Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 77


Chapter 77 is missing

“Sir, we still have a child in our family. Without this food, this cold moon would be impossible. How can I keep it going!”

“fuck off! ”

The roar is soaring, and the cry is weak and desolate.

“I set up a stall at the market, paid taxes, and Castle Lord Huo promised to protect us!”

“Repair the city wall, pave the road, and arrive at work, arranged by the Huo Family. We never discount the errand, and we never ask for a single source of money.”

“You are forcing us to die!”


A silhouette covered in blood staggered out of the forest, and was chased by several patrolmen, who were hacked to death on the spot.


“If you don’t have money or food, get out of Huo Family Fort, you don’t need waste here!”

The patrol team stopped and walked away people.

With the white-haired wind around, the corpse of Huo Family Fort will not turn into a walking corpse. After the wind blows overnight, only white bones and bloodstains are left.


Someone walked down the street with dishevelled hair, eyes blank.

“Without food, how can Hanyue live?”

“For business in the market, Huo Family will take 30% of the money, and if you go to the inner city, you will get even harder, even if you enter the city. It costs dozens of sources…”

“We never said anything, how can I be sorry for Huo Family Fort?”

“How can people in the inner city eat well? Drink well, you don’t have to be afraid of the white-haired wind, and now you don’t even have food out, only outside the city?”

“The Qian Family will not go out! …”

“Only us!”

“I fought with you!”


A corpse fell one after another.





The white-haired wind whistled, unable to suppress the faint cry.

Zhou Jia was lying on the bed with his clothes closed, his eyes not closed, staring at the messy traces of the ‘roof’ above that were split by the axe wind in a daze.

The criss-crossed imprint is like this world, chaotic and disordered. There is no perfect place in the eye, and everyone is like a worm on the Internet, struggling in it.

The tyranny is fiercer than a tiger!

The Huo Family Fort seems to have no taxes, but in fact, it is exploited by the Huo Family everywhere.

The source money is not valuable, but because it has the endorsement of Huo Fu, it has become a tool of circulation, and you can eat as much as you print.

To set up a stall, you need to buy a stall.

To enter the city, you need to pay the city fee.

Not to mention the forced labor from time to time.

The innumerable residents of the outer city support the prosperity of the inner city with their own labor, blood and sweat, and the residents of the inner city support the Huo Mansion of aloof and remote with their high expenditure.

The strict class, the strength of the upper class to crush the lower class, makes it difficult for people to resist.

That’s all.

As long as it’s safe, most people can live with it.

But Huo Mansion obviously doesn’t pay much attention to the living conditions of the residents of the outer city.

Those who refuse to obey will be beaten; those who refuse to obey will be killed.

As of today!

Huo Family Fort’s weak are prey to the strong, never pretending to be, just living a relatively stable life for more than a year, making him mistakenly think that this is just an ancient society.

In fact, it would not be any different if the forces led by Baron came in.

Zhou Jia is lucky.

As soon as I came to the Huo Family Fort, I started with a lot of Originium.

There are occasional unexpected harvests, and it is rare to worry about Originium, but most of the residents in the outer city are actually near the food and clothing line.

In order to survive the cold months, I don’t know how many people’s family properties have been emptied.

At this time, how many people can bear it?

In the Ruins World, when there was no tenderness, if you thought that you could stay away from danger completely by hiding in the Huo Family Fort, it was just a delusion.

One day, the gentle veil was lifted, and there was also a biting cold wind inside.


not necessarily safer than monsters.


Turn over, Zhou Jia closed his eyes:


I don’t know how long.


Zhou Jia suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes flickered, he quietly picked up the axe and shield, got up and pulled the door open a gap.

At this time, the sky has not yet brightened, but the white-haired wind has receded, and the faint smell of blood, accompanied by the breeze, entered his nose.

Not good!

With a heartbeat, Zhou Jia opened the door and rushed out.

Angie’s tree house door was wide open, three foxes with two tails fell in a pool of blood, the house was in a mess, and Angie was missing.


He stepped one stopped, his eyes twinkling.

Angie’s strength is not strong, only about Grade 4, but it does not mean that he is easy to bully.

Three-headed and two-tailed foxes, each of which is a Grade 6, and the sharp-tongued and movement method are flexible. If the three heads are besieged together, even a Grade 7 expert may not be able to win.

And Ang Ji has more than two foxes around, and there are several hidden things, and the strength is also not weak.

Tell the truth.

Zhou Jia asks himself that his strength is not weak, but facing Ang Ji with bloodline, the son of the forest, I am afraid that it is also the ending of losing more than winning.

But now…

The intruder killed the three-headed and two-tailed fox in just a few moments, and Ang Ji didn’t even have time to call for help. How strong should the opponent be?

Grade 8?

Grade 9?

After a moment of silence, Zhou Jia cautiously stepped back.

No offense!

At this time.


A gray shadow suddenly appeared under the corpse of a two-tailed fox.

Zhou Jia subconsciously swung his axe to split, but stopped halfway, letting the gray shadow fall on his shoulders.

β€œzhi zhi ……zhi zhi  …”

This is a small mouse-shaped thing, only the size of an adult thumb, with gray hair and unremarkable body. seen in.

Although I don’t know what it can do, it’s definitely not lethal.

The gray rat jumped back and forth on Zhou Jia, jumping to the ground from time to time, and darting in a certain direction in the distance.

“Which direction is Ang Ji being taken away from?”

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

“You want me to rescue him?”

With the opponent’s strength, he wants to kill Angie with no difficulty. Since there is no body, it is likely to be taken away, so I don’t know what the purpose is.

β€œzhi zhi ……zhi zhi ……”

The gray mouse is nodded again and again.


Zhou Jia put away his axe and shield, turned around and returned:

“You look down on me too much, that guy Ang Ji doesn’t know Whoever has provoked me, I can’t do it two days late, and the veterinary medicine formula has not been given to me yet.”

“Twenty Originium Stones are gone.”

 … …

The inner city is still bustling.

As if the chaos of the outer city was gone.

The high city wall divides the inner and outer cities into two worlds.

On the street, pedestrians have changed into thick cotton-padded clothes, and their faces are leisurely and content.

When the outer city people struggled desperately to survive the cold moon, their sweets, meat, and drinks were all indispensable.

Ancient Hammer Shop.

The area of more than 100 square meters is not large.

The rammed ground, the messy accumulation of ore, various swords and soldiers battle axe are scattered, and the scorching high temperature emerges from the furnace.

Several sturdy half-elves were busy in the shop, their loud shouts mixed with the sound of weapons beating, making people’s ears buzzing constantly.

“It’s so big!”

Rondo held the essence stone in his hand and looked surprised:

“It’s more than enough to fit into the axe.”

“Really?” Zhou Jia’s heart was relieved:

“Enough is enough.”

I originally thought that the essence stone was only fist sized, and the axe was about the size of a basin. Maybe not enough, now it seems to be overthinking.

“Absolutely enough!” Rondo nodded:

“Even if you add another weapon, it’s enough, but this thing is too low in activity. If you want to smelt it, it will take a while. It can’t be done.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia frowned:

“How long will it take?”

“Why does it take a month…” Rondo sipped He pursed his lips and said:

“I forgot, the cold moon is coming soon. During the cold moon, the furnace temperature will drop, and the smelting progress will be affected. It is estimated that one month is enough.”

“So long?”

“It’s not too long, how can a high-grade weapon be easily made successfully?”

Rondo shook his head:

“Your axe is already made of good material. After integrating it into the Essence Stone, I’m afraid that cutting Grade 7 expert is like chopping vegetables and melons.”

“I want to borrow your auspicious words.” Zhou Jia surrendered, After thinking for a while, he said:

“You said that the rest can be integrated into a weapon?”

Speaking, he stretched out the shield in his hand:

“This, will it work?”

(end of this chapter)

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