and wearing a scorpion, Director Xu sang softly, walking slowly along the street in the rain .

I’m lucky today, there are two bad guys coming to my door, plus the previous harvest, this cold moon should be easy and comfortable.

It’s just that the situation outside is getting more and more tense, and I don’t know how things will develop.

But no matter what, if you have Originium in your hand, you will have confidence in your heart.


The rain, getting heavier and heavier, gradually changed from a rain curtain to a rain curtain, slapped on the scorpion, and crackled.

“Get out of the way!”

“Get out of the way!”

At this time, several sturdy white-maned horses rushed forward under the control of the riders, The pedestrians on the road avoided one after another, and it was still inevitable that they would be splashed by muddy water.

“Huo Family’s guards, is this an urgent message?”

“I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing?”



Everyone discussed spiritedly, but Director Xu shook his head slightly and turned to leave.

At this moment, a familiar silhouette seemed to flash across his line of sight, and just as he was about to open his mouth, his throat suddenly became cold, and his energy quickly dissipated.

At the same time.

The purse around his waist also slipped quietly.

‘My money…’


The corpse fell to the ground, blood mixed with the rain.

The people around were quiet at first, and then someone shouted:


Instant chaos.


Zhou Jia handed over the identity plate of Director Xu, and his color did not change under the eyes of Director Qi.

“You said…”

Director Qi narrowed his eyes and said coldly:

“Yesterday, Lao Xu promised you to come here today to get the essence. stone?”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia refused:

“This nameplate was handed over to me by Director Xu himself, can it be faked?”

p> “You fart!”

Director Qi roared:

“Yesterday Lao Xu was killed in the street, when did he promise you, I would like to ask, Where did you get the nameplate?”

“Director Xu is dead?” Zhou Jia was surprised, then shook his head slightly, and the tape sighed with emotion:

“It’s a pity, it’s so good I’m a person who has helped me a lot during this time, and I planned to repay it well, but I can’t think of it… It’s really unpredictable.”

Said, with a look of regret.

“Don’t pretend to be a good guy for me, I think you killed him!” After all, he was a colleague who had been with him for several years. Director Qi couldn’t help roaring:

“I This will inform Punishment Hall and let him arrest you for a good interrogation!”

“If you have evidence, please feel free, Zhou asked himself to stand steadfastly and act upright, and never do anything against his will.” Zhou Jia put away his expression and looked at each other calmly:

“However, is it time to take out the essence stone?”


Director Qi was stunned for a moment, and was about to grit his teeth and roar, and looked at the other party, his heart suddenly became cold.

(End of this chapter)

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