Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 80


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Nearly two months of silence and cultivation, although it did not bring cultivation base to Zhou Jia Although the advanced by leaps and bounds above, the martial skill has made great progress.

The cultivation base of Grade 6, surpassing the strength of Grade 7.

Strength, reassuring.

In exchange for his own shield, which he carried on his back, he did not rush out of the city, but instead wandered around the inner city rarely.

Visiting Master He, the other party encouraged him a few words.

As for the secret medicine…

As Third Elder said, only the real Disciple of Tieyuan School was passed on. He tried to talk about buying it with money, but he was rejected.

Even almost turned his face and could only resign.

In the vicinity of Situ Lei’s house, I met someone I had never thought of before.

Wang Baolin!

In the end, I went to Young Master Huo’s house where Chen Hui and Lu Rong were.


The mansion is heavily guarded, and a man and a woman are standing around obediently and honestly, surrounded by a man and a woman.

“Yun’er, be careful.”

Young Master Huo was doting on his face, and supported Miss Qian with an obvious pregnant belly on the carriage:

” I said I shouldn’t let you come, and it’s not long before, just raise the baby at home with peace of mind, just run around in case the tire air moves…”

“Shh!” Compared to the original , Miss Qian, who is already a married woman, is more dignified, extend the hand to touch Young Master Huo’s lips, said with a smile:

“I’m not the kind of weak person who can’t hold hands. Ladies, it’s alright to come out and walk around.”

“Say more!”

She raised her head and stretched her arms on the carriage:

“A cold moon Not being able to go out, I’m almost suffocated, I just took this opportunity to wander around, and my mother agreed.”

“Okay, okay.” Young Master Huo repeatedly nodded:

“Then let’s go to the next place, and we won’t go too much today. There will be a banquet in the evening. When the time comes, the house will be very lively.”

“en. ”

The carriage slowly passed by, followed by the Young Masters and Misses.

Zhou Jia leaned against the wall. Like other passers-by, he bowed his head and said nothing. After the convoy was far away, they started to drive again.


The sound of the wooden shaft turning is harsh and harsh.

One pink and one green two shadows jumped out from the back door, smiling hehe.

“Passenger A!”

“Big Brother Zhou.”

Chen Hui is still lively and active in a pink dress, and Lu Rong is wearing a green jacket , The body looks a little bloated, and the voice is crisp.

“It’s a coincidence that you came.”

Clap her hands, Chen Hui said with a smile:

“Whenever the cold moon passes, the lady will Come and see us, did you see Young Master Huo and Miss Qian just now?”

“en. ”Zhou Jia nods:



“hehe…” Lu Rong chuckled, her pretty face flushed:

“Speaking of which, our current status is not like those young ladies married into wealthy families in ancient TV dramas. The old man from the former residence?”

“Don’t say it, it really looks like it!” Chen Hui’s eyes lit up, and she took out an oil-paper-wrapped thing from her arms and handed it over:

“The sweets that the lady gave us are very rare in Huo Family Fort. You have a good time.”


Zhou Jia reached out and took it:

“You must try it.”

Desserts are a luxury in Huo Family Fort, and they are also available in the outer city. Xiaoyu, who passed away, once found a job like a pastry worker.

However, the sweets in the outer city are not delicious, and the quality is also poor.

The pastry wrapped in the oil paper is square, exuding an attractive sweetness, and there is a layer of creamy stuff inside, which is delicate and smooth.

The three of them didn’t wash their hands and ate at the back door.

The sweet taste is really long gone.

“This is what Lei Lei asked me to buy for her. You can bring it to her when you go out.”


“It’s you. ?”

Just as they were about to part, a magnetic voice came from the end of the street.

The three of them heard the sound and saw several youngsters in gorgeous clothes walking towards them.

They are obviously children of dignitaries.

One of them, the slit of the long skirt on his legs almost reached his waist, revealing his slender legs, and looked at Zhou Jia generously against the cold wind.

β€œMaster Cheng Young.”

Zhou Jia bowed his head and gestured to one of them nodded.

“Are you…surnamed Zhou?” Cheng Ping frowned, son of the Punishment Hall Master of the Fish-Dragon Association, only vaguely remembered Zhou Jia’s surname and frowned upon seeing this:

“Why? Are you in the inner city?”

“Third Elder has something to tell me, I’ll run an errand and see my friends.” Zhou Jia’s expression remained the same:

“Don’t dare to disturb a few I’ll do it right now.”

He didn’t lie, but the matter was explained by Mrs. Wang Hanyue before, saying that it would be done after Hanyue, and there was no rush.

“Wait!” The woman who spoke just now said in a voice, licked the corner of her mouth, and said with a smile:

“Since you are here, why must anxiously leave, why not Let’s go to the restaurant together, I admire a young and promising man like you the most.”

The woman’s face is beautiful, her voice is coquettish, and the sweetness is so sweet that even the dessert she just ate seems to be tingling. It has become much fainter.

“en. “Cheng Ping also nodded:

“Since Young Lady Wu has opened her mouth, if it’s not too serious, let’s go.”

“Sorry.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“My subordinates have already delayed a lot of time. If they don’t do it, I’m afraid it will be too late. If I miss the Third Elder’s affairs, it will be a trivial matter to punish.”


Cheng Pian’s expression sank.

The faces of the others were also different.

Huo Family Fort is on the surface, the upper and lower classes are not visible, but in fact the two are like a moat.

When I first arrived at the Huo Family Fort, Master Huo said a word, and some people actually rolled away. At that time, everyone felt a little funny.

But now.

At that time, it was Master Young’s generosity that the man could roll away.

The people in front of them didn’t have big stomachs, and they never thought that a small ‘subordinate’ would be disobedient.

“tsk tsk…” Someone held a heater in their hands and shook their heads lightly:

“Brother Cheng, your imperial technique is no good.”

“Let Brother Xu laugh.” Cheng Ping took a deep breath, his eyes were cold, and just as he was about to speak, a sound came from the house.

“Huihui, Rongrong, come back quickly, the lady forgot to send the reward money, she came back specially to give us money, come back soon to collect the reward, it will be gone if it’s too late!”


The two women, lovable body trembled, subconsciously looked towards Zhou Jia.

“You guys go back.”

Zhou Jia waved his hands and looked towards Cheng Ping and the others:

“Master Cheng Young, my subordinates are leaving.”

As he spoke, he slowly stepped back.

Several people looked at each other in blank dismay, but knew that this was not the time to start, after all, they came with Miss Qian and his wife.

It is not trivial to disturb each other.

“Forget it.”

The hotly dressed Young Lady Wu shrugged:

“It’s just a man.”




Dragon Club.

Zhou Jia didn’t plan to see Dai Lei, and asked someone to hand over the things, so he wanted to say goodbye.


Without thinking, Dai Lei hurried out and stopped him in the backyard alley:

“What a hurry, I also want to ask about Huihui’s situation.”

“She’s fine.” Zhou Jia stopped, turned around, and looked at the woman in front of her who was obviously dressed completely different from before:

“Looks like you’re doing well.”

The two have been together for a while.

Dai Lei was young after all at that time, she was like a young girl who had just entered the society and had not faded away in her dress and style.


The heavy makeup, the half-exposed breasts, and the fiery red dress add a bit of beauty and alluring.

Between the gestures and eye movements.

The innocence it once had is long gone.

“Really?” Dai Lei swiped her hair between her foreheads, half-covered and half-complacent:

“Thanks to you, Third Elder paid some attention to me, Now she no longer does laundry and cleaning, but is the leader of the backyard.

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia nods:


“Actually it’s nothing.” Dai Lei pursed her lips slightly, unable to hide her smile, and said:

“It’s just that the wages are a little more than before, and I don’t need to work hard, but it’s equally troublesome, just like some time ago, There’s a room full of foxes…”

She seemed to be thinking of something, she changed her face and changed the subject:

“Actually, you are not bad, if you put your heart into it, you may not be able to become a The people around the Third Elder.”

“Say yes.” Zhou Jia indifferent expression:

“I’ll give it a try…”

“en ?”

Before he could finish his sentence, a gray rat jumped out of his clothes pocket and scurried into the dark corner, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

A gray rat?

Zhou Jia frowned, as if thinking of something, his face suddenly changed:

“You said, there are foxes in the backyard of the clubhouse?”

“Yes… Yes.” Dai Lei smiled awkwardly and waved her hands again and again, as if she was extremely reluctant to talk about this matter:

“You know, the meeting is not very clean all the time.”

Zhou Jia pondered, then turned around and left:

“I have something to do, I’ll go first.”


Dai Lei stunned.

Zhou Jia walked like a fly without stopping for a moment, as if someone was chasing him behind him.

But it didn’t take long before he sighed helplessly.

The gray rat actually caught up again, and there was an extra piece of blood-stained cloth in its mouth.

Sure enough!

That fox smell comes from Angie.

(End of this chapter)

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