Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 85


Chapter 85 Courage

Dense like a soft whip made of countless tiny scales, flying in the air, scratching An arc, and then fell heavily.


The man below was body trembled, screaming and slumped to the ground, shrinking and trembling.

The soft whip has a hook blade, which not only ripped through the clothes, but also took away a lot of flesh and blood, leaving the flesh and blood exposed to the cold.

“Hurry up for me!”

Young Master Chen of Liuren Hall’s eyes were red, moved towards a few people in the outer city frantically venting their anger:

“Let me find out that you are lazy again, and beat them to death on the spot!”

The beaten wailed in pain, while the nearby laborers shiver coldly, but did not dare to stop, speeding up to carry goods and build houses.

“Brother Chen, forget it.”

Arthur from the Kane family persuaded:

“There is no need to be angry about such a trivial matter, They are all out-of-town pariahs, they are so angry and hurt themselves, and they can’t be in a hurry to build a house.”

“Don’t persuade him.” Cheng Ping shook his head gently:

” This time the alien beasts are ravaging the inner city, Brother Chen’s family… There are many casualties, and I can’t help feeling uncomfortable. Killing a few people to vent one or two is also a good thing.”

“That’s right.” Kai beside him Li stepped forward and embraced Young Master Chen:

“But it’s useless to get angry at this group of people. Killing them will also affect the progress of the project. I have a place where I can help you relax.”

“How many, go together?”

Said, winking.

Carey is lustful and has some eccentric hobbies, and a few people are well aware of what he said.

“Alright!” Cheng Ping nodded:

“Are there any handsome boys?”

“I know you like this one.” Carey laughed, He waved again and again:

“Of course, Sister Wu, do you want to go together? It seems that we haven’t played together for a long time, why don’t we try it tonight…?”

“What are your tricks? , not my hobby.” The hotly dressed Young Lady Wu’s eyes were flattering, she smiled and leaned over to Arthur’s side:

“But it’s time to have some fun.”

“Come along!”

“Come along!”



scream In the sound, one person was smashed to the ground by a boulder that fell from a height, clutching his legs and wailing:

“My legs, my legs…”

“Pa! ”

A whiplash sent him flying.

“Shut up!” The steward strode forward and said angrily:

“Get up quickly, if you can’t do it, you will die!”

“Also There are a few of you, you don’t have to work here, right?”

“The stone was rolled down because of some bastard. Ten whips!”




β€œRock, wood Pile, keep up!”


“What the hell are you doing, you don’t have eyes, you don’t see out of stock!”


With the support of the inner city guards and the guards provided by all influence, countless people from the outer city were driven to the city wall and inner city to rebuild the ruins.

Rolling rocks, giant trees lifted, voices full of voices…

The city wall that stretches for an unknown distance has become a huge construction site.

The people in the outer city are the laborers driven by the Great Influences. They desperately squeeze their physical strength to build the city wall at the fastest speed.

The screams and screams, mixed with the uproar of dust filling the sky, form a unique picture of blood, tears and sweat.


On the tower just built.

Huo Xunjian brows slightly wrinkle:

“Yue Zhang, this seems a little too urgent?”

“No, when will the city wall be built? ?” Qian Wenhu shook his head gently:

“The ruins are all dangerous, and everyone doesn’t know it. The Huo Family found such a treasure in this cloud burial forest and protected them for more than a hundred years.”


“It’s just a repayment of gratitude, and you deserve this hardship!”

Seeing Huo Xunjian’s unbearable eyes, he said with a smile:

“You don’t have to be pitiful either! They, this group of pariahs are all about the temperament of hitting a stick and taking a step. If you relax a little, they will dare to spoil you.”

“The Feimu world has a master-slave contract, and the master can kill the slaves and slaves at will. Our actions are considered kind.”

“Alright then.”

Huo Xunjian knew that he was not good at this, and also knew that the superiority and inferiority were ordered. , Sometimes it is really not too kind-hearted, it is necessary to maintain the dignity of the superior.

“I’m going to bother my husband here. As for the people who work, there’s no need to owe them anything. Food and source stones are enough.”

“Don’t worry.”

Qian Wenhu nodded with a smile, and when Huo Xunjian left, his face suddenly sank:


“The child is here.”

“Tell the people below, keep urging, speed up the progress, as fast as you can!”





“The ancient people did not have the foundation of modern civilization. They had a stubborn concept of superior and inferior hierarchies. They did not think that corporal punishment of inferiors by superiors was a A kind of mistake.”

Zhou Jia sat cross-legged in the treetops with his eyes closed, and something from the class came to his mind.

“For example, there was a knight in the West who raped his servant’s wife. If the servant dared to resist, he would not be punished even if he was killed.”

“In ancient my country, there were long-term workers’ sons. After picking a few leaves from the landlord’s house, they were fined more than ten thousand dollars, and until their father and son died of old age, they couldn’t pay it back, and they worked for the landlord’s house for several decades.”

“These, It’s normal.”

“From our modern eyes, it’s hard to understand and it’s also normal.”

“Is it normal?”

The dense leaves, Zhou Jia looked towards the slowly built city wall, browsers tightly knit, before slowly shaking his head for a long time:

“This is not normal.”

He He has never seen a society that treats people as livestock, at least never seen such a blatant one.

The people in the Huo Family Fort are not only from the Feimu world and the Dalin Dynasty, but also from some unknown places like him.

Every world has different ideas.

It’s so oppressive…

Aren’t you afraid?

However, judging from the current situation, although some people resented the overseer’s reprimand and whipping, few dared to resist.

Faced with experts from many forces, resistance is useless.

But Zhou Jia,

has been feeling vaguely wrong in my heart.

In a flash, it’s a few days.


There is no whitish wind.

Zhou Jia, who was lying on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes.


A muffled sound broke the silence.


An angry, unwilling roar came from the forest, resounding everywhere:

“Why are the houses in the inner city falling down? , want us to repair it?”

“Why is the city wall that protects the inner city collapsed, and we want to build it?”

“We also suffered from animal disasters, not only animal disasters , we still have to avoid the white-haired wind, and prepare materials for Hanyue in advance?”

“Who helped us!”


“People in the inner city only care about their own life and death!”

“Shut up!” A roar sounded:

“courting death!”

“Boom… …”


The screams were intermittent, and finally stopped abruptly.

A little resistance, to people in the inner city, is innocuous, like a struggling grasshopper, they can run over to death on the spot.

But tonight, it seems to be different.

“My surname is Wan!”

“I lent you twenty Originium Stones three years ago, and I work for you every year, and I still owe you 20 Originium Stones three years later. , do you want me to work for you for the rest of your life?”

“I fought with you!”


shouting, Sounds from the other direction.

The resistance has been suppressed again, but the invisible flame has been ignited.

“In order to get through the cold moon, I threw my two-year-old child outside and watched her freeze to death. I hate it so much!”

A female voice sounded, her voice was sad , sad and heart-wrenching:

“They squeezed my wages to such a degree that they were only enough for food and clothing. As long as they saw how much more money I could earn, they would increase their deductions. “

“I rent a booth myself, and they will increase the rent to the limit I can bear…”

“They don’t want me to earn an extra Originium, they want to let me I couldn’t get through the cold moon, and then I was forced to sell my body to them as a slave and a maid.”

“My child…”

“I was forced to death by them!”

“My child…”


“Shut up!” A huge roar echoed in the outer city, and the voice was full of anger:

“All shut up, everyone listens, if there is any more sound coming out, where is it? People die, the guards are always on call!”

“Yes!” The guards shouted.

But it didn’t work.

“In order to save money for the cold month, I eat grass and drink water, and I never dare to buy rice, let alone meat.”

“But even In this way, I still can’t pay the salary last Hanyue, so I can only borrow it from Liuren Hall.”

“Old Zhang borrowed money from there five years ago, and not only has not been repaid after five years. In the end, I owed more and more money, and finally sold my daughter, lost my wife, and finally hanged in the tree house.”

“They are so shrewd, they put the rope around ours. On the neck, tighten a little bit until it strangles us to death.”


“I can’t breathe!”


“Yeah! Why?”

More and more voices sounded from all directions, and the leaves trembled, as if it was a foreboding, A cold wind started to blow.


In the jungle, an inner city guard Captain gritted his teeth and waved his hand:

“Search for me and see to the end Who is spreading rumors, arrest them and kill them… I want to kill them all!”


A dark arrow emerged from the darkness , straight into Captain’s throat.

“Fight with them!”

“Anyway, they are all dead, because of his mother’s arrogance, fight with them!”

“Kill ah !”

More and more voices sounded from the outer city, and the noise even covered the roar of the patrolling guards, and the two sides began to fight.


Not far away, the wooden door of a tree house slowly opened, and a pair of bloodshot eyes looked towards the outside world.

As the fighting became louder, more and more wooden doors were opened.

The red eyes appeared in the darkness.

“Not enough!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed:

“It’s just that these people can’t resist, most people just follow the crowd, they have no determination Against all Great Influences.”

“They only have impulses, and it is difficult for them to turn their anger into action.”


Suddenly .

A loud noise came, which made Zhou Jia face changed and stood upright.

β€œThe city wall is collapsing!”

β€œThe patrol guards have retreated to the inner city!”


The whistling from all directions has a strong infectious power.

The doors of the houses gradually opened, and silhouettes with sharp blades, crossbows, and axes slowly stepped out of the wood house, looking towards the direction of the inner city.

Their eyes flashed, as if impulsive and fearful.

“Kane’s house has been breached!”

The shout came again.


“Hu Chi…”

The crowd began to gasp heavily, and they began to move slowly away from the safe place of the tree house , go to the inner city.

But they still have fear in their eyes.


“Huo’s house has been breached, and Lord Huo Castle is already dead!”


Hot blood surged in the body instantly.

Courage overcomes fear.


Countless crazy silhouettes rushed out from the outer city, like black tides, swarmed into the inner city, drowning everything they passed by.

(End of this chapter)

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