Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Burning the Body

The dark iron armor, although it can only cover a few parts of the body, and the shape is even more rudimentary, it also explains everything.

These wolf-headed monsters…

can smelt!


The two-meter-high wolf-headed monster stirred with his nose and mouth, his eyes slowly swept over the corpses of his companions on the ground, and finally landed on the six people in the field.

It took a step forward, raising the axe as high as a man.

The face of the axe is the size of a washbasin, the blade is sharp, and the cold light is flickering.

“Don’t be afraid!” Xiao Li’s mouth twitched:

“He only has one, we have six here, six fight one, don’t be afraid!”

“That’s right.”

“Let’s go together!”

Several people were nodded, each clenching their bodies and clenching their weapons, but this guy didn’t look good, But no one took the initiative.

Zhou Jia also gripped the inner door handle, cautiously approaching.


Watching everyone’s movements, the wolf-headed monster with armor and axe moved slightly at the corners of his mouth, as if he was a little disdainful, and then waved his hand lightly.

“Not good!” Zhou Jia complexion greatly changed.


Four shadows pierced through the bushes, crossed the armored monster, and came straight towards the six people.

“Be careful!” Zhou Jia shouted, and at the same time, he used his arms to force, and smashed the door in his hand as a shield towards a black shadow fiercely.


With strong support, the car door whipped up a strong wind and collided with the shadow.


In the muffled sound, a wolf’s head monster was directly smashed to the ground.

After killing two wolf-headed monsters and several mutated corpses, Zhou Jia’s strength was almost more than twice that of a normal wolf-headed monster.

But it’s not the same as his easy handling.

The other people didn’t have this kind of strength, even Xiao Li was a little bit worse, plus the wolf-headed monster appeared suddenly, and he had to beware of the different one, which immediately became a mess.


The corner of his eyes flashed, and the armored wolf head monster was disappeared in place.

“Be careful!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes widened and he roared anxiously.

The armored monster moved at an amazing speed and suddenly appeared beside Old Brother Qian. The scary axe in his hand slashed a cold light in the air and slashed diagonally.


Old Brother Qian tried to block with a stick, but was hit twice, the axe light continued to fall on him without any pause. .


The axe light slid across the neck, slashed the chest and abdomen, and cut a body in half.

Half of the corpse slid to the ground, and the internal organs were mixed with blood and undigested food, flowing out from the cracked body cavity.

The pungent smell of blood filled the audience.


The scene in front of them made the rest of the five feel chills, and President Guo took a step back subconsciously, his eyes flickering wildly.

He killed Old Brother Qian with an axe, but the armored monster didn’t stop there.

“It’s over!”

Cheng Qi’s face turned pale, his heart was full of fear, he even forgot to resist, and watched the axe swept across.


At this moment, a black shadow appeared in front of him, raising the car door in his hand to face the armored monster.

It’s Zhou Jia!

He was the first to react.


The giant axe slashed on the door, the blade of the axe almost pierced through the door on the spot, and at the same time, the force exploded, directly blasting Zhou Jia out.

Even the door, which was wrapped in leather and vine for easy grip, was twisted and deformed.

But the action of the armored monster is a meal after all.

It’s eyes moved slightly, and there seemed to be some surprise in its expression.

Cheng Qi’s body trembled, didn’t return to his senses until this time, screamed in his mouth, suddenly turned around and moved towards the distance.

Faced with this terrifying monster, he has no fighting spirit in his heart and just wants to stay away.

“Don’t run!”

Zhou Jia just got up from the ground with difficulty, when he saw Cheng Qi running away, he couldn’t help screaming, and at the same time another wolf-headed monster rushed over .

The arm holding the door was still numb, so he could only clench the frying pan and smash it hard:

“Go to hell!”

“Peng !”


When he solved the wolf-headed monster in front of him, a breath entered his body.

This time is different from the previous few times, not only the strength has increased, but also a heat flow from the body began to sweep the whole body.

Burned out?

But it seems to be a little bit worse than Fatty Han’s description.


This side of the compartment, the armored monster rushed to Xiao Li’s side, and with a few axes, Xiao Li, who couldn’t dodge, was cut off by an arm.

Blood spurts.

Little Sun had fallen into a pool of blood at some point, with his body in one place, his head in one place, and a monster with a head lying there biting the corpse.

Seeing the armored monster swinging his axe again, Zhou Jia clenched his teeth and threw out the frying pan in his hand.



The armored monster couldn’t dodge for a while, and was smashed heavily on the face, causing his body to stagger.

Turning his head abruptly, he saw a black thing attacking the face again with strong wind, subconsciously swung his axe, and slashed at the incoming shadow.


The axe slashed into the shadow, making a weird cracking sound, but it slashed into the door of the car that was thrown over.

For a time, the axe and the car door were actually connected together and could not be separated.

The armored monster frowned, was about to open the car door, when he saw Xiao Li Mianruo, who was missing an arm, and rushed over with a frantic roar.

“Go to hell!”

Before the voice fell, the steel plate in his hand flew out first. Knowing that he would die, Xiao Li simply tried his best.

Some people don’t know what to do when they are in danger, but some people can arouse the blood in their hearts. He is obviously the latter.


The armored monster opened his eyes wide, swinging his axe and smashing the door.


One person and one monster collided with each other, accompanied by the stinging pain in the corner of his eyes, the armored monster roared up to the sky, and pierced Xiao Li’s throat fiercely with one hand.

The anger caused by the pain made it simply let go of the axe and tear Xiao Li’s body in half with both hands.

The other side.

Zhou Jia also solved the last wolf-headed monster.

At this point,

There are only two monsters left in the field.

The armored monster’s left eye was hit by a steel plate, and his injuries were unknown. The axe hung on the door and fell to the ground, spinning in the wind.

Zhou Jia’s skin was flushed and his body was shaking.

President Guo held the kitchen knife at the farthest distance, his eyes turned back and forth, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Don’t run!”

A gust of air rushed into his body again, Zhou Jia felt as if his body was on fire, he gritted his teeth and said in a low voice:

“President Guo, we can’t escape it. If we fight, there is still a chance. Didn’t you kill the wolf head monster just now.” , its eyes are injured, as long as it doesn’t get weapons, we have a chance of winning.”

If Cheng Qi was there, the odds would be even better.

“…” Mr. Guo’s mouth twitched:


After speaking, he turned and ran away.


Zhou Jia is in a hurry.

However, he also knew that he would deal with the armored monster by himself, with a high probability of dead end, only to stomp his feet followed along.


The armored monster at the back didn’t intend to let the two of them go.

At its speed, the two really couldn’t escape.

Zhou Jia had to open his mouth to persuade him again, when he saw an object shooting towards him, making him stop and avoid the incoming cold light.


The kitchen knife stuck to his cheek and plunged into the tree beside him, making Zhou Jia feel a chill in his heart.

Look at President Guo again.

Long gone.

He doesn’t have to escape faster than the armored monster, as long as he is faster than Zhou Jia, he has a chance to survive.

Just now, Zhou Jia couldn’t even take a blow from the armored monster, so if he stayed at this time, except for the dead end, how could he survive?


Watching President Guo flee away, Zhou Jia clenched his teeth, his heart was full of anger, but he had to face the armored monster who was approaching behind him.


With a roar, he pulled up the kitchen knife on the tree, stomped on his feet, rolled up the fallen leaves beside him, and roared towards the armored monster.

The torment of the burning body made him forget his fear at this moment, and slammed into each other heavily.


At the moment of the collision, countless forces emerged from Zhou Jia’s body, rushing towards his arm, and the kitchen knife in his hand seemed to turn into a cold glow.

Somewhere, a clear comprehension came to mind.

Break the limit!

This is…

The feeling Fatty Han said!

With a muffled sound, the armored monster stumbled to the ground.

Zhou Jia rolled over and was thrown into the distance by the fiercely, and the kitchen knife was also blown away by the armor.

He killed two wolf-headed monsters in a row again. After breaking a certain limit, Zhou Jia’s strength increased greatly, but it was still a little worse than the armored monster with muscles all over his body and a height of more than two meters.


After all, there is resistance.

Most importantly.

Zhou Jia climbed up from the ground, reached out and grabbed the handle of the axe beside him, kicked violently with one foot, and kicked the car door hanging on the handle of the axe.

Then looked towards Armored monster.



“Come on!”


the same time.

In the forest, a rustling sounded.

One after another shadow appeared from all directions, moved towards the team where dozens of people were slowly surrounded.

In the dark shadow,

a silhouette with armor can be seen from time to time.

(End of this chapter)

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