Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Great Perfection

“Poor poor child, give it a stutter!”

“Strong man, you There are enough rations at home, if a strong man is willing to accommodate your servant to survive the cold moon, let your servant do anything!”

“Shopkeeper, there is still a shortage of people there, I don’t want wages, as long as Just divide more of the original food.”

“My son is young and strong, and whoever good family in the inner city is willing to take it in, we can sign a slave contract, and we will be slaves for the rest of our lives and never betray us!”


Every time the cold moon comes, this situation will actually be staged in the Huo Family Fort.

It’s just that although there are in previous years, it’s not like this time. Almost half of the huge market is selling their bodies in exchange for their lives.

At this time, complex human nature is often revealed.

The Kian Family, Qian Family, Fish Dragon Association, Liuren Hall…

These Great Influences stockpiled a lot of food in advance, and the lion opened its mouth at this time. A good time to scan the market at low prices.

They not only buy weapons and Rare Items at low prices, but also population and slaves.

This time of year is when they get their hands on it.

In the long run, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

It’s getting harder and harder for the poor to stand up!

Zhou Jia walked down the street with his head down.

Even though he had experienced it once, he still had difficulty adapting to this environment, hurried back to the tree house, and closed the door to isolate himself.

β€œdong dong!”

There was a knock on the door.

“Zhou…Brother Zhou.” The speaker had rough skin and slightly dark skin, rubbed his hands nervously, and cautiously said:

“Can you sell me some food? ?”

The big man, 1.89 meters tall, turned red when he spoke, a little girl hid behind the big man, bright and intelligent big eyes full of fear.

“Brother Lu.” Zhou Jia was stunned, he knew the person in front of him, Lu Youwei, a worker at the market, Grade 4 cultivation base. in the vicinity:

“You don’t have enough stuff?”

“It was enough.” Lu Youwei sighed:

“But I paid Pay is not enough.”

Zhou Jia was silent, paused and said:

“Don’t go to the market to ask?”

“I will go It’s gone.” Lu Youwei raised his head, his eyes filled with confusion:

“I planned to sell everything in the house, but… but the money they gave was too little, even if the food was changed, it would not be enough. “

“There is a loan, but it needs to be mortgaged.”

“Do you know Erica?”

“en.” Zhou Jia is nominee , a woman with a bit of a pungent personality, the tree house is not very far from here, and I haven’t seen it much recently.

“She just mortgaged herself and survived a cold month, but she has been paying her debts for a year and a half, and this year she has no money at all.” Lu Youwei looked into the distance, his tone was calm, no Too much ups and downs, like saying a normal thing again:

“This time, she sold herself to the Fish and Dragon Society for the lowest level of business.”

” I don’t care, but I don’t want Nannan to end up like her.”

Zhou Jia looked at the little girl and said in a low voice:

“I don’t have much food.”

“A little, just a little.” Hearing Zhou Jia’s tone a little loose, Lu Youwei’s eyes brightened and his body trembled slightly with excitement:

“As long as it is cheaper than the market, I will You can exchange things at home!”

Close the door.

Zhou Jia squeezed a few Originium in his hand.

Heavy, seems to be heavier than the essence stone.

This world…



Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: ordinary Grade 6 pulp cutting (1931/8000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Commanding Soldier), Earth Mighty Star (Trait: Violence)

cultivation technique: proficiency in Sanyuan Zhengfa (27/800)

martial skill: Shield Anti-Perfection (999/1000), Shield Bash Proficiency (460/500), Wind Splitting Axe Perfection (121/1600), Gnar’s Breath Proficiency (61/500), Life Seizing Sword Proficiency (764/1000) , Furious Thunder Axe Proficiency (789/1500), Three Body Steps Beginner (175/600)

Three Yuan Dharma finally broke through the entry stage, reaching a proficient realm, daily cultivation can also add a little more experience than the original .

But alas.

Breakthrough Grade 6 is still a long way off.

However, the wind-splitting axe method reaches Perfection Realm, and the formidable power is greatly increased. It is also after the shield that the second door reaches the perfection’s martial skill.

Mysterious breathing technique, three body steps, methods that are not within the scope of the blessing of the palm soldiers, the progress is still slow.


The cold wind whistling outside and the axe wind in the house.

A lot has happened in Fort Huo Family during this time.

The people led by Baron finally left, and the few who did not leave gradually joined in.

The people in the outer city killed, scrambled, and even dared to resist for food. In short, there was no time to stop.

Until the cold moon comes.

The outer city is littered with skeletons.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Zhou Jia.

He plans to take advantage of the cold moon to cultivate the two superior martial arts, at least one of them, to the mastery stage.

Proficient means that the martial skill Great Accomplishment is integrated into the fleshy body and turned into instinct. It is only one step away from the perfection Realm.

Looking around at the Ichthyosaur Association, it seems that only Elder, Hall Master, and a few deacons can cultivate superior martial arts to master realm.

And they, without exception, are Grade 8 and even up expert!

To survive in this world, strength is the foundation.


The axe was whistling, and there was a dull thunder.


The shield swiped gently, and the surrounding winds dissipated immediately.


Zhou Jia was taken aback, subconsciously stopped what he was doing.

Just now, he seemed to have opened his mind. In the past, many techniques related to shield countermeasures rose in the mind, and a clear comprehension was born.

The thought changed.

Sure enough!

On the Sea of Consciousness light curtain, the description of the shield has changed.

Shield Against Great Perfection!

There is no number after it, but the perfection is changed to Great Perfection, which seems to indicate that this martial skill has no room for improvement.

The last few experiences of Shield Reverse are like stuck, and haven’t made progress for a long time, I can’t think of a sudden breakthrough today.

“Great Perfection!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly threw the axe in his hand.

This axe was borrowed from Doron. It weighed 93 pounds. It spun and flew out under the force of great force, and then came in a circle with a whistling slash.

Facing the incoming axe blade, Zhou Jia raised his shield lightly.

The shield, also borrowed.


A muffled sound.

The point where the axe blade and the shield touched, a layer of ripples appeared, and the invisible force shook the air, allowing the axe to return to the original path at a faster speed.


Zhou Jia took the handle of the axe and took a step back under the influence of inertia.


He grinned and slashed with an axe.

Then the side of the body, the shield slammed.


The insubstantial axe wind was also knocked out and slashed against the wall with greater force.


“shua shua!”

The shield revolves around the body, getting faster and faster, gradually seeing only the shadow of the shield but not the real body , like a layer of airtight tortoise shell firmly guarding the three feet of land.

A moment.


The shield flashed suddenly, and countless qi energy shot out in all directions, hitting the walls, tables and beds with a bang.


“This kind of defense, I can’t break my shield without three or five Grade 7s!”


“It’s not necessarily only defensive.”

After stopping, Zhou Jia was thoughtful.

The shield counter only interrupts other people’s attacks and is powerless to counterattack, but after the Great Perfection Realm, other ideas naturally surfaced in his mind.

Mastering a soldier does not make a person suddenly advanced, but every practice will bring true and true insights.


The shield strike and the shield counter can fuse together?

He created his own martial skill, which is extremely difficult for others, but after shielding against the Great Perfection, Zhou Jia can integrate with other shield skills with no difficulty.

Swing a shield.

Air vibrates.

(End of this chapter)

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