Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 86


Chapter 86 Impact

Underground chamber.

Qian Wenhu, dressed in a jet-black robe, crawled on the ground, moved towards a strange altar and kept kowtow, mumbling words in his mouth.

Around the altar, a dozen silhouettes, also dressed in black robes, collapsed to the ground.

Their lives are over.

Blood blood was flowing under him, and the blood flowed into the altar along with the grooves on the ground, submerging into the weird Evil God woodcarving.

A strange light emerges from the wooden sculpture, like countless rhizomes, moving towards all directions underground, covering the huge Huo Family Fort.

The twilight has a bewitching charm, and the Seven Emotions and Six Desires in my heart just run out of control just by looking at it.


Two silhouettes appeared in front of the dark room door:

“Our people have already started, and they have a God-given law, and they have His hatred has been ignited and began to impact the inner city.”


Qian Wenhu’s prayer came to an abrupt end, he slowly raised his head, and his eyes flashed with enthusiasm:


“This will be the land given by God, and it will also be the land of God’s descent. All the worlds are delaying the time to end.”

“Only my lord, right I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.”

“The Fei Mu world will eventually come to the ruins world completely, and the efforts of those so-called righteous gods will eventually prove to be in vain!”

“God is above!”

“God is above!”

In the darkness, silhouettes walked one by one, the man in front was wearing a tulle, and his exquisite figure was half-covered. Half-covered, it was the Third Elder of the Ichthyosaur Society.

Mrs. Wang.




The roar was deafening, and countless people in the outer city gathered Adult flow, pouring into the inner city.

β€œWhat are you doing?”

A Grade 8 temple warrior widened his eyes angrily, moved towards the rushing crowd and shouted:

β€œThe following crime, Attacking the sanctuary dedicated to the light, you despicable pariahs are so bold, is it not courting death?”


Before he finished speaking, countless arrows shot Arrows and crossbow arrows have already cut through the darkness and quickly fell.

“Courting death!”

The temple warrior roared, holding the giant sword high, holy light descended, like an invisible barrier, blocking all arrows.

But the next moment.



More than 100 different attacks, swarming in Holy Light Technique.

Rocket, Rotten Bone, Heavenly Lightning Seed, Wind Blade…

Even with the blessing of holy light, it is still difficult to persist under many attacks, all split up and in pieces in an instant, The sanctuary warrior was also blasted out, vomiting blood in the air.

Grade 8 is strong, but it’s nowhere near the point of ignoring the numbers.

And the people from the outer city are all skilled at fighting.

A group of silhouettes rushed forward, drowning the warrior in an instant.


Someone raised a long sword, fiercely cut it down.

Someone stabbed with a gun, hitting the chest.



The warrior roared, and his body exploded with great power, sending the crowd flying.

He was covered in blood and struggled to get up, but before he could stand still, he was thrown to the ground again.


It’s the teeth that are broken.

The power of Grade 8, the flesh is as strong as steel, and the trifling Grade 4 cannot break defenses at all.


The man’s mouth was full of blood and his teeth were broken. Button eyeballs.

Do everything in your power to retaliate.

“pu chi!”

The soft eyeballs, after all, could not resist the pressure of the fingers, and were buckled out of their sockets.


In the screams, countless silhouettes came again.

They embraced the warrior’s arms, feet, and wild beasts like crazy, tearing and slashing everything in front of them, until they were completely dismembered.

After the crowd, the floor was full of flesh and blood.

A head with empty eyes rolled on the ground and was kicked around.

For a long time of oppression, the anger that has nowhere to vent, when it really ignites, makes the crowd like a wild beast, desperately seeking revenge.

The inner city originally had many experts, but it suffered heavy losses due to the beast tide. In addition, there were a large number of people in the outer city, numbering more than 100,000.

This riot is hard to resist.

Once you gain momentum, your troops will be crushed thousands of miles away!


The trend of black swept through, and the sanctuary, which was still tenaciously defended under the impact of the beast tide, collapsed suddenly.

The silhouettes dressed in white sacrificial robes were drowned by the silhouettes one after another. They screamed and fell to the ground.

This scene,

doesn’t just happen in the church.

Li Family.

The Young Master and his wives, who were aloof and remote in the past, were flung away by the servants who used to bully them at will. The servants charged with rakes, axes and wooden sticks gnashing teeth.

Master, Young Master, overwhelmed by the crowd.

The guards turned pale and fled in a hurry, still following in their footsteps.

A guard member in armor looked terrified, and seeing the crazy crowd on the street, they hurriedly took off their clothes and pointed back:

“I know. Where are the rest of the Huo Family, come with me!”


The crowd was stunned for a moment, then rushed forward.

Liu Ren Tang.

Innumerable people smashed and fought in it.

The once mighty Instructor and Warrior were shiver coldly under the impact of the crazy crowd, and finally screamed and drowned.

Grade 8, Grade 9, and even tenth grade…

In the face of the crazy crowd, it just lasts longer.

Not as good as the beast tide.

Crowds are crazy, but they know where to hide and where to take refuge, making it even harder to escape.

Inner city people hidden in underground, dark rooms, and caves were found one after another and hacked to death on the spot.

The blood gathers on the earth.

The huge inner city is covered with blood.

The Kane family, the Huo Family, the Black Lotus station…

It’s like a grindstone of flesh and blood, killing people.


“For many years, as long as they resist a little, they will be brutally suppressed. Therefore, as long as they resist, they will hesitate and fear.”

“But in the same way, when they can’t bear it anymore, the revenge will be unprecedentedly crazy, as if they have completely lost their humanity, because experience tells them that if they don’t kill all those people this time, those people will return sooner or later. in a swirl of dust, kill them…”


Zhou Jia stood in the forest, the halo of Sea of Consciousness flickering.


He vomited one mouthful of impure air, barely suppressing the boiling blood, and clarity slowly emerged in his eyes.

“Forget it.”

Shaking his head slightly, he slowly backed away.

At such a time, no one will be sensible, and rashly participate in it, it is difficult to guarantee what will happen, it is better to avoid it temporarily and avoid the limelight.

β€œen? ”

His eyes flashed, he suddenly thought of something, he stepped down, moved towards the fish and dragon club station and swooped over.

I don’t know about other places, but the Ichthyosaur Association will certainly be affected, doesn’t that mean that the inner library and the scriptures are all open now?

When I came to the station, as expected, it was already a mess.

However, the resident is in the outer city after all, and most of the people have left after the raging crowd, and the people who stay are probably of the same mind as him.

fish in troubled waters!


Zhou Jia flickered, jumped over the broken house wall, and headed straight for the book.

There are a lot of good things in the inner library. Even if the crowd loses their minds, they will not let them go. However, the book is a small remote place, and there may be things left.

Not long.

A collapsed treehouse comes into view.

There are also a few silhouettes in it.

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and he rushed into the tree house at a high speed. There was a mess in his eyes, and all kinds of books were thrown everywhere in a disorderly manner.

A few people were looking for something inside, and they just glanced at him and continued to work.

Excellent martial arts!

Zhou Jia knew exactly what he needed, so he walked quickly to the place where the martial arts had been placed, and picked up a few cheats.

“Templar Cross Sword”

“Snow Step”

“Ferocious Tiger Blade Technique”

These martial skills He has heard that it belongs to the more common practice method of the ichthyosaur gang members, and there is no superior martial arts.


Zhou Jia stopped what he was doing and tentatively looked towards the others:

“Is there anyone who has a good martial skill? I am willing to spend money to transcribe, here is pen and paper, and others can testify.”

“You are late.” One person looked up and said:

“When we come , this place has been searched again, good martial skills, cultivation techniques, and source techniques have long been packed and taken away.”

“Otherwise, do you think we would be so casual?”


Zhou Jia was silent and paused:

“Is there an axe technique? Shield technique? Ordinary ones are fine.”

“You can go over there and see .” A swordsman stretched out his hand and pointed inward.

β€œmany thanks.”

Zhou Jia bowed his hands politely, and sure enough, he found some axe and shield skills at the place pointed by the other party, but the same rank is not high.

Fortunately, I found a piece of cloth and packed everything I could use.

“Encircle the neighborhood!”

Just then, a cry sounded from not far away:

“Don’t let anyone go!”


Immediately after, there were the sound of rapid footsteps.

The people in the tree house were stunned for a moment, then quickly packed up the things in front of them and fled.

(End of this chapter)

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