Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 79


Chapter 79 Progress

The cold moon is coming.

Snowflakes fluttered in the sky, and the earth was frozen for thousands of miles.

The mountain where the Huo Family Fort is located is even more chilling due to the terrain.

From top to bottom, the huge Huo Family Fort seems to have become an ice crystal world, in which everything is frozen.

The extreme cold, if any creature is exposed to the outside, will freeze to death on the spot.

Heaven and Earth Might still wins Ultra Grade!

Inside the tree house.

The severe cold is blocked by the thick bark of the giant sycamore tree, similar to the structure of some ethnic igloos, allowing the warmth to be retained here.


Zhou Jia was naked, with heat rising from his head, and a shield weighing dozens of kilograms danced in his hands, colliding with the incoming steel ball. .

There are hundreds of steel balls, and they come from all directions under the action of the mechanism. Although the formidable power is not large, it covers a very wide range.


On the shield, the invisible force slammed into all directions.

As if ripples appeared on the water surface, a circle of ripples visible to naked eyes appeared on the surface of the shield, and then the steel ball returned to the original path at a faster speed.



In an instant, several agencies were scrapped.


Before Zhou Jia could stop, a stream of light suddenly shot out from the side corner.

Original Art!

Bone Rot!

The ‘spell’ of Fei Mu world can ignore the interception of the entity and act directly on the fleshy body, unless it is confronted with source power.

Before, Zhou Jia could only dodge in the face of this source technique.



The shield swiped lightly, the source power surged, and the streamer was like hitting a mirror that reflected everything, and it also returned at a faster speed.


In the corner, the jade talisman bought from the church burst instantly.


Until then, Zhou Jia stopped moving and spit out one mouthful of impure air.

In my mind, the curtain of light fell.

2nd layer Shield Anti-Perfection (116/2000)

After the Great Perfection, he tried to integrate Shield Strike into it, and the process went relatively smoothly. He named the new Shield Technique. For the 2nd layer shield reverse.

And the Great Perfection Realm, also regressed to Perfection, can be raised again.

The reason for this name is because this method can double the opponent’s offensive, and the second is to distinguish it from the original shield.

“The 2nd layer shield counter, in addition to the shield counterattack, there is a layer of source power blessing, so not only can counterattack the entity, in theory, the source spell can also counteract.”

“How can this be? No…”

“Everything is reversed?”

For a moment, it made him feel like he was the king of Zelda.






The axe blade left an afterimage in the air, followed by the sound of muffled thunder.

In the past, the swing of the axe blade would cause strong winds to stir. Although the power was fierce, it was inevitable that the force would be scattered, but now there are some changes.

As the giant axe is swung in the hand, if there is a substantial gang force spreading forward, the gang force condenses and does not disperse, and can spread to Mi Xu Kai.



A huge axe mark that was nearly zhang long appeared on the ground.

The surface of the axe blade had a trace of electric light, and as the giant axe fell, a layer of charred black appeared on the axe marks, as if struck by lightning.

Master of Furious Thunder Axe (3/2000)


Zhou Jia stopped, his arms bulging, slowly from the ground Pulling out the giant axe, a face full of messy beards showed joy:

“Finally, I have achieved mastery!”

Even with the blessing of the palm soldiers, the experience of the superior martial arts is improved Still extremely slow.

He almost gave up cultivation and other martial skills, specializing in the Thunder Fury Axe, and only barely advanced when he had the basics.

No wonder!

It is no wonder that although the martial arts formidable power is excellent, very few people choose the ichthyosaur club.

Hua Nianyu is a beginner and has been proficient for more than ten years. It is far less cost-effective than a low-quality martial skill.

After all, survival is the number one priority here.

Improving the martial arts cultivation base is only done on the premise of saving lives.

If Zhou Jia hadn’t had the innate talent in commanding soldiers, he probably wouldn’t have chosen the Furious Thunder Axe. After all, the perfection of a martial skill such as Shield Reverse wouldn’t be too difficult.

Of course, the reason why superior martial arts is called superior is that its potential is strong enough.

Grade 6 and Grade 7 are nothing difficult if you master the martial arts, and formidable power is definitely stronger if you are Perfection.

“It’s a pity!”

Looking at the messy treehouse, Zhou Jia sighed helplessly:

“Should we change the treehouse next year? ”

The walls and roof of the tree house are full of axe marks of different shades, and the ground is full of ravines, with almost no place to rest.

It is said to be a residence, more like a ruined wall.





The door was slowly pushed open .

It’s still cold outside, but the snow and ice have melted.

Zhou Jia adjusted his thick leather jacket, put on a felt hat, prepared an axe and shield, and walked out the door hunched over.

At this time in previous years, not many people came out of the outer city, and most of them had to wait for the chill to recede before considering coming out.

This year is different.

Perhaps the food they have saved is not enough, and many people have come out. There are also scattered stalls in the market, and they have begun to attract business.

Contrary to before the cold moon, now the Great Influences are short of hands, the wages are often very sufficient, and the food and materials are sufficient.

Acquisition, and no longer deliberately lower prices.

All Living Things to Recover, showing vitality, completely different from the bleakness of a month ago.

After paying the entrance fee, as soon as he stepped into the inner city, a warm feeling hit his face, making Zhou Jia, who was wearing a thick coat, couldn’t help but be stunned.

It turns out…

The warmth of the inner city comes earlier than the outer city.

Looking at the leisurely pedestrians in the ruddy complexions who have been recovering in recent months, he sighed and moved towards the ancient hammer shop.

The shop has started.

Rondo led him to a fireplace in the inner room, and stretched out his hand and moved towards a giant axe finger inside:

“According to your thoughts and body bones, forging has been It’s done, the essence stone is almost melted, and it’s just a little bit hot.”

“The shield, you can take it now.”

The axe in the furnace has been re-forged, The shape is different from before.

The handle is three feet and one inch long, about the same thickness as the handle, with blades on both sides, five inches wide and nine inches long, with a total weight of 127 pounds.

This is a double-sided axe!

Fighting from both sides.

The moon axe and curved blade have graceful arcs, and they are also rough and heavy. At first glance, they give people a sense of fierceness and mighty power.

On closer inspection, the surface of the axe blade and handle seems to have fine patterns, some of which are similar to the lines left by thunder chopped through trees.

There are even more shimmers of electric light, and then it dances inside.

The shield is one foot three inches wide, three feet two centimeters high, and weighs more than 30 pounds. After being integrated into the essence stone, the wooden surface becomes smoother.

It’s like a mirror that’s not very flat.

The edges are not trimmed, and there are no prominent edges and corners, more like a large piece of wood, and the inner hand guard can be adjusted at will.

Zhou Jia picked up his hand and waved it casually, and the feeling of the arm came to his mind.

“Good shield!”

“Good craftsmanship!”

“According to your arm skeleton, I have made some adjustments, and it is naturally easier than before. .” Rondo’s soundtrack is proud:

“This is simple speaking of which, the entire Huo Family Fort can do, only two or three people, I am one of them.”

“man!” Zhou Jiay nods thanks: “Double-sweet brother Rondo’s craftsmanship is really ingenious, I wonder how long it will take for the axe?”

The delay is three or five. God, if you need it urgently, you can take it tomorrow night.” Rondo said with a smile:

“If you are not in a hurry, you can wait, the Huo Mansion will be holding a banquet these two days to celebrate the passing of the cold moon. , very lively.”

“I’m from outside the city, so it’s inconvenient to participate.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Please hurry up, how can I get the double-edged axe the day after tomorrow? ?”

“No problem.”

Holding the shield and looking at the double-edged axe in the stove, Zhou Jia’s beating heart slowly calmed down, and a sense of security rose in the mind.

(End of this chapter)

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