Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 89


Chapter 89 Rejection

In the market, there are still shops that continue to operate, and there are even a few scattered stalls. Sell supplies.

But it’s not the same as it used to be.

Whether it’s a vendor or a customer who sells goods on the street, they are all vigilant in their eyes, tense in their bodies, and cautious in their speech and demeanor.

Especially those who are still insisting on selling goods, each with a sturdy personality and sharp eyes, one can tell that they are not to be trifled with.

There are even guards, goons, stalking in the vicinity.

Not so.

Afraid to come out to do business.

Last night’s corpse, after the white-haired wind blew, had turned into bones, and was thrown into a corner at will, no one cared about.

Zhou Jia didn’t stay on the street, he tightened his soft armor and walked fast.

“Director Zhou!”

A voice stopped him:

“Han deacon is looking for you!”

Han deacon?

Zhou Jia was taken aback for a moment, then subconsciously stopped.


The ichthyosaur guild was killed by the beast tide, and the vice-chairman disappeared on the night when the people in the outer city rioted.

Fortunately, there are still two Elders, barely maintaining the overall situation.

The station.

After the baptism riot, the contents were almost looted, but fortunately most of the houses are still there and can still be used for office.

Clad in heavy armor, Fatty Han was sitting on the stone chair with a general belly.

“Brother Zhou, I knew you were fine. The name Fuxing can’t be faked.”

“Big Brother Han is fine too.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes are filled with relief. After all, he came from the same place, and Fatty Han is very good at being a man, which is really disgusting:

β€œHow are Zhao Gang and the others?”

β€œ It’s all alright.” Fatty Han Hui, nods:

“We hid together, luckily survived, but Chen and Lu Rong couldn’t get in touch with them. Do you have any news about them?”

“No.” Zhou Jia’s eyes sank:

“After the beast tide, I inquired, they seem to have been taken to Huo Mansion, but the riots a few days ago, in Huo Mansion, People…”

Shaking his head, he continued:

“There is no news in the past few days, I’m afraid it’s bode ill rather than well.”

Whether it was the night of the riot or afterward, he tried to find Chen Hui and the two, but the entire Huo Family Fort was in chaos.

Finding someone is heavenly ascension.

No clues either.


Fatty Han sighed:

“Life and death are destiny, wealth is in the sky, and I can’t force it.”

A few of them survived because of Wei Zhixing’s blessing, and the outer city was not the core of the chaos, so they were spared.

The inner city…

The situation that day, not to mention the two weak women, even the sanctuary with the Ultra Grade expert sitting in the town was turned into a ruin.

“That’s it, that’s it.”

Waving his hand, Fatty Han pulled Zhou Jia to sit down:

“There are some things, we can only leave it to fate, but as the saying goes well, three points are destined, seven points depend on hard work, now the opportunity has come.”

“After the beast tide and riots, the Huo family has no survivors, Qian Family, Kane family It has also become ruins, and the major gangs have also suffered heavy losses.”

“This is our chance!”

He looked directly at Zhou Jia with bright eyes:

“Brother Zhou, how about we fight together?”

“Fight?” Zhou Jia turned his head:

“What does Big Brother Han want to do?”

β€œWhat?” Fatty Han stood up, his eyes flashing, and the soundtrack was agitated:

β€œNowadays, the Huo Family fort is in ruins and no one can rule it, this is not a long-term solution, and now The Huo Family, the Qian Family, and the Kane Family have all been destroyed. The armor and the leaves collided, and the crash-bang sounded:

“This world is different from ours. All things have to be exchanged for life, and life is fought for, and it is not a fluke.”


“Especially like us, people with no background, if you want to get ahead…”

“It’s more difficult than heavenly ascension!”

Fatty Han sighed with emotion, In a slow voice:

“It’s extremely difficult to stand up here, and it’s almost impossible to get ahead, but now there’s a chance.”

“a real man attempt nothing and accomplish nothing, how is it different from rotten wood and rotten grass?”

“My father named me Yonggui, just to make me become successful when I grow up, but in modern society, I can only be a silent Anonymous sales.”

“And here…”

He narrowed his eyes, clenched one hand, and said excitedly:

“As long as you dare to If you dare to fight, you can hope to get everything!”

“Opportunities don’t come often, especially opportunities like today are extremely rare, Brother Zhou, don’t you want to give it a try?”

Fatt y Han’s words are matched with his actions, which are very infectious, but Zhou Jia’s expression is calm, but he speaks slowly:

“Big Brother Han said, is it Wei deacon’s idea, or Third Elder idea? “


Fatty Han chuckled lightly and said:

“What’s the difference? “

He hands behind ones back, pacing the field:

“Second Elder has always been against Third Elder, and now he wants to take his people out of the Ichthyosaur Society, Third Elder Would the Elder allow it? “

“Although Third Elder is a female, his strength is at least Grade 9, and his work is fair and impartial, and no one in the gang refuses to accept it.” “

“If we can unify the Ichthyosaur Society, we might as well take the opportunity to occupy half of the sky in the Huo Family Fortress.” “

“You’re going to attack Second Elder?” “Zhou Jia complexion slightly changed:

“Second Elder is not weaker than Third Elder, and there are several Guest Elders who are close friends with him, so he may not lose Third Elder. “

“Don’t worry. “Fatty Han squinted his eyes:

“Third Elder is extremely talented. Since he has this intention, he will be able to clear the obstacles in one fell swoop. Now all the Great Influences are in civil strife, who can stand first, who will take the lead.” occupy more space. “

“Brother Zhou!” “

He looked serious and looked towards Zhou Jia:

“Come together!” “

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered and he slowly shook his head:

“Sorry. “

“Why? “Fatty Han is disappointed and puzzled:

“In today’s troubled times, not standing at a high position, not standing at the top, is a pawn sent by others at will, and this kind of opportunity does not come often. “

“I just want to live well.” Zhou Jia’s tone was slow:

“What Big Brother Han is going to do is too dangerous, and even Grade 9 may die if he gets involved in it, I don’t want to take this risk?” “

He doesn’t even want to go outside to hunt monsters, so why would he be asking for trouble here.

“You…” Fatty Han’s eyes widened and he shook his head:

“In this world, how can there be anything safe, and what’s the point of you living like this? “

“A real man is born in the world. He does not seek knowledge and reaches the princes, but he must work hard. Only in this way can his life be lived in vain. What is the difference between being weak and doing nothing and dying?” “

“This is not a modern city, there is no lying flat!” “

His words are already a little rude.

“There is hope in living. “Zhou Jia got up, his face unchanged:

“After more than ten years, there will be people from Earth, and the whole Earth may fall in the future. I…I want to go back and have a look. “

“Don’t want to take risks. “

“Dream!” “Fatty Han couldn’t help roaring:

“Brother Zhou, stop wishful thinking, no one can go back, this world can’t even get rid of those so-called gods! “

He took a step forward, grabbed Zhou Jia’s shoulders and shook it:

“Let’s stand together, stand firm here, so even if someone comes more than ten years later, won’t we still be able to.” Do them a favor? “

“Sorry. “Zhou Jia took a step back:

“I’m glad to hear that Big Brother Han has become a deacon, but I’m not asking for power, and I don’t want to be involved. “

“If nothing else, I’ll go first.” “

Said, cup one fist in the other hand cupped, turned and walked away.

“Zhou Jia! “

Fatty Han roared behind him:

“Do you know that you look like a timid and useless bastard now, do you know what you have missed?” “

“I’m already Grade 5 now, and you…”

“How much progress have you made!” “

“If you think that if you hide and avoid, things will not find you and you will be able to live forever. Don’t be delusional!” “

Zhou Jia didn’t answer, and walked away.


“Forget it. “

A person walked out from behind the screen and shook his head gently:

“This person is a gutless person. I told you at first that he would not agree.” ”

The person who spoke was covered with a red tulle, with a delicate body Faintly discernible, with a coquettish expression on his face, it was Dai Lei.

Followed by the Third Elder The more time she spends around, the more charming she becomes.

“No. “

Fatty Han closed his eyes, the anger on his face dissipated silently:

“Zhou Jia’s courage is not small, when he first came to the Ruins World, when he was not strong Bear the humiliation and bear the burden, once you have the capital to make a comeback, you will not hesitate to move towards Gao Libing. “

“At that time, his chances of winning were not great. If it was me, I would never dare to do it.” “

“But not only did he dare, but he survived.” “

“I knew then…”

“This guy is a major event!” “

“So what? “Dai Lei hummed lightly:

“It’s just a temporary good luck. “

“Luck? “Fatty Han squinted:

“Is it really luck?” “

“As long as the people who have offended him, without exception, will not end well, just luck seems a little unreasonable. “

“This animal swarm and riot, it is extremely difficult for us to stay together with so many people, but if you look at Zhou Jia’s appearance, he is also unscathed, this is not good luck can tell. “

“en?” Dai Lei hesitated:

“You mean, what other means does he hide, so if we do this, will it be dangerous?” “

Speaking, flinch flashed in his eyes.

“Don’t worry.” “Fatty Han laughed:

“There is nothing that Third Elder wants to do! “

Dai Lei’s eyes flashed a trace of disdain where he couldn’t see it.

Fatty Han doesn’t think that Zhou Jia’s survival is due to luck, at least not entirely , it is this woman who is really lucky.

It is a pity that the Third Elder took a fancy to him and directly promoted him to a high position.

It’s a pity , has no backbone.

In this world, act decisively and act decisively. When you want to do something, you must do it. There is no room for hesitation and hesitation. This is a taboo.

Dai Leiterrified And over-cautious, not a major event person.

Not only Dai Lei.

Zhao Gang, Wang Baolin…

They are all like this, it is difficult to do things He is determined and can’t stick to his original intention, so he will not only do things, but also practice martial arts.

Zhou Jia’s approach seems to be lacking in courage, but he is determined and knows what he is looking for. It will not change easily. Once a decision is made, it will spare no effort, and life and death can be put aside. This is what Fatty Han likes.

If it is someone else.

He is afraid that it will be reasonable Don’t take care of it!




periphery of the station.

A person quietly withdraws his gaze, low Channel:

“The person who came out just now is called Zhou Jia, from the same place as Wei Zhixing and Fatty Han, Grade 5 cultivation base, it seems that Fatty Han is looking for help. “

“Zhou Jia? “The other person raised his eyebrows:

“I remember him, he once learned martial arts from Master He for a few days, and he would visit him from time to time. “

“speaking of which, I should be his Senior Brother.” “

“Nexer.” “The two people next to each other looked at each other, and one of them said:

“Then are we still following?” “

“Follow. “Nexer waved his hand with a sneer on his face:

“Just right, get close to this Junior Brother. ”

(end of this chapter)

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