Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 84


Chapter 84 Recruitment


Angie leaned against the wall, swallowed a pill with all his strength, and closed his eyes to recuperate in silence.

Long time.


With a light sigh, he slowly opened his eyes, and in the already cloudy eye sockets, a bit of gray-brown wooden scars were added.

On the back of the shriveled hands, blue veins like rhizomes also appeared.

“My body will turn into wood. It seems that in a few years, my soul will return to the arms of the forest goddess.”


“The mother god is afraid that she will not be able to take care of this desperate world.”

Muttering in a low voice, he looked towards Zhou Jia who was waiting at the door, and said slowly:

” Brother Zhou, don’t you want to ask anything?”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia said:

“If I save you, will I be in trouble?”

“…” Ang Ji opened his mouth, a little speechless, but still said:

“I was drawn blood to dispense medicine, and now the purpose has been achieved. It is reasonable to say that it is the same, but it is difficult to protect them. I won’t kill a witness to silence them.”

“But don’t worry!”

He paused and continued:

“Wait for two days. , I will leave Huo Family Fort, when the time comes naturally there will be no more trouble.”

“Leaving Huo Family Fort?” Zhou Jia turned around:

“Where do you want to go? ?”

“Hong Zeyu.” Ang Ji looked towards the east with hopeful eyes:

“Actually, I planned to go to Hong Zeyu from Baron, but the difficulty on the road exceeded that. Imagine, I had to stay at the Huo Family Fort.”

“Now, it’s time to set off again.”

“I’ve heard of there.” Zhou Jia nominates:

“It is said that it is far away from chaos and is a pure land, but it is too far and I don’t know the way. How are you going to get there?”

“Pure land?” Angie subconsciously pouted:

“Some of the people led by Baron didn’t leave before Hanyue. They hid in a treehouse-like place to spend the Hanyue.”

“Now that the Hanyue has passed, they should be leaving soon. I’ll go with them. “

Zhou Jia opened his mouth to speak, the tree house trembled suddenly, and a series of roars of the earth came from the direction of the inner city and swept all directions.

The roar was deafening.

The two stopped talking and cheered up.

Dangerous, far from retreating.

The chaos continued from the night to the second day, until the white-haired wind blew, and the huge Huo Family Fort became a sea of white strange winds again.

The ominous beasts, monsters, walking corpses…

Under the seemingly soft and weak blowing of the white-haired wind, they all melted and turned into piles of bones.




When the white hair wind dissipated, Zhou Jia went to the inner city first.

The original majestic city wall has long been riddled with holes. Standing on the broken city wall and looking inward, it is a piece of rubble, and there are mounds of bones all over the place, like a ruined ruin.

The Huo Mansion, as expected last night, has been razed to the ground by a violent explosion, so I don’t know how many survivors there are.

It’s not much better anywhere else.

Qingfengju is not there, there are only a few broken furnaces left in the ancient hammer shop, no silhouette of Rondo is seen, and no one knows his life and death.

Situ Lei was very ill, standing alone on the ruins of his residence, seeing Zhou Jia just gently nod, with a dazed expression.

It’s not just him.

In the ruins, the surviving people are like walking corpse, without crying, with mourning on their backs, and their eyes are full of emptiness.

Chen Hui and Rongrong don’t know where to go, I’m afraid they are bode ill rather than well.

After turning around, there is no clue of the source star.

On the other hand, there are some people from the outer city, sneaking out in the ruins, picking up things from time to time, and then attracting the anger of others.

Someone is profiting from somebody’s misfortune, and naturally some people take advantage of the situation.

The core area of the inner city is better. There are surviving patrols and guards responsible for maintaining order, and there is already a sound of fighting in other places.

Zhou Jia did not stay, and returned to the tree house in the outer city while no one was paying attention.


Even if there is no ominous beast raging, it will take some time for Huo Family Fort to settle down.


“What you are talking about should be an eyeless dog, a product of our Feimu world. It is said that its ancestor was originally the Divine Beast who guarded the Divine Palace. But then he was cursed by Spiritual God because of the unfavorable guards, and since then future generations will not be able to see things.”

Aang Ji, who had regained some strength, took a bunch of blood-stained black hair in his hand and looked at it carefully:

β€œHowever, the Eyeless Dog is not strong. It has the strength of more than two, Grade 3, and is afraid of light and fire. You should encounter a variant of it.”

β€œNone Eye dog.” Zhou Jia nods:

“Can you dispense medicine?”

“Yes.” Ang Ji sounded proud and shook the hair in his hands, saying:

“With this thing, as long as it is within several li, it doesn’t matter whether it is a variant or an alien, it will definitely not be attracted by medicine.”

“That’s good.” Zhou Jia relaxed, no loss He didn’t forget to pick it up in the confusion at that time, and then said:

“Only several li?”

“Several li, there are quite a few.” Ang Ji Mian Pan was displeased and explained:

“Usually, veterinary drugs can only lure ominous beasts that are more than 100 meters away. Whether they can attract them depends on luck. You are the blood of a blind dog. It’s so far.”

“Don’t get me wrong.” Zhou Jia waved his hand:

“I just think about this turmoil, if it’s because of your medicine, I’m afraid it’s not only attracted The contents of several li”

“…” Ang Ji’s eyes narrowed, and after a long time he said:

“My blood can increase the medicine efficacy of veterinary drugs, but it will not There must be something so terrifying that I don’t know about it.”

“It’s normal for those Evil God Cults to have some kind of weird tricks. I heard that some Evil Gods can even win a hundred bets. .”

“Forget it!”

He shook his head enviously, withdrawing his distracting thoughts:

“The place where the eyeless dog lives needs to be dull for a long time. , dark and damp, mostly underground caves, but this one should be an exception.”

“It’s in the Black Forest!”

“The Black Forest?”

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“It’s a coincidence.”

He just happened to know this place in Heilin.

It’s not far from the exit on the other side of the mine tunnel, because the jungle leaves can absorb sunlight, so it gets its name all year round.

The dolphin snake in the secret passage should also be a product of Hei Lin, and was introduced into the secret passage by Cao Honglai to escort the cargo.

It is precisely because the black forest devours the sunlight that ordinary people dare not approach, so they have been transporting ore for so long without being discovered.

“It’s a coincidence that it can’t be considered.” Angie shook his head:

“There aren’t many places nearby that match its living environment.”

Have In this place, with the veterinary drug, it is not difficult in theory to take down the eyeless dog.

Zhou Jia opened his mouth, his eyes suddenly changed, and the silhouette appeared beside Ang Ji in a flash, pulling him to the back door silently.

Disappeared in a flash.



A loud knock on the door followed immediately.


“Open the door!” shouts:

“Inner City Guard!”


“What’s the matter?”

When the owner opened the door, he saw a few inner city guards in heavy armor with chilled faces standing outside the door. subconsciously feels bad.

“It is said that the Castle Lord ordered that the people in the inner city suffered heavy losses due to the strange calamity last night, and the city wall could not withstand the white-haired wind. From now on, all the residents of the outer city will repair the city wall and rebuild their houses until It’s finished.”

“If you don’t want to go, you can.”

The team members’ eyes are indifferent:

“You can go to work if you hand in 100 source stones! “

One hundred Origin Stones?

The owner’s eyes jumped wildly.

“If you don’t go…”

The team member lightly presses the hilt on the waist with one hand:

“Expel from the fort!”

“If anyone disobeys orders or deliberately avoids workers, kill them!”

The same situation occurs in various places in the outer city.

With shouting and shouting, the huddled outer city residents were driven out of the tree house one after another and merged into the flow of people towards the city wall.

The door of the tree house not far from Zhou Jia opened, and Lu Youwei and his daughter, who had struggled to survive the cold moon, were also driven out and staggered over.

“Child is going too?” Someone asked angrily.

“A person who is taller than a rut is not considered a child.” The guards shouted:

“Speak nonsense, torture!”

The ruins of the city wall.

A few silhouettes stood on it, watching countless silhouettes driven out of the forest from a distance.

“Xunjian, don’t worry.” Qian Family patriarch Qian Wenhu looked towards Young Master Huo beside him, and said slowly:

“With so many people outside the city, The city wall will be built in a few days, and when it can withstand the white-haired wind, the inner city will sooner or later return to its former prosperity.”

“en. ”

Huo Xunjian slowly nodded , with a sad expression on his face:

“I hope the city wall can be repaired soon, and if it’s not enough, I’ll build some accommodation in the inner city first, otherwise people will have nowhere to hide from the white-haired wind at night.”

“Don’t worry.” Qian Wenhu stroked his beard lightly:

“Old man saves it.”

“I have a father-in-law.” Huo Xunjian bowed his hands to the other side.

“Hey, why don’t you see outside.” Qian Wenhu squinted his eyes and chuckled:

“You don’t need to bother here, go back and see how Castle Lord is doing, Yun’er is about to give birth. , but there is no delay.”


Huo Xunjian nodded it should be.

Watching the other party leave, Qian Wenhu’s smile subsided, and he looked coldly towards the people under the city.

“Unexpectedly, in the situation last night, the Old Guy surnamed Huo was still alive, but these ignorant pariahs just happened to be useful.”

(End of this chapter)

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