Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 82


Chapter 82 Chaos

“What’s that?”

Zhou Jia stood in front of the ancient hammer shop, Looking up at the red light falling from the sky like a meteor, his body subconsciously tensed, and his shield and axe lifted slightly.


Rondo’s eyes flickered, gradually showing surprise:

“It’s Fire Crow!”

“Be careful!”

Before he could finish his words, he was suppressed by a deafening rumbling sound.

The red light that fell from above had a long tail flame, pressed the air, and fell into the houses, trees, and crowds under the horrified eyes of countless people.


A large flame exploded in the air, and several feet around the flame became a fire sea.

The ancient hammer shop is relatively remote, and more than a hundred Fire Crows fell nearby. The houses and shops burned instantly, accompanied by screams.

Some sleeping people, in the muddleheaded, have been caught in the fire sea.

Farther away, where the banquet was held, the crowd was like headless flies, screaming and fleeing.

The huge Huo Family Fort fell into chaos in an instant.

“How could this be?”

Rondo was puzzled:

“The cold moon has just passed, and it’s not yet the time for the Fire Crow event, and so With so many Fire Crows, why would they suddenly attack Huo Family Fort?”

Fire Crows live in groups, but so many are definitely not one ethnic group.

It stands to reason that they should fight each other?

“Now is not the time to talk about this.” Zhou Jia clenched his axe and shield:

“They are coming!”

“zhi zhi…”

In the fire not far away, a strange bird the size of a human head, shaped like a crow but covered in flames screamed and swooped at the two of them.


fire bird, coming like an arrow.

Zhou Jia stepped forward and raised his shield to strike.

The shield is against!


The power of the counterattack made the incoming fire bird explode in the air, and the flame on its body is a bit like a sticky lava, even if it falls on the ground, it can burn moment.

But the strength is not that strong.

“The strength of Grade 2 is comparable to the explosion caused by Grade 4. The flame on his body has a very strong adhesion, and it is difficult to extinguish after contamination.”

Zhou Jia felt relieved, Glancing around, his eyes sank again:

“The most important thing is that there are too many!”

There are tens of thousands of Fire Crows falling. The core of the city, I am afraid, has been plowed like a bomb sweeping the floor.

“ka-cha cha…”

The strange cracking sound made Zhou Jia’s ears tremble, and then the complexion greatly changed, looking towards the inner city and outer city between the city walls.

Under the light of the fire, one after another hideous crack appeared on the huge city wall that was as high as ten zhang or so and about several li long.

Flame, ice, Corpse Qi, seeping through the cracks.

The abnormal noise in the ear is also becoming more and more obvious.

This made Zhou Jia understand that the sound he heard at first was not from the Fire Crow’s pounce, but from outside the city wall.



one after another thick stone pillar, rushing out from the ground, like fangs interlaced, tearing a huge gap in the city wall.




A deafening roar, gushing through the cracks Enter the inner city.

The ominous beasts and monsters with different shapes and shapes, like the black tide, roared and roared, rushing towards the inner city along the crack.


A section of the city wall that was 100 meters long collapsed suddenly, and a dozen terrifying silhouettes with strong Corpse Qi stepped out from the darkness. Come.

Cracks appear in more and more places.

More and more monsters rushed into the inner city.

Zhou Jia turned pale and subconsciously took a step back.

In his line of sight, a giant with several floors in height held the bones of several people, and smashed down a row of houses with a single wave.

Moreover, there is a strange snake with a length of more than ten meters, hovering on the ground, and every time it pounces, it will swallow a silhouette of a lost one’s head out of fear.

And the mantis as big as a house, with a pair of sharp tongs, and the patrol team members in heavy armor, also divided into two.

Death Knight!

Giant crocodiles!

A giant flying bird that breathes cold air…

Each one, I am afraid, can mention on equal terms with the One-Eyed Giant encountered in the newcomer area, and even stronger!

“This is the real Ruins Realm.”

Rondo’s weak moan rang in his ears. A large hammer.

Looking at the collapsed city wall and the monster rushing into the inner city, he was frightened and muttered in his mouth:

“Terror, destruction, despair, this is the place for all living beings. In the last days, as those people say, only death is the only way to be free.”

β€œI don’t want to die yet.”

Zhou Jia interfaced, his body slightly twitched with fear Trembling, but not in despair, the double-edged axe swung lightly, and the fire birds that attacked from both ends were divided into two under the axe’s blade:

“Also, the Huo Family Fort is unique, as long as it takes a day, it will be white. When the hair wind arrives, these monsters will die if they don’t go!”

The white hair wind is so strong that even an Ultra Grade powerhouse cannot resist it for a long time.

“Not bad!”

Rondo’s eyes lit up:

“Listen to my father, several nearby strongholds have been destroyed for more than a century, Huo It’s not unreasonable that the Family Fort has persisted to this day.”


Before he finished speaking, a huge black shadow rushed forward, but it was just a strong wind. , let the surrounding turf fly off the ground.

β€œBe careful!”

Zhou Jia jumped and avoided it sideways.

Rondo, who was wearing heavy armor, was obviously not as agile as him.

At the moment when he waved his arm, the armor on his body suddenly lit up, and countless streamers poured into the heavy hammer along the action of exerting force.

In an instant.

Rondo’s speed was more than doubled, and the invisible force smashed the air in front of him into a shock wave that was visible to naked eyes.


The black shadow that struck was smashed to the ground by the heavy hammer.

But it’s so powerful that it just smashes its shoulders, it’s not fatal.

This is a zombie wrapped in chains, roaring in his mouth, and the chains rush like a poisonous snake, rushing towards the waiting Rondo.

The strength is probably more than Grade 7.

Zhou Jia was not idle either, he was wrapped around a dozen Fire Crows.

The double-edged axe weighing more than 100 catties runs smoothly in his hands, chopping, chopping, hugging, clouding, stabbing… , as agile as nothing.

But seeing the shadow of the axe flickering, the electric light intertwined, and the dozen or so Fire Crows were killed on the spot before they even had time to ignite the flames on their bodies.


A strange loud noise came from behind itself.

The earth trembled, and a yak that was comparable to a giant elephant roared and charged. I don’t know how many tonnages it was, causing the ground to tremble, and the houses it passed collapsed.

The opponent was coming very fast, and Zhou Jia was too late to dodge.


With a low hum, his body squatted slightly, and his shield slanted upward.



The yak horns and the shield collided heavily. The contact point was like ripples on the water surface. The shock wave swept all directions, and the current spread.


Cracks, appearing in the horns.


In the roar, the giant yak weighing nearly ten tons was lifted into the air by Zhou Jia’s force.

At the same time, his body leaped high, slashing sharply with an axe.

The Thunder Slash!


The thunder bloomed in the sky, and the axe fell with the blade, slicing into the belly of the yak, and then ripped open the belly, and tore it apart from the horn above the head.


One person and one corpse landed heavily with hurricane blood, thunder swept the surrounding several feet, and several fire birds wanted to profit from somebody’s misfortune. Killed on the spot.

“Good trick!”

Rondo shouted, he just finished his opponent, although he didn’t see the whole process of Zhou Jia’s action, he still couldn’t help but exclaim.

He has a family heirloom armor, and his strength can be doubled, but even so, he is not sure to win the big yak just now.

Zhou Jia can be killed easily.

Is there such an expert in the Ichthyosaur Association?

“Now is not the time to talk.” Zhou Jia wiped the blood from his face and ran:


Just while speaking Kung fu, dozens of ominous beasts have rushed out near them, and many of them are more powerful than Grade 5 and Grade 6.


The side wall collapsed, and a group of familiar wolf riders appeared in front of me.

Although their strength is not strong, there are nearly a hundred of them, and their armor is sharp and mobile, and Zhou Jia is drowned with a roar.


thunder, blooming in the field.

A thousand troops are angry!

The old horse goes to the trough!

Break the wind!

Zhou Jia, who inspires violence, is comparable to a humanoid ominous beast, with shield defense, axe-blade slashing, and rampage in the monster group.

Those who block it are invincible.

Even the monsters of Grade 6 and Grade 7 are unable to withstand a single blow before the double-edged axe is unmatched.


The wisps of energy emerged from the monster he killed and submerged into his body.

Just for a moment.

It’s like a month of hard work!

Sure enough.

Killing monsters is the fastest way to improve your strength.


A heavy blow from the side interrupted Zhou Jia’s delusions. He only felt a sweetness in his throat, his body flew high and rolled into Only a piece of ruins dodged a big foot.

There are more and more ominous beasts and monsters entering the city. Even if he desperately moves towards the periphery zone, he still inevitably encounters tough opponents. Fortunately, they are not monolithic, and they have to fight each other. That’s how to escape.

Seeing him fall to the ground, a dozen monsters roared and rushed towards him, instantly forming a mountain of meat.

“2nd layer shield!”

“open for me!”

The thunder, which emerged from the foot of the Roshan, exploded with great force, and smashed a group of people into the air. monster.

At the same time, an illusory shadow runs out of it.


The farther away the better!

Ang Ji is right, Huo Family is in danger…

β€œen?” Gloomy and uncertain, turned back suddenly, moved towards a black alien in the monster group.

In my mind, Apocalypse flickered wildly.

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!


(end of this chapter)

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