Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 83


Chapter 83 The Third Origin Star

In just a short time, the huge Huo Family Fort has turned into a raging fire sea, countless ominous Beast and monster merged into the trend of black, rushing into the inner city to wreak havoc.

The screams, roars, roars, and crackles of fire burning trees make for a chaotic prelude.

The people who were celebrating to pass the cold moon not long ago were all in panic.

It was like a sudden nightmare.

As for Rondo…

In this situation, no one cares about the other, and the two have long been swept away by many ominous beasts.

Zhou Jia is armed with a sharp weapon, and has violent blessings. In addition, the ancient hammer shop is not in the core of the inner city, and he finally rushed to the edge of the chaos.

Although there are still ominous beasts around, it is relatively safe.

But he had to stop.

“Origin Star!”

His eyes flickered, chasing a black alien beast in the field.

The third source star that Apocalypse perceives is in its body. Seeing that the source star can not only be hidden in objects, it can also be found on living creatures.

The alien beast resembles a domestic dog and is not very large.

He has smooth jet-black hair all over his body, and a pair of catching ears is the most eye-catching. He has no eyes or nose on his face, only a big mouth full of fangs, and his appearance is eerie and creepy.

It moves very fast, like a black lightning, shuttling in the monster group, devouring the living creatures blocking the road from time to time.

The teeth in that big mouth not only look scary, but the bite force is even scarier. Zhou Jia saw with his own eyes that the overall forged thick plate armor was easily crushed and swallowed by it.

More than cannibalism.

It also eats ominous beast and monster.

At this moment, he pounced on a carrion that was about 10 feet tall.

Due to the blood moon, mutant corpses are the most common existence in the Ruins World, and as the number of blood moon experiences increases, their strength will become stronger and stronger.

This carrion, I don’t know how many times the blood moon baptism has been experienced, the strong can easily crush the Grade 7, but the movement is relatively rigid.


“pu chi…”

In just two bites, one arm of the carrion was bitten off by the black alien beast, and the carrion was , The bones are gently chewed and swallowed into the stomach.

It’s too fast!

Perhaps its strength is not greater than that of a carrion, but its speed is amazing, and its movement method is agile. Its limbs seem to be able to step on the void, and it can change its offensive several times in an instant.


Suddenly, the air flow of one after another black emerged out of thin air, like countless tentacles, moved towards the black alien beast.

Corpse Qi!

Corpse Qi condensed into reality!

It is said that some walking corpses are powerful to a certain extent and have the peculiar ability to control Corpse Qi, and this carrion should be like this.

Corpse Qi was entangled. Rao was a black alien beast. It was flexible, and its limbs were also bound. After losing its balance, it collided with the carrion and rolled back and forth on the ground.


Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and he didn’t have time to think about it. With a low growl, the thunder under his feet bloomed, and the whole person rushed forward.

He’s not good at movement method, but his furious thunder axe is powerful and domineering, and he doesn’t lack the means of short-range bursts.

When rushing wildly, the blade of the axe revolved around the body, like a thunder vortex, and wherever it passed, the ominous beasts that approached were all slashed and flew out.


Zhou Jia jumped forward, dashing to a height of more than ten meters, holding a giant axe and slashing down.

Raging thunder!


The power of Grade 8 Peak, the mastery of superior martial arts, the blessing of thunder weapon, the outbreak of spare no effort, even Grade 9 expert has to a strategic withdrawal.

The thunder surging, the raised axe blade seems to be formed by the gathering of electric light, and countless fine arcs cover the surrounding several feet.

There is also a faint muffled thunder, shaking the void.

The beasts and corpses that were killing themselves were stiff at the same time, and the black alien beast screamed, kicked its limbs, and its body rushed.


The thunder crashed to the ground, and a power grid covering several feet spread.

Zhou Jia slashed into the head of the carrion with an axe, suspected of being a carrion larger than Grade 7, his head was blown up, blood and brains spurted wildly, and Corpse Qi escaped all over his body.

The black alien beast was also covered by electric light, its body froze, and its limbs twitched wildly.

But before Zhou Jia could make another axe, it screamed, a black glow suddenly appeared on its body, and then a flash appeared outside several feet.

It is like a smart swimming fish, with a slight twist, a few flashes disappear into the vast ominous beast.

Zhou Jia was stunned, his movements froze on the spot, and his face was full of annoyance.


In this case, it was even escaped.


The ground not far away suddenly trembled, and a load-bearing beam of a house more than ten meters long was thrown away by a giant monster and hit the ground heavily.

The loud noise brought Zhou Jia back to his senses, glanced at the chaos around him, grabbed a handful from the ground, and charged towards the periphery with his shield in hand.

Although he is extremely eager for Yuanxing, he is not stupid enough to take his life to blog.

It was a rare opportunity just now, so I had to give it a try.

Now that the black beast has rushed to the core of the inner city, let’s not talk about whether we can get the source star in the past, even if we get it, it will be nine deaths and still alive.

Not a good deal.

And the brief calm made him came back to his senses.

As long as you know the clues of the third source star, you will have a way to start in the future.

If the black beast dies in the inner city, when the time comes, you can find a chance to touch the corpse. If it doesn’t die…, there are other ways.

There is no need to take risks.


Outer City.

Compared with the chaos in the inner city, although the outer city is also a little ominous beast raging, it is obviously much less, and most of them are not strong.

At this time, the cold wind from the outer city is still whistling.

Although many people walked out of the tree house, there were also many who were still in the cold moon closure, but they were lucky enough to escape.

And unlike the inner city, the outer city is densely populated with trees, and the giant sycamore tree hugged by dozens of people can be seen everywhere. Even a giant ominous beast cannot be easily destroyed. In most cases, it is lazy. ‘s understanding.

Although the inner city houses are beautiful, in terms of safety and sturdiness, they are far less than the giant plane trees.

The outer city is relatively safe.

Zhou Jia jumped down from the broken city wall, subconsciously relieved.

As the tense body relaxed, the wounds that had been suppressed surged up, and the severe pain made him groaned.


He looked down at his waist, and there was still blood dripping from a hideous slit.

Faced with countless ominous beasts and monster sieges, even Perfection Realm’s 2nd layer shield can’t guarantee that it won’t get hurt.

Especially the frequent provocation of violence and the squeeze of physical energy have approached the limit of fleshy body.

Gritting his teeth, he tore off a piece of cloth and bandaged the wound, and ran towards the forest with his body supported.

In a few moments.

Near the Ichthyosaur Club.

The chaos begins in the outer city, where there are mostly ruins, and silhouettes are hard to see.

A gray rat ‘zhi zhi’ screamed wildly, Zhou Jia followed closely from behind with a gloomy face, rushed into the empty backyard, and kicked a wooden door.

A strange smell filled the room, and a silhouette with a shriveled body like a skeleton lay in it, with her wrists and ankles tightly bound by huge iron chains.

The gray rat got into the silhouette’s arms, and zhi zhi screamed.

β€œAng Ji?”

Zhou Jia tentatively whispered.

silhouette trembles, looks up, hoarse voice:

“Zhou… Brother Zhou?”


Zhou Jia took a step forward, slashed the chains with an axe, carried Ang Ji on his back, strode out, and asked at the same time:

“Huo Family Castle is in chaos, and a lot of ominous people have come here. Beast, monster, did you do it?”

“I don’t have that much ability.” Onji slumped on his back and smiled bitterly:

“But my blood And medicine powder, it did have some effect.”

“en.” Zhou Jia slowly nodded, but he had expected this, and then asked:

“You will Can I make veterinary drugs?”

“Yes.” Angie closed his eyes and was weak.

hearing this, Zhou Jia relaxed.

That’s fine.


Suddenly, a dazzling halo emerged from the core of the inner city.

A halo enveloped everything within the range.

Man, beast, monster, walking dead, house…

There is no exception!

Grade 8, Grade 9, and even Ultra Grade are all unstoppable!


Another beam of light appeared, the city wall appeared out of thin air, a big hole, and dozens of terrifying giants melted under the beam of light.


This time, an explosion appeared, and the Huo Mansion rose up and rushed to Heavenly Fire, like a nuclear bomb explosion, and a huge mushroom cloud emerged from the inside, rushing towards the mountain col On the top, plumes of smoke hang down.

In the sky, the corpses of countless birds crash-bang.

“The mechanical cannon of the Huo Family Fort!” Zhou Jia’s eyes twitched:

“Indiscriminate attack, inner city…, I’m afraid it’s over!”


Huo’s house, I’m afraid it’s completely over!

The last explosion made it impossible for the Ultra Grade expert to survive. The Huo Mansion might have been razed to the ground!

(End of this chapter)

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