Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 88


Chapter 88 Newborn

The bulging pregnant belly brings a feeling of fullness for a long time, sometimes accompanied by There is fetal movement and pain, which is extremely uncomfortable, but it represents the birth of a new life.

But now.

The feeling of fullness is disappeared, the lower body is abnormal, and there is a sharp pain in the lower abdomen.

This kind of feeling, the midwife of Huo’s house once described, but it should not have happened to her who was strong and took good care of her.


From the beast tide to the riots tonight, Qian Xiaoyun has never had a good rest for several days.

Strained mind and physical fatigue are not surprising signs.



Qian Xiaoyun struggled to get up and looked around, the huge Huo Family Fort was on fire. , chaos is everywhere, and a deep despair comes to mind.

The despair in her eyes even exceeded the moment when Huo Mansion was destroyed.

“My child…”

Holding her stomach, she staggered forward, blood dripped from her body, and finally fell down in a broken wood house. .


The severe pain made her voice hoarse, her face was covered with sweat, her long hair became a lock of hair and stuck to her face and neck. The veins bulged high.



The underwear of her lower body was torn apart by her.

Qian Xiaoyun’s neck was high, and he roared hoarsely, clasping his hands on the ground beside him, sweat dripping from his body, soaking his clothes.

She seems to want to rely on her own strength to give birth to a child here.

However, because of the lack of energy, and the fact that she is a first-time pregnant woman, she doesn’t understand everything, and her efforts are almost all in vain.

She didn’t even dare to exert too much force, for fear of hurting the fetus who was already weak.


A shrill cry, full of despair.

Lying in the ruins, Qian Xiaoyun’s body trembled, and a determination slowly emerged in her eyes. She extended the hand, wiped the dirt on her hands, and tore off the clothes on her body.

The pregnant belly is bulging, appearing under the moonlight.

She stretched out her hand again and made a gesture on her stomach, tears flashing in her eyes, and then clenches the teeth, fingers like scallions suddenly pierced into it.


In the darkness, Zhou Jia’s heart was beating wildly and he looked away.

The sharp nails, under Qian Xiaoyun’s strength, slashed the belly and the flesh little by little, and the blood rolled out with the heavy breathing.


The silhouette in the ruins trembled slightly, but the movements of her hands did not shake at all, and the flesh was cut open little by little, without hurting the fetus inside.



Amidst the muffled groan, a crouched baby was pulled from its body cavity by a blood-stained palm. Inside out slowly.

The pale, bloodless Qian Xiaoyun slowly took the baby into his arms, struggling to show a smile, his expression suddenly changed, and his eyes showed panic.


“Cry now!”

Holding the child, Qian Xiaoyun cried and shouted, tears kept rolling down , even with all his strength, gently patted the baby’s buttocks.

“I beg you, cry, cry…”


Maybe God has mercy, maybe it’s too early The well-fed, restless baby softly trembled at times, opened his mouth.


The cry was clear and loud, like a bright light, illuminating the night and bringing hope for life.

But this cry also attracted uninvited guests.

A dark figure appeared in the vicinity, smelling the sound and approaching the wood house, the ecstatic woman in the house obviously did not notice this.


The plank that was already on the verge of collapse was kicked away.

The visitor didn’t see the situation in the house clearly, but his beautiful and alluring appearance, even though he was pale, made his eyes light up and his desires increased.

Especially the clothes and swords, which are still valuable even though they are broken, can arouse greed.


With a sharp smile, he swooped at the women in the field.


Qian Xiaoyun’s face was terrified, but he couldn’t exert any strength in his body.



At this moment, a flash of electric light appeared from a distance, with incomparable strength, straight Cut straight into the chest and abdomen of the incoming person, pinning the silhouette fiercely to the ground.

Zhou Jia stepped out, glanced at Qian Xiaoyun, whose face was full of vigilance, pulled out a double-edged axe, touched the corpse, and retreated into the darkness again.

Qian Xiaoyun hugged the child, stared at the silhouette and slowly receded, unable to help relax.

The baby’s cry was still there, and there seemed to be people coming around, but with a few muffled noises, no one appeared in the vicinity.

It seems…

Everyone was stopped.



Several silhouettes appeared in the vicinity, Qian Yunfan held a blood-stained long spear, looked towards the young sister in the ruins, and moved his eyes to the young sister in her arms. baby.

A killing intent quietly emerged.

Qian Xiaoyun raised her head, her voice hoarse after losing water:

“Where is the sword training?”

“Murder is merciless, and weeds must be eradicated. “Qian Yunfan was expressionless:

“This is what my father taught us.”


Qian Xiaoyun’s body trembled, and his eyes appeared Hate, Yin Fang clenched his teeth and stared at his brother, blood dripping from his lips.

“You forgot.” Qian Yunfan didn’t take it seriously:

“Just now, Huo Xunjian’s palm has been cut off from you, but this child is Huo after all. Family’s bloodline.”

Speaking, the long spear pointed, his eyes were cold:

“Can’t stay!”

“no!” Qian Xiaoyun His eyes were flustered, he hugged the baby tightly with both hands, lowered his head, and said in a muffled voice:

“You are right, I have… His surname is Qian.”


Qian Yunfan brows slightly raised, hesitant.

“If you want to kill him, kill me too.” Qian Xiaoyun took a deep breath, looked up, and looked directly at his brother:

“I know, Big brother, you can do it.”

“Heh…” Qian Yunfan shook his head, sighed after a long time, and slowly put away the long spear:

“It’s okay!”

“Someone, take the young lady to heal her wounds.”

“And my child!” Qian Xiaoyun said in a hurry.

“en.” Qian Yunfan pouted:

“By the way, look at the child, the child of my Qian Family!”




The chaos continued until dawn.

The inner city, which had just taken shape just now, was once again turned into ruins, and compared with the beast tide of the past few days, the loss of the inner city was even heavier.

I don’t know how many people died on the spot.

But this is just a riot caused by extreme pressure on the next impulse, and does not have the conditions for Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth.

After the chaos, although the Huo House was gone, the situation in the Huo Family Fort did not improve. Without the patrolling guards, all kinds of fighting became more common.

I think that as time goes by, there will be an existence similar to Huo Mansion, and the inner city and outer city will also appear again.


Not much will change.


After closing the wooden door, Angie’s silhouette was no longer in the tree house.

There is a book and a medicine bottle on the table with a note under the medicine bottle.

Taking out the note, Zhou Jia just glanced at it casually, then shook his head and stayed aside.

Angie took advantage of the chaos to leave, but fortunately he left behind the veterinary medicine for eyeless dogs, as well as his understanding of various medicines as a child of the forest.

In the booklet, not only several kinds of veterinary baiting drugs are recorded, but also the principles and improvement methods of veterinary baiting drugs are written extremely intimately.

It seems…

He really wants to teach Zhou Jia general.

But unfortunately, the natural affinity of Children of the Forest for various medicine ingredients and aliens is not available to other people, and Zhou Jia is even less able.

Starting with a medicine ingredient, Angie can instinctively know its function.

And because of the fall of the worlds, the types of herbs in the Ruins World are far more than those in the Feimu world, so the medicine efficacy can also be better.

As long as there is enough energy and understanding of medicine.

And both.

Zhou Jia has none of them.

Fortunately, there is a complete recipe, and he can still do it according to the bottle gourd.

Putting down the book, Zhou Jia took out several large packages and dumped them on the ground. Many supplies piled up into a hill, which made his breathing stagnate.

“Get Rich!”

After one hour.

All kinds of materials are finally tapped.

“More than 1,300 Origin Stones and tens of thousands of Origin Money, more than 80 pieces of gems, precious jade, and spiritual woods that can be used to make Origin Technique jade talisman…”

“Weapons, crossbows, works of art…”

In the end, I made a rough calculation. If all the materials were replaced by Originium, there would be three thousand Originiums in the things here!


Zhou Jia’s breathing was heavy and his eyes were red.

Even if this turmoil will lead to a substantial increase in all kinds of materials in the trading market, prices will fall far more than 2,000 source stones.

This is a huge asset!

Even if you are an inner city person, there are not many homes that can afford it.

“Even if you buy a precious medicine, it is enough. If you use the precious medicine to promote the Three-Yuan Dharma, within two years, you will definitely be able to cultivate to Grade 7.”

“Well… ”

Zhou Jia shook his head gently, looking towards the veterinary medicine on the side.

If you can get the third Origin Star, let alone Grade 7, even if it is Grade 8 in the Peak of Huo Family Fortress, it may not be hopeless.

But it’s too messy now, and I have injuries on my body, so it’s not yet time.

Opening the door, Zhou Jia could only temporarily suppress his plan to go out and lure the Eyeless Dog after listening to the occasional killing sounds coming from outside.

In the next few days, the unrest gradually subsided.

At least,

on the surface.

But various emerging forces began to emerge.

Some are the original foundations of Liuren Hall, the Fish and Dragon Society, and the Great Clans, and some are led by some people led by Baron to warm up the group.

In short, all kinds of undercurrents and undercurrents are surging, and all the forces are coveting the position of the Huo Family Fort Lord.

On the contrary, the group of Evil God believers disappeared somewhere.

During this period, Zhou Jia rarely went out. While recovering from his injuries, he exercised himself. He also went out to buy some hunting supplies, or try to contact other people.

In a few days.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 6 Cultivation (2931/8000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Palmer ), Di Mengxing (Trait: Violence)

cultivation technique: 37/800 (37/800)

martial skill: 2nd layer Shield Reverse Perfection (479/2000), Wind Splitting Axe Perfection (181/1600), Gnar’s Breath Proficiency (69/500), Life Seizing Sword Proficiency (764/1000), Furious Thunder Axe Proficiency (135/2000), Three Body Steps (275/ 600)

The injuries have all recovered.

Full of energy.

It’s time!

Zhou Jia adjusted his clothes and opened the door.

(End of this chapter)

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