Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 87


Chapter 87 Cannibalism

Silhouettes dressed in black robes and similar dresses haunt various places in Huo Family Fortress The land, taking advantage of the chaos, searched for various materials.

Zhou Jia is carrying a package and traversing in the dark.

Stopping every now and then, looking towards the surroundings.

Judging from the fact that these black robed men have clear goals and orderly actions, they must belong to a certain force.


This force obviously expected the riots tonight, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so timely.

Even most likely, is the driving force behind the riots.

But now the Huo Family is in chaos, the Huo Family is powerless to defend himself, and other families and gangs are also affected. What other force can do this?


The wooden board beside me accidentally fell to the ground.

“Who?” A dark figure appeared at the end of the alley, moving towards the darkness.

Zhou Jia’s face sank, his body dashed forward, and he stretched out his big hand and pressed forward.

Five fingers exerted force, the shield slammed lightly, and the electric light flashed, and the opponent was electrocuted on the spot.

Draging people, he was once again quietly hiding in the dark.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

A basin of cold water woke the person up, Zhou Jia held an axe in one hand, the blade of the axe pressed against the opponent’s throat, and asked in a cold voice:

“Who are you?”

Under the black robe, is a blond youngster who looks at most in his early twenties.


Faced with threats, youngster is unafraid, even leaning forward, staring at Zhou Jia with cold eyes, gritted his teeth and growled:

“All things will pass away; all things will come to an end.”

“My Lord…”

“I won’t let you go!”

Saying that, he swung his neck sharply across the sharp axe blade.

β€œpu chi!”

The blood spurted out in a fan shape under the pressure in the cavity.

Zhou Jia complexion slightly changed, hurriedly backed away from the blood, watched the other’s throat roll, and continued to growl with a feverish hoarseness on his face:

“I…just return to God the Father .”

“And you!”

He stared at Zhou Jia and cursed in a low voice:

“General, there is nowhere to go!”

The voice fell, youngster’s head drooped, and the whole person slumped to the ground, only blood flowed from the neck split.

“Crazy.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently, his eyes narrowed:

“Evil God believers?”

In this desperate world, there is no shortage of Evils. God believers, but because of the suppression of the Great Influence of the Huo Family Fort, it has not been able to succeed.

Some people secretly worship Evil God. In this case, Huo Fu also turns a blind eye, after all, he can’t handle it.

Nowadays, the believers of Evil God probably already have a unified organization.

Angie also said that the person who captured him was an Evil God Cult.

This kind of fanatical believers, who are not even afraid of death, want to get useful information from them is undoubtedly delusional.

After a little thought, he turned over on the youngster and found a few bulging cloth bags stuffed into the package, Zhou Jia turned around and jumped up.




People like Zhou Jia who fish in troubled waters are by no means rare.

There are many profiting from somebody’s misfortune.

In ruins.

You can see silhouettes flashing one by one.

Besides the corpses, there are many people looking for weapons and Originium. Some of them fight alone, some in groups of three or four, each looking for benefits in the ruins.

The flames were burning, and

Zhou Jia stopped in a dilapidated alley, his eyes narrowed and his body tense:

“Three people, here is a big one. It’s very, very easy, as long as you use some heart, you can easily get a hundred or ten Originium, why bother with yourself?”


Not far away, obliquely A person stepped out from behind the wooden plank stuck on the ground.

At the same time, there were two more people walking out from the side, one of them was two meters tall, with a majestic figure, walking with a ghost-headed knife.

The brawny man looked at Zhou Jia and said in a muffled voice:

“Put the things down and spare your life!”

Flashing, already cutting off the back road, slowly approaching with a weapon.

“Really?” Zhou Jia frowned.

“You can choose not to.” One of them sneered:

“We never…”


Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Zhou Jia’s body flashed not far away, swooping towards him, and the double-edged axe in his hand roared down.

β€œGrade 6!”

The complexion slightly changed, but not panic.

The three of them dared to do this kind of business, how could they have no recourse? The big brother has great martial power of Grade 7, and he is also Grade 6 himself.

As long as they entangle each other for a moment, three people besiege, is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain.

As his thoughts turned, steel claws shot out from his hands, one grabbed the incoming axe blade, and the other charged forward, clasping the opponent’s throat.

Poison Dragon Claws!

This middle grade martial skill, he has already integrated thousands of hammers, hundred refinements into the bone marrow.


The electric light flickered, the axe blade changed strangely, and several cold lights flashed suddenly, and the steel claws that attacked suddenly froze, and then fell to the ground.

Zhou Jia retracted his axe and swung his shield backwards.


The two incoming streamers were accelerated and bounced back.

“Second Brother!”

“Second Brother!”

The remaining two complexion greatly changed, roaring in their mouths and rushing wildly.

They never thought that the second child could not even hold a round in front of the other side, and his head was chopped off.

Surprised and angry, the two have already rushed to the front.

The ghost-headed knife in the boss’s hand turned into one after another gray blade glow, the blade glow flickered like mercury pouring down the ground, covering the area around one zhang.

The old third held a copper mace, and when he swung it, the wind was blowing.

The power is amazing.



The axe light that suddenly appeared was like a dragon, the electric light flickered, fierce and domineering, such as The thunder is in the air, and the incomparable power is revealed in the raging publicity.


Raging Thunder Axe!


The dazzling lightning bloomed in the field.

The moment the three of them made contact, the two were blasted out, and the boss who was taking care of them was chopped into a pile of minced meat before he even regained his senses.

The youngest eyes wide staring angrily, his eyes are full of puzzlement.

And even anger!

Grade 8?

What are you doing!

You are so powerful, why do you still need to sneak around here, rummaging through boxes and cabinets to find something for a hundred or ten Originium?

Isn’t this a joke?

The doubts in his heart were naturally unanswered.

The axe flashed, and the head was already divided into two from it.

Zhou Jia didn’t feel that what he did was excessive, he was just a little Grade 6, not a real Grade 8, so he naturally had to do things cautiously.

And the lion fights the rabbit with all his strength. What if there is something weird on the three of them?

After all.

There is only one life, and one mistake is irreversible.

Picking up the packages and weapons on the three of them, and making sure that no one was snooping around, he again hid in the dark.

Not long after walking, Zhou Jia stepped one stopped, dodged and hid in a rubble.

“Huo Xunjian, you can’t escape, obediently surrender!”

“fuck off!”

“pu chi…”


A group of black shadows rushed out from the inner city, surrounded the two of them and started a siege, shouting from time to time.

The strength of this group of people is all strong, and they are good at martial skills and origin techniques. Among them, there are even three experts who are suspected to be Grade 8, and the ground is torn apart everywhere they pass.

But even so, facing the two people inside, they were still cautiously, not daring to be greedy for success, and even people were beheaded on the spot from time to time.

β€œchi chi chi chi  …”

a beam of black light, flashing fast in the field, halo like a fast as lightning wheel, wherever it passes, no matter how Intercepts are all broken.

In the darkness, Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes.

So fast!

The black light comes from a short blade. The Blade Technique moves are extremely delicate. The most terrifying thing is the speed. It can slash dozens of pieces in an instant, which is amazingly fast.

Zhou Jia’s shield against Great Perfection, the defensive power far exceeds the same level, but even if violence breaks out, ask yourself that in the face of such Blade Technique, he will definitely not be able to hold on for ten breaths.


In the low roar, the silhouette and the blade light intersected, turning into a stream of light, dashing or so, the two Grade 7s in front did not have time to dodge. Torn apart by blade light.


Seeing that the silhouette was about to get rid of the pursuit, a silver spear emerged from the darkness, the gun shot like a dragon, and it was extremely precise on the blade light.

In terms of strength, silver spear may not be stronger than short blade.

But one person is ready to go, one person will be exhausted, the strength and weakness are obvious.

“The Promise Spear!”

Huo Xunjian, who was covered in blood, stepped back with a knife, blood spilled from his mouth, and tightly guarded the woman behind him with one hand, his eyes looking towards the darkness:

“Qian… Yunfan?”

The woman behind him had a big belly and held a sharp sword, also covered in blood, but unlike Huo Xunjian, the blood on her body was different from that of Huo Xunjian. They belong to others, and they are fully protected by their husbands.

Hearing this sound, the delicate body trembled involuntarily, and the eyes were terrified, looking towards the silhouette slowly approaching in the dark:

β€œbig brother?”

β€œ It’s me.” Qian Yunfan held the silver spear, looked at the two of them, and sighed helplessly:

“Xunjian, I didn’t expect you to be able to rush here, I underestimated you, but this is the end of the matter. , you… just cut yourself off!”

He actually didn’t want to meet the two of them.


If he doesn’t make a move, Huo Xunjian is afraid that he can really escape.

“It’s you?” Huo Xunjian wasn’t a fool either. The past few days in the Huo Family Fortress was full of weirdness, and it was most likely that someone was controlling it behind the scenes, so how could there be no guesswork.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Qian Yunfan:

“It’s you!”

“You did it?”

“That’s right.” Qian Yunfan knew what he was asking, but he didn’t hide it. Nodded admitted:

“It was us that led to the beast tide, and it was also that we contributed to the riots in the outer city, but , what’s the point of talking about it now?”

Speaking, he mentioned the silver spear lightly, with a chilled expression on his face:

“Since you don’t want to go by yourself, then I’ll send it to you.”



Miss Qian slammed the sword across her neck and glared at Qian Yunfan angrily:

“big brother, let go of the training sword, or…, I will die in In front of you!”

“Xiaoyun.” Qian Yunfan’s complexion changed slightly, his eyes struggled for a moment, and he shook his head helplessly:

“This is an order from father, you should understand in your heart , even if you die here, it is impossible for me to let Huo Xunjian leave.”

Miss Qian turned pale and her eyes were full of despair.


I never thought about it, but Huo Xunjian suddenly glared, his attitude changed greatly, and he slapped her face:

“You married into my family, I’m afraid you’ve been looking forward to this day? Now you’re pretending to think I still believe you can’t do it? All of you Qian Family must die!”

“Xun Jian ?”

Miss Qian was stunned, looking towards the other party with a look of disbelief:


“Get out of here!”

Huo Xunjian didn’t give her any time to explain, he waved his hand suddenly and pushed Miss Qian away fiercely, while he used his strength to rush to the side, and a few flickers disappeared into the darkness.

A few people tried to intercept them, but were killed by the blade light on the spot.

The sudden outbreak was far beyond everyone’s expectations.


Qian Yunfan’s face changed, he drank eagerly, and led the crowd to chase after him.

As for Miss Qian who fell into the ruins, no one paid attention for a while, and no one paid attention to the despair and doubts in her eyes.


She struggled to get up, then fell to the ground groaning, holding her bulging belly in both hands, her eyes full of panic.

“How come?”

“Why is this time?”

(end of chapter)

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