Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Reminders

and the others leave.


The chair and stool were smashed to the ground by Director Qi, and it fell into pieces.

“Lao Xu most likely killed him!”

“Even if he didn’t kill him, it must have something to do with him!”

“Lao Xu’s I don’t understand his temperament, he definitely gives his identity plate to others, and he has to take things out of his own hands.”

“Also, how can there be such a coincidence? Talent just died. , just take the nameplate to get something?”

The inner hall was quiet, only Director Qi’s heavy breathing came.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and paused, only a thin colleague spoke in a low voice:

“No evidence, let’s talk about it here ourselves. That’s it, even if you sue Punishment Hall, I’m afraid you won’t be able to take that person.”


One sighed softly:

” I have persuaded Lao Xu a long time ago not to push people too quickly, the rabbits even bite people when they are too anxious, and he has really been too harsh recently.”

β€œPeople from Punishment Hall know, maybe You can also cry out.”


Someone sneered:

“You really have the ability, don’t hand over the essence stone Ah!”

“And the others lose their temper after leaving, what kind of ability is that person who can kill Lao Xu in front of everyone’s eyes, can you and I be an exception?”

“Obviously I’m afraid, I’ve already given everything, and who should I show my temper now?”

“What did you say about surnamed Gao!” Director Qi was furious.

“What?” The other party raised his eyebrows:

“You want to make a move?”

“Okay, okay, it’s all my own, don’t get angry. “

“My own people, my own people!”


It wasn’t until a loud roar that the chaos in the field was stopped.

A man in the field stood up and said in a muffled voice:

“Lao Xu died with a sharp blade blocking his throat, not the axe of the man just now, the cultivation base of the man who started it is very likely Grade 7, and it does not meet the requirements.”

“This is the end of the matter, who is the real culprit to investigate at Punishment Hall.”

“Do you understand?”



This person seems to be quite majestic in the inner hall. Everyone is hearing this and bowing their heads, even Director Qi is holding back That tone.

“Director Bai.”

At this time, someone came and handed a letter to one of them:

“I’ll get something.”


“Xuantie jade carving…” Director Bai took the letter, unfolded it, subconsciously wanted to push it back, looked up at the other party, and thought about getting the key:

” Wait a minute, I’ll pick it up.”


The visitor was taken aback.

The action that was going to take the source stone from his arms also froze in place.

When did the people in the inner hall become so good at talking?


The essence stone is adult fist sized, and its weight is comparable to steel essence of the same volume. It is heavy when placed in a box.

It is said that this is a fossil?

The color is white, but it is very similar.

It feels numb to the touch, and only at this time can you feel the Power of Thunder inside.

“Crack it!”

Closing the lid, Zhou Jia relaxed.

Although the process had some twists and turns, and even caused some discomfort because of someone, but the thing is finally in hand, and then you can go to the city to get the ancient hammer shop and integrate it into the axe.

With the Thunder Axe, coupled with the increasingly proficient Thunder Axe method, the formidable power can be multiplied. Even if you encounter a Grade 8 expert, you will have the power to protect yourself.

Grade 8!

Even in the inner city, it’s a Peak expert.

Thinking about it this way, it’s worth a few days of delay.


A heavy purse was thrown on the table.

I have to say that Director Xu’s ability to make money is really good. He carried dozens of Originium with him, and after searching his residence, he got nearly 300 Originium.

With this money, the urgent need is finally solved.

And rich!

β€œzhi zhi……”

β€œWhat are you doing?”

β€œBeast, stop!”

The clutter outside made the Zhou Jia looked up, put away the things on the table and opened the door, and saw a group of people surrounding Ang Ji’s residence.

“Stop, stop, how many of you are looking for me?”

Ang Ji soothed the three-headed and two-tailed fox, hunched over with a flattering smile, and there was a hint of a hint in his eyes. fear.

It was impossible for him not to be afraid. Although the person who came was not necessarily strong, the clothes on his body were clearly the patrol of the Huo Family Fort.

Or the Inner City Guard!

When the inner city guards come to the outer city, they are all major events without exception, but he didn’t expect that he had offended someone recently.

“Take care of your beasts.” The leader of the guard coldly snorted, unfolding a scroll:

“The Castle Lord has an order, in order to resist the Baron leader, the residents of the outer city will each pay two Ten Originium Stones or equivalent food, from now on will be levied immediately.”

“What?” Ang Ji was taken aback:

“Twenty Originium Stones!”

“No, when did this happen, why don’t I know?”

“Just today.” I will expel you from the Huo Family Fort, do you want to take money or food? If there is a certain amount of food, there will be a certain discount.” A trolley full of food, with fresh blood looming on it.


Noticing Ang Ji’s gaze, the leader sneered:

“Some people don’t want to pay, and don’t want to leave. There is no way, we can only send him ‘leave’.”


Ang Ji felt a chill in his heart, touched his arms, and his face was bitter.

Twenty Originium Stones were nothing to him two days ago, and he bought 50 Originium Stones just from the sale of the mine.

But that was two days ago.


“What?” The leader’s face sank:

“Can’t take it?”

“Or don’t want to Take it?”

Said, one hand was already pressed on the hilt of the knife at the waist, and a chilling meaning emerged.

“Don’t, don’t!” Ang Ji hurried back and said:

“Can you give me a few days, I… I’ll go to raise money, and wait until enough money is collected. , hand it in immediately, I’ll count.”

“Oh…” The leader looked disdainful:

“If you can’t get it today, you can get it in two days? “

“I can really come up with it, I… I’m very famous in Liuren Hall. If you don’t believe me, you can go and find out.” Ang Ji said urgently.

“Really?” The leader stepped forward with a cold expression.

“Wait a minute!” Ang Ji sweated on his forehead, raised his hands, moved towards the tree house where Zhou Jia was located:

“Brother Zhou, help!”

“Where’s your money?” Zhou Jia was speechless:

“How long did it take…”

“Help me, help me.” Ang Ji trotted over, The hot sweat from the tension all over his head turned into a tuft of sweat on his face:

“That’s it!”

He gritted his mouth full of rotten teeth and said in a low voice :

“Haven’t you always been curious about the medicine I used to lure monsters? You help me pay, and I… I’ll tell you how to make it.”

Zhou Jia shook his head :

“Your medicine needs to be combined with a special bloodline to be useful, and I have it as a decoration.”

“No, not exactly.” Angie looked anxious:

“Without my bloodline, the medical power will only be weakened, not completely unusable, and my medical recipe is definitely worth more than twenty Originium.”

“Well…” Zhou Jia said Lu pondered.

Twenty Originium Stones was a big number for him before, but now it’s different, it’s really nothing.

“It really works?”

“It really works!”

“Okay.” Zhou Jia sighed, moved towards the guard over there and said:

“I’ll get his Originium.”

“Not only his.” The leader shook his head gently:

“And yours!”

“Of course.” Zhou Jia took out his wallet and asked casually:

“Everyone has to take it?”


“Of course.” p>

“Where are the people in the inner city?”

“Is this what you should be concerned about?”

The other party’s voice was cold.

Zhou Jia bowed his head.

It seems that even if the inner city takes it, it will not be so much.

20 Originium Stones. At this time, the outer city can take out less than half of them. Their real purpose should be food.


Without food, how should I survive this cold month?


In the next time, all kinds of mourning, crying, grief and anger came from all directions, and there were screams and scolding from time to time. The city seemed to be in chaos for a short while.

Zhou Jia closed the door, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

The news from Black Lotus is timely.

There are also answers.

After this period of fighting and talking, the forces led by Baron finally agreed to leave, but the request was to pay for the food they needed to travel for a certain period of time, otherwise they would fight either the fish dies or the net splits .


The Huo Family Fort agreed to Baron’s request, and the Huo Family did not plan to provide the food by themselves.

The residents of the outer city became the target of looting.

Cold Moon!


This cold moon, I don’t know how many people will die!

(End of this chapter)

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