Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 81


Chapter 81 Crisis


A few inscriptions were smeared with blood on the broken cloth.

‘Save me, Huo Family is in danger! ‘

The messy handwriting and the scribbled ending can imagine Angie’s panic and rush at that time.

On the ground, the thumb-sized gray rat ‘zhi zhi’ screamed, biting Zhou Jia’s trousers from time to time, pulling it to go out.

“You are loyal.”

Zhou Jia looked down at the gray mouse, shook his head lightly, and threw the cloth into the fire.

This thing often hides in his pockets in order to avoid the cold. It has been obediently and honestly, so people can ignore it subconsciously.

Now lift your foot slightly and kick it out.

Saving people?

Zhou Jia asked himself not to have this ability.

Anyone who can take Angie away silently is the worst grade 8 expert, and seeing Dai Lei dodging, there must be something wrong.

A Grade 8 expert who can be associated with the Ichthyosaur Association, can be counted on one’s fingers.

Isn’t provoking such existences courting death?


Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed and his thoughts turned sharply.

The Huo Family is in danger?

What does this mean?

The people led by Baron have left, and even if they did not leave, there are very few people left, and it is impossible to compete with the Huo Family Fort.

Now that the cold moon has just passed, people are safe, where is the danger?

“Even if there is a danger to the Huo Family Fort, what can I find out with a Grade 4 like Angie? What can I change?”

“But he has no reason to lie? “

“What danger can Huo Family Fort be in?”

Zhou Jia shook his head again and again, pacing back and forth.

Long time.

Only his face sank:

“No, let’s get the weapon first!”

In any case, once you get the weapon, you will have a relationship with Grade The strength of 8 experts to contend against, even in the face of danger, they have the power to protect themselves.

But to be honest, Zhou Jia doesn’t quite believe that there is any danger that could endanger Huo Family Fort.


This is still from the mouth of a Grade 4.

Not convincing!

β€œEnter the city!”


After staying in the guest room for two days in Qingfengju, Zhou Jia came to Guzui again, To the surprised Rondo, he just said that he wanted to get the weapon as soon as possible.

“The fastest, also tomorrow night.”


Zhou Jia sighed helplessly.


Time is passing slowly.

The banquet to celebrate the passing of the cold moon started as scheduled.

The core of the inner city, surrounded by several streets where Huo Mansion is located, is always bright all night, with people singing and dancing, making it very lively.

The banquet does not refuse the participation of the residents of the outer city, but the consumption here is not something that ordinary outer city people can afford.

“Candy, snacks…”

“Braised meat, fruit wine, snacks…”

“Dummies, clay dolls, various toys… ”

On the street, the vendors shouted, and the pedestrians were full of joy, and they walked around the stalls with their families.

The Huo Mansion patrols interspersed in an orderly manner, and the expressions on everyone’s faces were full of relaxation, and there was nothing wrong.

Everyone is having fun.

In the restaurant.

Zhou Jia brows tightly knitted, puzzled:

“What’s the danger?”

Shaking his head, he walked back to his residence, silently Cultivation Trinity Dharma.

The next day.

The streets are still lively.

Inner city people who have been sleepy for more than a month are all taking this opportunity to seek relaxation, and at the same time, they are shopping for all kinds of necessary supplies.

In the room.

Zhou Jia was full of irritability. He tried the cultivation method several times, but he still couldn’t calm down. He even got a setback with luck.


“What is the danger that this guy Angie is talking about?”

scratching his hair, he got up in anger.

The happy laughter and cheerful voices outside the window fell in his ears, like a laugh, making his inner Qi blood boil and his eyes red.


“Calm down, calm down.”

“Wouldn’t it be a good thing not to be in danger?”

“Myself There is no need to be angry about this, calm down…”

For a long time.

He returned to the couch again, sitting in the lotus position.

This time, Zhou Jia did not try to cultivate the three-element Dharma, but calmed down and tried to control the nameless irritability in his heart.


In my mind, thoughts go up and down, and I can’t find a trace.

He didn’t suppress it deliberately, he just followed the instructions in his mind and let the thoughts go up and down.

The sky is getting darker.


Zhou Jia opened his eyes suddenly, his face gloomy.

He finally found out where the irritability in his heart came from, not because of Angie’s message or the clutter of the street outside.


Original Star!

The Apocalypse flickered slightly, and there were warning signs.






Rondo is about to lock the shop outer sect, a large hand reached in and stopped him.

“Brother Zhou.” Rondo was stunned:

“Why are you here at this point?”

“I want to get the weapon earlier.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly, suppressing the haze in his heart:

“Tomorrow, I can’t wait, I don’t know if it’s okay?”

“Heh…” Rondo chuckled, I also understand Zhou Jia’s thoughts, after all, many warriors regard weapons as their second life.

When he opened the door, he waved inwardly:

“It should be fine, come and see.”

In the stove, the double-edged axe was quiet and peaceful lie.

With the integration of Power of Thunder into it, the brilliance of the surface of the weapon gradually dimmed, as if the Divine Object had dimmed, showing the color of ordinary iron.

“Don’t touch it.”

Rondo reminded:

“It has been in the stove for more than a month, it does not look obvious, but the temperature can actually melt Steel, wait a moment, wait for the heat inside to dissipate.”

Speaking, he took out a special large iron pliers, cautiously clamped the handle of the axe, and threw it in with lightning speed. In the pool beside.

The next moment.


Thick white smoke came out of the pool.

The icy pool water also boiled instantly.

In a few moments.

Londo pulled out the weapon and signaled:

“It’s alright.”

Zhou Jia nodded, took a deep breath, and reached for the handle of the axe.


The subtle arc of electricity fell on the back of his hand along the handle of the axe. There was no numbness, but a kind of flesh and blood.

A double-edged axe, like an extension of the arm.

A breath and a breath seem to follow.

Without waving, Zhou Jia already knows how this thing fits him.


He took off the shield on his back with his backhand, holding an axe and a shield in his hands, Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and the idea of the Thunder Axe method naturally appeared in his mind. comprehension.

Raging thunder, silent roar.

A powerful force was born quietly.

β€œpa pa!”


The air was turbulent, the energy revolved around the body, and countless fine arcs appeared on Zhou Jia’s body. Zhou, whipped out electrical traces on the ground.

The axe blade flashing with cold light is even more eye-catching.

Rondo’s face changed, he took a few steps back, his eyes were dignified:

“Superior martial arts!”

“And already got the essence!”

“Brother Zhou, really good ability!”

Although he is not good at martial skills, he has a family background.

So at a glance what Zhou Jia’s current situation represents, which is the characteristic of comprehend a superior martial arts.

Coupled with the high-grade weapons that fit with it, fighting one or two ranks is no problem!

“Brother Rondo, many thanks!”

Zhou Jia held a shield and axe with a smile on his face, and the depression in his heart for a long time was also gone, and then he had both ears. Shaking slightly, his eyes revealed doubts:

“Did you hear a… strange noise?”

“What is the strange noise?” Rondo was stunned for a moment, then turned back suddenly .

The night sky.

A red glow that spreads for an unknown distance, I don’t know when it appeared in the sky above Huo Family Fort, the red glow folded in the sky, scattered into thousands of tiny red dots, moved towards Huo Family Fort inner city suddenly rushed Down.


The violent roar resounded through the entire canyon in an instant.


The back house of Huo Mansion.

The den.

A strange aura permeated inside, accompanied by screams, all the aliens and rare beasts collapsed to the ground one after another.

They have blood flowing from them, and the blood mixes with some powders, giving off a certain unique smell.

The scent wafts in the wind, wafting all directions.

Even if the den is strictly guarded, it is difficult to prevent them from escaping.

The smell floats into the air and falls into the jungle.



In the mountains and forests.

Countless aliens were roared towards the sky, their scarlet eyes showed a fierce meaning, their eyes turned, and they roared towards the Huo Family Fort.



Exotic beasts!


In the sky, in the forest, and underground, countless bloodthirsty and ferocious exist, under the attraction of veterinary drugs, they rush to the target.

(End of this chapter)

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